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Three Limerick Drawings by Edward Lear

Three original pen & ink drawings by Edward Lear, taken from ‘A Book of Nonsense,’ first published in 1846. The drawings have been examined and fully authenticated as Lear’s work by the late Vivien Noakes, the world expert on Edward Lear. 103 more words

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Stuff & Nonsense

Edward Lear is mainly remembered for his limericks and wonderful nonsense poems. However as the following three recipes shows, he also deserves a place in culinary history for his innovative and imaginative dishes, which are best enjoyed with a runcible spoon. 530 more words


There was a Young Person of Janina

October 11, 2017

Our trip to northern Greece hosted by the wonderful Craig and Sue continued with a visit to the Byzantine city of Ioannina.  The city’s foundation has traditionally been ascribed to the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD.   449 more words

Edward Lear

There was an Old Man of Thermopylae

October 9, 2017

At last (you say) the Edward Lear trail rolls into Greece, under the generous and wise guidance (and excellent prop provision) of Craig and Sue. 230 more words

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The Animal World of Edward Lear

In her new biography of Edward Lear Jenny Uglow observes that “when he was low Lear always felt closer to the animals than to the smart people around him” (p. 47 more words

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Edward Lear and Food

You would think that writing over 500 essential pages on Edward Lear should have been enough for Jenny Uglow who, not thinking so, has a long article on food in Lear on the  79 more words

Edward Lear

Jenny Uglow's Edward Lear: A Life of Art and Nonsense

Another biography of Edward Lear!

One could be excused for reacting like this at the news of Jenny Uglow’s new book, after all there are at least five other easily available. 704 more words

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