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Katharine West, Nonsense and Wit (1946)

SHOULD the British Council or arty other body concerned with the “projection of Britain” endeavour to make known abroad the unique British heritage of nonsense? Every country has its nursery rhymes and fairy tales; but, as M. 1,401 more words

Edward Lear

A Few Links

I have been checking and fixing a few links in the bibliography pages and added a new, interesting article to the Studies on Edward Lear… 386 more words

Edward Lear

John Mole, The Edward Lear Poem (1989)

John Mole, “The Edward Lear Poem.”
The Spectator, 2 December 1989, p. 42.

He kept his wife in a box he did
And she never complained though the neighbours did… 98 more words

Edward Lear

John Fuller, Edward Lear in Corsica

John Fuller, “Edward Lear in Corsica.”
Times Literary Supplement, 7 July 1995.
New Selected Poems: 1983-2008. London, Chatto & Windus, 2012.

Is it not unpleasant, at fifty-six years of age, to feel that it is increasingly probablu that a man can never hope to be otherwise than alone, never no, never more? 695 more words

Edward Lear

112. Lewis Carroll

“The shadow of an amputated limb”–I’ve thrown out that phrase as a description of queerness in literature: the amputated limb is the body, its desire lopped off by a society seeking to reproduce itself (humans being, the anthropologist Maurice Godelier writes, the only animals that not only live and reproduce in society, but need and reproduce society in order to live), and its shadow is a present trace of the lost appendage, and one that cannot be held. 850 more words

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owls and pussycats

Just last night I spoke with a young friend. I’d sent her a greeting card depicting a cat, sleek and gilded and sparkling with jewels. You see, my young friend tends toward attire that also catches the light. 214 more words


Out of the Mouth of Babes #NaPoWriMo2016 #GloPoWriMo2016

Today’s Na/GloPoWriMo2016 challenge – to write a poem that begins with a line from a another poem (not necessarily the first one), but then goes elsewhere with it. 50 more words