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My earliest poetic loves are what I now know to be comic and so-called nonsense verse. Examples include Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, most nursery rhymes plus Pam Ayres, Stevie Smith and Ivor Cutler. 152 more words

Ye Owly=Pussey=catte

The items below are for sale at Bonhams at impossible prices (as usual). I find it highly unlikely that the picture of the Owly=Pussey=catte can be dated 1846 like some of the others in the lot: for one thing Edward Lear never got to Egypt before January 1849, and he was there in 1867, when he probablydrew the other picture reproduced below. 646 more words

Edward Lear

Edward Lear & the Play of Poetry

At long last it’s out!

Williams, James, and Matthew Bevis, eds. Edward Lear & the Play of Poetry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Here is the table of contents: 257 more words

Edward Lear

Jim Shorts - my first book

This isn’t a book for everyone. (I’m quite the salesman, aren’t I?) Inspired and influenced by the wordplayful writings of Lewis Carroll,¬†James Joyce, Edward Lear and John Lennon, … 674 more words


Dear Edward Lear I Love Your Birds

Dear Edward Lear
I Love Your Birds
by Jeredith Merrin

The Red and Yellow Macaw resplendent,
And clearly your puff-chested model,
Arching head over the arc of half-extended… 324 more words

Edward Lear

Jennie Feldman, The Grey Bird

No bright rhyme for this backward glare,
the oboe-squawk half throttled
with hindsight’s effort.
Barely, acrobatically, hanging on.
Is it in the way fear squiggles… 130 more words

Edward Lear

Jennie Feldman, The Black and White Bird

Lifted birdily out of the sober
quirks of sadness, not to be weighed down.
Forget the palette, the easel-hours stuck
sitting¬†like a petrified gorilla… 53 more words

Edward Lear