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Coral Castle Museum

Greetings, adventurers! Let’s explore a castle!

But not just any castle… an unusual castle with an unusual story. Let’s go to the CORAL CASTLE MUSEUM- 28655 South Dixie Highway, Homestead, FL. 448 more words

Worth Exploring

The Dream Becomes Reality – Road Trip #1, Key West

Barb retired from the Sheriff’s Office on April 30th of 2015 and we were on the road to Key West on May 9th.  The first night out we stayed in Homestead, FL.  132 more words

George Case

The enigma of the spiral well at Coral Castle

Hey guys, let’s take a look at Ed’s spiral well in Coral Castle. After moving to Homestead from Florida City, Ed’s very first creation was the water well. 473 more words

Solving The Puzzle of Planet Corner in Coral Castle

Hey guys, today let’s take a look at the mystery of the Planet Corner. The North-East corner is the most fascinating, and the most photographed area of Coral Castle. 607 more words

Published My First Book! Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

I just published my first book titled “Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong”. It’s a physical, printed book you can buy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble website and a lot of different websites. 359 more words

Ancient Knowledge [Part 4] – The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

“If you have a golfball sized consciousness…when you read a book you’ll have a golfball size understanding…When you look out, a golfball size awareness…and when you wake up in the morning…a golfball size weightfulness…But if you could expand that consciousness…then you read the book…more understanding, you look out, more awareness…when you wake up, more weightfulness. 303 more words

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