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Ancient Knowledge [Part 4] – The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

“If you have a golfball sized consciousness…when you read a book you’ll have a golfball size understanding…When you look out, a golfball size awareness…and when you wake up in the morning…a golfball size weightfulness…But if you could expand that consciousness…then you read the book…more understanding, you look out, more awareness…when you wake up, more weightfulness. 303 more words

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Supernatural Science in Florida

In the heart of Miami is an amazing structure known as the Coral Castle. Ed Leedskalnin spent 28 years, 1923 – 1951, building this stone edifice out of 1,100 tons of coral stone. 47 more words

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Florida's Incredible Coral Castle

This is from Mental Floss.

I used to live about 5-7 miles from the Coral Castle but I never went to see it.

Florida’s Coral Castle has been called the American Stonehenge, but a more apt comparison might be the Taj Mahal. 666 more words