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Jeb Bush's Foreign Policy Fluency

Edward Luce finds much to like in Jeb Bush’s recent speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs:

Jeb Bush knows George W Bush, he was raised with George W Bush and can safely declare that he is no George W Bush.

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Quote of the Day

The grand view of American politics is that Republicans have a lock on Congress, while Democrats have an inbuilt White House advantage. November’s Republican victory…

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Barack Obama’s White House legacy: avoid it like the plague - FT.com

This is a MUST READ article by Edward Luce, published  in the FT. It’s currently  top of the FT’s most-read list. Check it out! 248 more words

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N    : A book named, in spite of the gods India is rising, is out.
DN : Should have been, in spite of the politicians.

Rebuilding a deteriorating America

Saturday, June 22, 2013 2:00 am

U.S. Rep. John Delaney deserves major credit for two things: for proposing financial legislation that has bipartisan support, and for crafting a bill that would help pay for a fast-deteriorating national transportation infrastructure without increasing the nation’s debt or raising taxes. 539 more words

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The FT on the future of the city

Two outstanding pieces of journalism from the Financial Times recently, both on the future of the city (that’s ‘city’, uncapitalised, as it were). First was Edward Luce , ‘The future of the American city’, on 7 June. 417 more words