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The Retreat of Western Liberalism - Edward Luce

In many ways, this is a well written refutation of Fukuyama’s end of history thesis. Where Fukuyama saw that the end of the Cold War signalled the triumph of liberal democracy, Luce (like many others) points to the ways the world – especially the West – has moved away from that model, with Trump the latest and most dangerous indication yet. 294 more words

Book review: Inspite of the gods by Edward Luce

Inspite of the gods

More than 400 pages on everything thing about INDIA

It Covers the modern emerging India as a whole

From the very beginning their is a Precise comparison between pre economic reforms of india and post economic reforms of india Nehru and Gandhi got all the mentions leaving the other freedom fighters! 157 more words

Book Review

Who’s Fighting For Democracy These Days?

Let’s talk politics.  I don’t do this much on the blog, because it’s a toxic substance and has to be handled with care.  But there’s no doubt that… 780 more words


Anti-semitism: cynical misuse of a real problem to pro-capitalist and right-wing ends

The FT yesterday published an absolutely outrageous column by Edward Luce.

In it he ostensibly addresses the serious issue of anti-semitism, particularly in Donald Trump’s America, but then closely brackets Jeremy Corbyn with Trump and articulates a loose conception of anti-Jewish racism which makes it almost identical to any opposition to globalised, corporate capitalism per se. 2,501 more words

Quotes: Davos Time Again

“Every January, the Davos gathering sounds a little more bemused about what is happening in the world outside. In 2016 it worried about the threat of mass disease, just as the Ebola threat was receding.

70 more words
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American Divisions and Eastern Challenges

This essay concerns Edward Luce’s new book, The Retreat of Western Liberalism.  Edward Luce is a British columnist and writer for the Financial Times… 1,104 more words


The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m trying to better understand the various problems and agitations facing America and Western societies in general at this time. 785 more words