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Top 9: Amazing Performances From Actors Who Stopped Caring

What Culture put together a great list that I never would have thought of on my own, but is so true: the best performances by actors who just gave up.   109 more words


Collateral Beauty Movie Review

David Frankel’s Collateral Beauty starts with a pretentious name and goes downhill from there. It’s a film dealing with weighty subjects in a manner that is borderline offensive and cheats the audience and its talented actors of quality. 373 more words


Skinheads, N-words and 2017.

In light of the recent hateful developments in Charlottesville, I thought I’d revisit this classic.

*trigger warning*

The film contains violent, gratuitous scenes as well as heavy swearing. 818 more words


August 18: Happy Birthday Christian Slater and Robert Redford

Last year on this date, we had the first case during the birthday series of three WTHH subjects with birthdays.  I went with two of them as the headliners then, so today we’ll pick up the other fellow, along with another film actor who people may just have a tiny awareness of. 948 more words

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American History X: The Trump years

Anyone trying to understand Trump’s America should watch the 1998 film about race relations and neo-Nazism.

Donald Trump’s comments this week about the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday feel like a seminal moment. 1,325 more words


Mini-Review: The Bourne Legacy

It was the first Bourne film without Matt Damon. Does it standup against those previous films? Check out my review for my quick thoughts on the matter.

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Showtime Favorite Film Friday: Primal Fear

Primal Fear is a courtroom drama that follows Richard Gere’s Martin Vail as he tries to defend a innocent-looking 19 year old Aaron (Edward Norton) as he is accused of a high profile murder of an archbishop. 346 more words