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Book Review: Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

I first found out about this book through our local library, which was sponsoring a book talk by the author, Timothy Egan. Jon wasn’t super excited about going – but after I explained what the book was about, he agreed to go with me. 632 more words

Native American smoke curing a human corpse, Pacific Northwest Coast; ca. 1910

Among the Kwakwaka’wakw of the Pacific Northwest, the Hamatsa were a society of tribal elite. Young men who hoped to become Hamatsa went through a lengthy period of isolation. 55 more words


The Pictorialists

 First in a series of pictorialist’s images. These photos of Native American Indians at the turn of the century beautifully rendered as any painters canvas. Reference, National Geographic, 1988.

Nanook and "The Vanishing Race"

Nanook of the North (1922) dir. Robert J. Flaherty

The iconic Nanook of the North has been a staple in film schools for decades, and was… 1,558 more words

Movie Notes

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 - 23

WELCOME to Flash! Friday! I’ll have you know — and I’m quite sure this is all your fault — that after last week’s prompt I searched high and low for some sort of magnificent coconut ice cream, but failed to find anything more inspiring than a can of coconut water “with pulp.” Not that chewing on soggy pieces of mysteriously aged coconut meat isn’t fun, but, yknow.    371 more words

Flash Fiction

ფორმა და ჩარჩო. რამდენიმე ფოტონამუშევრის მაგალითი

ამაღელვებელი, როგორც სასიამოვნო ზოგ შემთხვევაში არ ემთხვევა ერთმანეთს, ხშირადაც კი, მაგრამ ორივე მათგანს შეიძლება ჰქონდეს ქარიზმა, რომელიც უკვე გარეშე პლანად აქცევს ერთსაც და მეორეს. აქ ესთეტიკა არაფერ შუაშია, არც ჰარმონია, არც სიურეალიზმი და ტენდენციები რომელსაც მიყვებიან ხელოვანები.