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Edward S. Curtis Pt. 9 - Conclusions

Images by Curtis are still being pushed out into the world. There are many inexpensive prints available. In the last presentation of the Curtis Fever series, Dr. 537 more words


Edward S. Curtis Pt. 8 – Recent History & Upcoming Events

It was assumed that all of the Edward S. Curtis photogravure copper plates were lost or destroyed. It is a common practice to destroy the plates after the initial printing so no more prints can be made. 316 more words


Edward S. Curtis

My first introduction of Edward S. Curtis was seeing the photography entitled, ‘An Oasis in the Badlands’ and I remember thinking I wanted to invent a time machine to venture back so I could learn to create photographs like his. 32 more words

Film Photography

Edward S. Curtis Pt. 7 - Documentary and Controversy Related to His Work

In the 2000 film, Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian, many present-day Native Americans were interviewed in regards to Curtis and his work. 758 more words


Edward S. Curtis’ Film Pt. 6 - In the Land of the Head-Hunters

In 1914, Curtis’ film In the Land of the Head-Hunters, featuring the Kwakiutl tribe, was shown to theater audiences. He worked on the film with George Hunt who had been adopted by the tribe. 595 more words


Edward S. Curtis Pt. 5 – A History (continued)

Edward S. Curtis had married Clara S. Phillips in 1892 and they had four children together. He was gone for long periods of time working on the book project. 650 more words


Edward S. Curtis Pt. 4 – A History (continued)

Curtis decided to make it his life mission to document the tribes of North America. He thought they were on the point of vanishing. At one point he went to the Smithsonian to ask for financing but they told him, “We have experts here; some have even been to Indian country”. 597 more words