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To Have Been Exiled by Exiles

I was rereading Edward Said’s Reflections on Exile and Other Essays, which is a great collection of essays on literature and  culture with exploration of the experiences of dislocation, exile, migration, and empire as well as an examination of autobiographical themes, like Egypt, music and piano; the intellectual and academic life; and Palestine.  730 more words


Chughtai's Gainda: Redistributing Literary Space

In the selected writings Lifting the Veil, Penguin Random House India’s Modern Classics brings together some of Ismat Chughtai’s popular (and then-controversial) short stories, a collection that is reminiscent of the times when the cultural mores and traditions reeked of conservative values limiting both social and personal freedoms, particularly for women. 716 more words

Asian Studies and Geo-politics

In a new book review, JCA editor-in-chief Kevin Hewison of the Department of Asian Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill looks at… 150 more words

On Father’s Day Ask: Where Are The Children?

06.17.2018 ________________________________________

In Genesis we are told that when Abraham saw three men standing near him and, unaware they were angels, ran from his tent to greet them saying, “My lord, if I find favor with you, do not pass by your servant. 1,032 more words

Şarkiyatçılık (Oryantalizm)

Alt Başlık: Batı’nın Şark Anlayışları

Yirminci yüzyılın en sarsıcı, en etkili kitaplarından biri olan Şarkiyatçılık‘ta, “Batı”nın “Doğu”ya bakış tarzını büyük bir zihinsel güçle sorgulamaktadır Edward Said: 362 more words


Orientalism—A Third Set of Thoughts (Fetishization)

I’ve finished reading Said’s Orientalism now, but I’ve still got a small backlog of thoughts to process from the book. Today I’d like to give some attention to the process of fetishization. 1,137 more words