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Jared Kushner, here are 25 more books you should read about Palestine, Israel relations

Donald Trump’s senior advisor says he has looked at 25 books relating to the conflict – here are some more he might also want to consider… 4,689 more words


Nevoja e rishikimit të orientalizmit dhe Dr. Edward Said

Ermal BEGA


Edward Said (1 Nëntor 1935 – 25 Shtator 2003) ishte një teoricien letrar dhe intelektual, i njohur në fushën e teorisë kritike të periudhës pas-koloniale. 984 more words

Ermal Bega

Lost in Perception: Orientalism in a Hymn

In his introduction to Orientalism, Said defines Orientalism as “a way of coming to terms with the Orient that is based on the Orient’s special place in European Western experience (1).”  He explains how Europe may have colonized the Orient, but it is full of knowledge and riches that enhances European culture, that it is more than a structure. 366 more words


Orientalism: the view through a White Mans lens

During a time where knowledge was seen to coincide with power, and those who were not part of the Orient seen as inferior, Sir Williams Jones was an Orientalist who was fascinated in Hinduism and its similar rationality to European culture, where many of his peers saw differently. 461 more words


Edward Saïd

“Humanism is the only resistance we have against the inhuman practices and injustices that disfigure human history.”

Read “Orientalism”

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The Misrepresentation of Culture in Disney's Aladdin

Rating: 6/10

In the wake of the string of Disney live-action recreations, one of the latest movies to be released is Aladdin, which I only got around to watching last week and which bothered me in a few ways. 753 more words

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