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Wu Wei = Winning = Resting

I lay down to read about Wu Wei, the art of non-doing, spontaneous effortlessnes, and I fell asleep. Resting is happening. My instincts are good. 7 more words

Sleepy, Spontaneity and Miraculous

Just noticing this afternoon, when I finally had a chance to sit really still, how super tired I feel today! I’ve been in a good mood. 280 more words

What Has Motive Got To Do With Customer Loyalty?

More than once and by more than one ‘customer guru’ I have been accused of bringing moral considerations into an arena where moral considerations do not belong. 548 more words

Customer Centricity

Stuck. In search of Wu-Wei.

“The paradox of Wu-Wei arises…”

The phone rings. I glance at my watch. 5:20 p.m.

We have a problem. We need your help.

Just one time, one time, it would be nice to get a different script at the end of the day. 1,000 more words


Of 'Eastern wisdom' and 'psychosomatic headaches'

Quote of week:

“As a historian of early Chinese thought – and, not incidentally, someone raised in New Jersey, with a Jerseyite’s low tolerance for B.S. 689 more words

The Search