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Trying Not to Try by Edward Slingerland

Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Format: ebook
Published: 4th March 2014
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Edward Slingerland explains why we find spontaneity so elusive, and shows how early Chinese thought points the way to happier, more authentic lives. 267 more words


Afghanistan, Vanuatu, Sailing

The first page of Slingerland’s Trying not to try quotes Charlie Parker’s advice to aspiring musicians on not trying too hard, “being in the zone” or “going with the flow”: 224 more words


Lance Corporal Little and the Chinese philosophers

Morally reprehensible or not (my wife has more experience of poverty), disabled Lance Corporal Cassidy Little’s winning Paso Doble for The People’s Strictly neatly illustrates the ancient Chinese notions of… 558 more words


Wu Wei = Winning = Resting

I lay down to read about Wu Wei, the art of non-doing, spontaneous effortlessnes, and I fell asleep. Resting is happening. My instincts are good. 7 more words

Sleepy, Spontaneity and Miraculous

Just noticing this afternoon, when I finally had a chance to sit really still, how super tired I feel today! I’ve been in a good mood. 280 more words

What Has Motive Got To Do With Customer Loyalty?

More than once and by more than one ‘customer guru’ I have been accused of bringing moral considerations into an arena where moral considerations do not belong. 547 more words

Customer Centricity