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A Constitutional Debate: Domestic Surveillance in the U.S.A.

ABSTRACT: The 15 years since 2001 have witnessed increased levels of “domestic surveillance” by the U.S. government against its own citizens, on a scale unprecedented within its history as a nation. 157 more words

Domestic Surveillance

Snowden Trailer Review: Same Story, Not As Interesting, Probably More Explosions

Nothing is as exciting as real life right? So let’s make a drama/thriller out of Edward Snowden’s controversial life choices and watch the money roll in. 480 more words

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Edward Snowden Pulls The Most Butt-Hurt Move Ever

Quick Recap: Edward Snowden was a Subcontractor for the National Security Association back in 2013, before anyone knew he was a little bitch and a whistle-blower. 426 more words


Snowden designs a device to warn if your iPhone’s radios are snitching

”When Edward Snowden met with reporters in a Hong Kong hotel room to spill the NSA’s secrets, he famously asked them put their phones in the fridge to block any radio signals that might be used to silently activate the devices’ microphones or cameras,” Andy Greenberg reports for Wired. 156 more words


Edward Snowden Designed a Spy-Proof iPhone Case

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor turned whistleblower, presented a plan for a smartphone add-on that could help people evade government surveillance on Thursday. 324 more words


Edward Snowden to help develop modified iPhone that would prevent government snooping

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden said Thursday that he planned to help develop a modified version of Apple’s iPhone for journalists who are concerned that they may be the target of government surveillance. 627 more words


Edward Snowden Showed Up (via THE INTERNET) at Comic-Con's 'Snowden' Panel

San Diego Comic-Con launched yesterday, and among the day one festivities were a screening and panel discussion of the new big-screen vehicle for everybody’s favorite comic book hero, Edward Snowden. 191 more words