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Free Julian Assange now! - M. D. Nalapat

“After its treatment of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, with what moral force can Washington declaim against other capitals for alleged ‘human rights’ violations? 979 more words

Psychological Warfare

How Facebook Really Handles Your Personal Conversations

Ashley Navo
LLB student at the University of Hertfordshire

We live in society where everyday life revolves around technology and social media networking; we can pick and choose what to share, what to write, what to delete, like and dislike and the option to keep some or all of our details private. 1,409 more words


She Won’t Survive

I will survive.
—Gloria Gaynor.

I had no idea that it was that easy to get the attention of, much less—apparently—annoy the hell out of a national talking head for a semi-big-time news network like MSNBC, but apparently in the brand-new world of social media such things are easily possible.

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Former CIA employee, Edward Snowden has said that he has evidence showing that Osama bin Laden, who was supposedly killed in Pakistan in 2011 by U.S. 316 more words


CIA airplane sent to capture Edward Snowden in 2013, documents show

Documents acquired through Denmark’s freedom of information act appear to show that the United States deployed an airplane, which had previously been used to rendition terrorism detainees, in an attempt to capture the American defector Edward Snowden. 305 more words

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Why You Should Be Concerned About The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

I really do wish I understood why lawmakers seem so gung-ho on tearing apart technologies they don’t understand, and freedoms they hardly think about. Frankly, it’s starting to get exhausting — and more than a little difficult to keep straight all the legal bungles belched out by senators and their lobbyists. 605 more words