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Snowden on the Silver Lining

I created this short clip from the longer recent interview he gave. His evaluation here so totally agrees with my Thothic transmissions. We are on the precipice of a major global transition which will lead us into the… 8 more words

New World Order

Whistleblower – Allein gegen das System | Dokumentationen und Reportagen

Sie riskieren alles für die Wahrheit. Doch welchen Preis zahlen sie für ihre Enthüllungen? Hinter jedem Skandal steht auch ein Schicksal. Das Leben der . 107 more words

Jeremy Scahill's Intercepted: Snowden vs. Trump

Scahill interviews Snowden about is he a Russian spy, Russia and Russian hacking, domestic surveillance and the deep state and Trump.

Intercepted Podcast: Snowden vs. Trump   Intercepted — Mar. 30 more words


Assange: 'Only 1 percent' of the CIA material has been published

WikiLeaks has sparked a debate about cybersecurity by publishing secret CIA documents. In a DW interview, its founder, Julian Assange, said he will publish more information – and he was critical of US tech companies. 844 more words


Glenn Greenwald Exposes Media's Snowden LIES

TYT Politics reporter Jordan Chariton interviews Co-Founder of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald about his recent findings that prove Edward Snowden’s steps while he was in China. 17 more words


Urgent plea to Canada as Snowden's "guardian angels" face expedited deportation

In the two weeks since lawyers in Montreal drew attention to the plight of Edward Snowden’s “guardian angels” — the asylum-seekers who sheltered the National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower in Hong Kong — Canadians have offered to open up their homes, volunteer their time and donate money for their upkeep and legal fees. 843 more words

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Newly Obtained Documents Prove: Key Claim of Snowden’s Accusers Is a Fraud


They insist that Snowden, contrary to what he has always maintained, did not check into the Mira Hotel on May 21, 2013, the day after he arrived in Hong Kong. 175 more words