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Sermon 09-18-16: "Keeping the Promise, Part 5: Conversion"

Saul of Tarsus was an unlikely candidate for conversion, a “hostile witness” against Jesus who had no prior reason to believe that Christ was resurrected before meeting him on the road to Tarsus. 1,828 more words

Snowden stayed unknown

My first impression of Joseph Gordon-Levitt came 22 years ago with the Disney summer flick Angels in the Outfield. Who would have thought that the energetic kid at the center of that story would grow up to be a versatile, accomplished and respected acting force? 352 more words



Snowden is the latest from classic film director Oliver Stone. Yes, it is kind of a biographical character study of Mr. Snowden. But it is also a thriller of sorts, and a romance, and … a film that poses the questions about whether or not Snowden is a heroic whistle-blower or a traitor. 818 more words


Young people seem to like Edward Snowden more than their parents and grandparents do

With the recent release of the Oliver Stone biopic “Snowden,” the debate over whether the NSA whistleblower’s actions were heroic or heinous have been reinvigorated. I’ve written favorably about Edward Snowden many times since his mass surveillance revelations in 2013. 640 more words

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Edward Snowden: No matter what, do not use Google’s new Allo messenger app

”Google has received much criticism for changes it made to Allo upon its release, as opposed to what privacy features it said the app would have when it was first announced back in May,” FastCompany reports. 336 more words


Declassified Damage Assessments May Shed Light on IC’s Snowden Assessment: FRINFORMSUM 9/23/2016

The debate over a presidential pardon for Edward Snowden intensified after the House Intelligence Committee sent President Obama a “startling” September 15 letter that called Snowden a criminal and argued that a pardon would “severely undermine America’s intelligence institutions and core principles.” The letter, which was… 1,220 more words


‘Defence and protect’ marketing gets displayed in new smartphone technologies

With the news of the Yahoo cyber attack on 23rd September 2016, it is worth taking a look back at new technology developments and launches in 2016, which put privacy and security at the forefront of their marketing spiel. 337 more words