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No Place to Hide - Glenn Greenwald

Summary (Amazon): In May of 2013, Edward Snowden, a young systems administrator contracting for the National Security Agency, fled the United States for Hong Kong, carrying with him thousands of classified documents outlining the staggering capabilities of the NSA.’s surveillance programs–including those designed to collect information within the U.S. 1,028 more words

Book Review

Former CIA Chief Woolsey: Electrocution Too Good for Snowden. Hang Him! by Daniel McAdams

From Daniel McAdams, on a guest post on theburningplatform.com:

Former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey has discovered who is really behind the Paris attacks. … 201 more words

Foreign Policy

Dave Lindorff: The US Media and Propaganda

Are the American corporate media largely propaganda organs, or news organizations?

by DAVE LINDORFF  Counterpunch  November 23, 2015

Here are a few points to consider, and then you the reader can decide. 1,403 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

VIDEO | Glen Greenwald: "Submissive" Media's Drumbeat for War and Anti-Muslim Scapegoating, Parts I, 2

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, media coverage has seen familiar patterns: uncritically repeat government claims, defend expansive state power, and blame the Muslim community for the acts of a few.

205 more words

Military Madness

Lena Sundström Interview with Edward Snowden

An article by: Lena Sundström


Being a whistleblower is not about who you are; it’s about what you’ve seen. Whistleblowers are elected by circumstance, anybody can do it. 205 more words

Twitter Users Posting Phone Numbers Being Spammed Silly (Or Silly Spammed)

People who have made their phone numbers public on Twitter are being spammed and made to tweet Edward Snowden to stop it. “A concerned citizen has been scraping phone numbers posted publicly by Twitter users, and sending them interesting facts about cats in the hope of educating them about the internet. 19 more words

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