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The Life and Work of Edward Weston

A custom furniture builder, Mark Luedeman leads his own company in Beacon, New York. Alongside his work creating custom furniture and interiors, Mark Luedeman pursues a passion for photography. 222 more words

Mark Luedeman

A Case Study of 1950's Food Photography: Then and Now


There’s a topic of conversation that continuously cycles its way around the Vintage Kitchen. It involves disconcerting colors, one-dimensional shapes, and awkward arrangements. It combines presentation and companion items and fussy table settings.  1,126 more words

人造風景 Edward Burtynsky

加拿大攝影師Edward Burtynsky以拍攝受工業摧殘但卻美得令人難以忘懷的景色照片而聞名,他與風景攝影師Ansel Adams一樣追求細節,但他所呈現的不是風景的層次,而是工業化遺留下來人造風景的震撼。他認為攝影是一種沉澱的過程,而不是攝影師Henri Bresson所推崇的決定性瞬間,以精采取勝。在他看來,美麗風景的背後應該有所啟發,他的一系列人造風景照片,正是他所提出的人類反思。

成長於加拿大,現年62歲的Edward Burtynsky自小被雪國冰封千里的風光吸引,父親喜歡戶外運動,令他從小有許多接觸大自然的機會。啟發於自然,他常常有這樣的感觸:在滄茫天地間,人類只是渺小過客。11歲時,父親買來一間黑房,耳濡目染下,他學懂了如何沖曬黑白照片,之後在大學修讀視覺藝術及攝影。拍攝過肖像照,也定格過許多美麗風景,照片雖然漂亮,但他卻總覺得畫面裡若有所缺,他不想自己的作品被視為月曆照片或電腦桌面照片,所以一直思考自己的拍攝思路。有次在美國賓州看到荒廢的礦場,偌大的場景空無一人,看起來像超現實場景,他有所領悟,開始尋找類似被人類力量改造的工業風景,從北美洲到亞洲,拍攝令人難以置信的大型工業足跡,至今近四十年。


Edward Burtynsky的作品常以高角度拍攝,拍攝時通常使用升降機或直升機、定翼飛機,畫面中充滿相同的元素,有時是機械、有時是工人,放眼望去盡是人為的工業風景,畫面看起來雖然很美,但卻令人有種窒息的感覺。他想呈現給觀眾身臨其境的感覺,明白到人類正是這種風景的締造者,是大自然的破壞者,那一望無垠的礦場與荒地,都是人類發展的代價。有次他拍攝一間廢舊輪胎廠,那裡有4,500萬個舊輪胎,這是駕駛汽車的他所無法預料的。

Burtynsky, Edward (1030)


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3 years, 1 day...

Well, it’s been 3 years and a day since I last posted. I have no new photos for you today, but just an update.

It’s now been almost 2 years since my separation, and a year since my divorce… why is this relevant on a photography blog you ask? 370 more words

Talking Pictures (18) - Genre: Fine Art Photography [Edward Weston]

Welcome followers and visitors to my blog and the  latest update in my photography diary. The aim of this particular task is to gain, through research, an understanding of the scope of photography and its varied genres that will inform and support a personal project. 780 more words


No More Sublime

Like many photographers I have one or two subjects that I keep coming back to again and again. Landscape for me is that subject. My initial introduction to what photography can be came through photographers like Minor White, Paul Caponigro and Edward Weston and maybe a little bit of Ansel Adams. 206 more words


Exercise 4.5


The brief:  Search for Google images on a subject, then add your own images paying particular attention to the criteria for creativity. (imagination, invention, experimentation and development of a personal voice). 523 more words