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Terrorizers and What Time Is It There?

Terrorizers by Edward Yang and What Time Is It There? by Tsai Ming-Liang are two movies that both depict urban alienation of Taiwanese. These two movies both emphasize the conflict between repetition and contingency and the ambiguity of reality and illusion. 955 more words

Taiwan Cinema

Yi Yi

Edward Yang’s film ‘Yi Yi: A One And A Two’ is the cinematic equivalent of novels like Middlemarch and Anna Karenina. Whilst firmly orientated in the domestic realm, it is epic in scale, portraying the lives of a diverse selection of characters with each one given equal depth. 1,107 more words



Director of Photography: Chan Chang

Director: Edward Yang

Perfect Shots

“I really don’t play favorites with my own films because I already feel lucky enough just being able to make a film in Taiwan. So every time I get behind the camera, all of my energy and effort is concentrated there.

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In Their Words

Review: Yi Yi, aka A One and A Two (2000)

Review by: Topo Sanchez
SCUM Rating: ★ ★ 

The seventh and final film from Taiwanese New Wave legend Edward Yang, Yi Yi, is an epic masterpiece that gives backstage access to the intricacies of relationships within a family unit, as well as modern society as a whole. 1,064 more words


Yi Yi

Edward Yang (Te-Chang Yang) won best director at Cannes with ‘Yi Yi’ (2000). Born in Shanghai and raised in Taiwan, Yang is the ideal subject for this study because traditional Chinese is his native language and Taiwanese Culture is the most traditionally Chinese culture in the world. 279 more words

Knife and Camera: Modern Displacement in the Work of Edward Yang

The late Edward Yang is among the most fastidious and precise of all observers of human nature. His films are not so much character studies as they are metaphysical documents of the intersection between the social and the personal, the external and the internal. 2,004 more words