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Taipei Story (1985, Edward Yang)

It’s telling that many of the interactions between the central characters in Edward Yang’s Taipei Story revolve around money. In the first scene, Lung (Hou Hsiao-hsien), a businessman, ponders how his childhood sweetheart whom he is about to move in with, Chin (Tsai Chin), will afford to furnish her new place. 513 more words

Yi Yi (2000)

Dir. Edward Yang. Starring Wu Nien-jen, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang

There are few topics which are as generally repulsive as “person searches for meaning.” Look, here’s a Google search I did on the idea, and while not every option is bad, it ain’t a promising list: 1,525 more words


84. "Yi Yi", Edward Yang (2000)

Part of The 100 Greatest Movies I’ve Ever Seen list.

Yi Yi: A One and a Two aka 一一

dir. Edward Yang (2000) scr. Edward Yang  214 more words


Changing Taiwan - an allegorical reading of Edward Yang's A Brighter Summer Day

In his 1991 masterpiece A Brighter Summer Day, Edward Yang revisits the gang culture and rock and roll mania of Taiwan in the early sixties, recalling the true-life case of a schoolgirl murdered by a classmate that had fascinated him and his friends as a teenager. 3,671 more words

CineVue Review: A Brighter Summer Day


Unreleased in the West since its 1991 release, Edward Yang’s historical epic A Brighter Summer Day is finally available through the Criterion Collection. For cinephiles and connoiseurs of East Asian cinema alike, this gorgeous, stately and moving landmark in Taiwainese filmmaking has undoubtedly been worth the wait. 58 more words


97. "The Terrorizers", Edward Yang

Part of the 100 Greatest Movies I’ve Ever Seen list.

The Terrorizers aka 恐怖分子

dir. Edward Yang (1986) scr. Hsiao Yeh and Edward Yang  223 more words


Yi Yi

Movies as life are a mix of happy and sad emotions, they are so concurrent to life that we fidget with the possibility of them coming true. 521 more words