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Day 10: Confession

I did not see a house today. I barely left my own house today. Let me tell you about my day, and then I’ll explain how I plan to remedy my faux pas. 503 more words

Writing Prompt - “Show, Don’t Tell,” Prompt 03, 04, & 05 - FTM #010

Hello, class! This week, the free teaching material is the third, fourth, and fifth in my series of “Writing Prompts.” I am putting out three this week as an apology for the skipped week of the 7th.   1,396 more words


“How to use 'Show, Don’t Tell' Effectively" Presentation - “Show, Don’t Tell” Part 03 – FTM #009

Hello, class! It’s been all too long since my last post. For those of you who don’t know, I run this blog on the side of the other things I do, and so life occasionally steps in the way and prevents me from getting these things out in a timely manner. 1,125 more words


Character Origins #1: Zeleina

Year 1272AD

“Here we are.”

The hushed voice was still loud enough, in the tight confines of their carriage, to rouse her from the light drowse. 877 more words


Two Great remixes from Sepalcure’s latest album Folding Time both worth checking out. Prins Thomas as you would expect delivers a more disco housey mix and Edward’s remix is a little deeper but goes all space laser shootout (always good).