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289. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, June 16th, 8:00pm
Edward (and Kyra)

Edward sits at the window. Kyra staggers down the aisle and takes the seat beside him.

Kyra: Hey I know you. 165 more words


Cafes of Witney - Ue Coffee Roasters

It is a really good cafe. I had a chai latte. We had something to eat (Chocolate, banana and salted caramel cake) and then Daddy had a decaf tea.


Best of the Represses. June 2018

By the look of the shops, electronic music is about to hit that mid-year crappy zone where everyone pisses off to play at some terrible festival or other and pretend they’re some synth-nerd version of Jimi at Monterey while simultaneously tweeting about how awesome they and all their friends are, and how DJ How-Are-You-Still-Alive is totally awesome/sweet/killing it (delete as applicable.) Even worse, everyone who works at the Ministry of Represses are on their way to becoming infatuated with their own summer brilliance, and have decided to take a three month sabbatical so they can concentrate on curating an instagram thingie of their warm weather selfies. 729 more words


Dr. E. Vilmont’s Otherworld Conquest Plan through Dungeon Exploitation – Chapter 01

(AN: Can I mention how i find slightly amusing how everyone was misguided about how this story would proceed with the dungeon part? I mean, sure, I didn’t say how it would happen in the prologue, but hey, the title says dungeon EXPLOITATION. 4,978 more words


Cafes of Witney - Hunters Cake Cafe

After the success of my library blog I’m going to start a new one on cafes in Witney.

Every Saturday morning I go to a cafe in Witney and share a cake with my daddy. 77 more words


274. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Friday, June 1st, 9:00pm
Bella and Alice (and Edward)

Bella: You know who we haven’t seen in a while?

Alice: Who?

Bella: 216 more words


Headington Library

This is a very good library. You should definitely go there. There is a whole room just for children with comfortable seating to sit and read I took out two books. 24 more words