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Spending time with Raymond Carver

I’m collaborating with Raymond Carver again…


He’s claiming to be Will Ferrell… don’t believe it…

The following are the interview questions given to Raymond Carver by Mona Simpson and Lewis Buzbee. 2,042 more words

A collaboration

I find myself in love with Raymond Carver all over again.  It’s not the first time, we’ve met before.  I’ve read his writing, and I first fell in love with him when I read his writing. 2,228 more words

How do you build trust?

Hearst One Minute Mentor: Melinda Gates “How do you build trust?” (as explained by Melinda Gates in 43 seconds with 176 words)

(0:08) I think you build trust by connecting over people’s humanity, and connecting over those vulnerable moments and letting them know who you really are?  168 more words

“If all my patients were like this,” he said, “I could have spent my days reading newspapers.”

I surprise myself with my own writing…  when I read it, with fresh eyes after having put it down so I can truly read it – I write well.  2,370 more words

Confessions from the Stanford Summit for Cyber Security Officials and other cry babies...


  A cord on to our calculations… you do want two ((((cry))))…. Wii noblest when you want to (((cry))).  See, it says write hear… weave inculcated all your “colds” and you do want to (((cry))).   267 more words

Oliver Sacks and Hilaria Baldwin

Oliver Sacks wrote his own eulogy, and The New York Times published it.

What leads someone to write their own eulogy?  Isn’t it better to die as David Carr did – collapsing at work?  2,256 more words