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Fourth Post

Fourth Post

July 15th- August 5th

Week 33 Through Week 35

These past couple weeks have been easier in some ways. One of the weeks I took pictures of the kids for VBS for our church, Lighthouse Community Fellowship in South Butler, NY. 1,732 more words

Edward's Syndrome

A Missed Miscarriage - Edwards Syndrome

Those words ‘I’m Sorry’

At 16 weeks pregnant after being told your baby had passed away inside you and to go home and wait 48 hours before returning to be induced. 793 more words


Third Post

June 25th – July 14

Week 30 Through Week 32

These past couple weeks have been more of a roller coaster of emotions than the others. 2,605 more words

Edward's Syndrome

Second Post

June 11th – June 24th

Week 28 Through Week 29

This week our family went on a vacation or visit Joseph’s relatives in Goose Creek, SC (Charleston). 1,388 more words

Edward's Syndrome

First blog post

I’ve been struggling for about 7 weeks on whether or not to post a blog about our little Arlo. If you don’t know me or my family very well or our situation then this might be a little insight into our lives. 1,571 more words

Edward's Syndrome

Edwards syndrome and birth problems

Edwards syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by anomalies on the 18th chromosome. In this study Sarah K. Dotters-Katz, from the University of North Carolina, led a team of researchers looking into the links between Edwards Syndrome and birth problems. 29 more words

Trisomy: About That Extra Chromosome March Is Trisomy Awareness Month

Most of us are born with 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. These chromosomes include DNA and other genetic building blocks. Some people, however, are born with a trisomy condition, that is, an extra chromosome. 379 more words

Disability Awareness And Appreciation