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A Test of Faith: Saying Goodbye to Boone

When I began this blog, I decided to focus on topics related to leadership, parenthood, and worldview development. My wife and I are currently experiencing our biggest parenting challenge yet. 84 more words


prologue: 9 weeks

Sunday, March 15 to Saturday, March 21: on Monday we went for our first prenatal appointment at Piedmont OG-GYN with Dr. Julia Combs .

Given we’ve been in something of a holding pattern as to whether or not all’s well in utero, I was particularly anxious about seeing/hearing a heartbeat. 434 more words


To our baby

Something you should know about me, I Google everything. If it were a job, I’d be hired. If it were a sport I would be pro. 787 more words


open letter to parents

Dear parent, or parent to be,

We guess that if you are reading this it is because you have been told that your baby may have Edward’s syndrome which has been discovered either before or after their birth. 1,677 more words

Edwards Syndrome

Losing a child....again

Back in July of this year I posted that it had been a while since my last post and then things changed again. We lost a daughter Aoife at 24 weeks on May 1st then on September 12th we lost a son Lucas at 12 weeks. 399 more words


How it all started

I had a generally very easy pregnancy. I felt more sick this time, and tired, and everyone was convinced I was carrying a girl, but apart from that pretty much like my first pregnancy four years earlier. 1,568 more words

Edwards Syndrome



We live very full and abundant lives and although we enjoy great interaction within the social media milieu our core existence is very private. 445 more words

Spiritual Growth