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Trisomy: About That Extra Chromosome March Is Trisomy Awareness Month

Most of us are born with 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. These chromosomes include DNA and other genetic building blocks. Some people, however, are born with a trisomy condition, that is, an extra chromosome. 379 more words

Disability Awareness And Appreciation

Twelve to sixteen weeks pregnant: finding the way with words again

I haven’t written since before Christmas. There has been a lot to write about but I’ve been stuck for words. So, to kick off this blog, I need to rewind to five days before Christmas. 1,368 more words

IVF Blog

Me and Marvella, my Trisomy 18 baby

The readiest topic I found in my mind is about my connection to Trisomy 18. Absolutely, you are right,  it’s because I have someone very special with such condition. 728 more words


Deciding on genetic screening

At my first Obstetrician appointment at 10 weeks we talked about the options for genetic screening.  My first homework assignment was to go away and figure out what we would like to screen for….in addition to finding out what our insurance would cover. 861 more words


Moving on...

Well, I must admit that I am pretty shocked that it was 3 moths ago that I posted anything related to my tragedy. The last 3 months (or so) I have been visiting Idrys’ resting place at least twice a week. 652 more words

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