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“The world is not a ‘prison-house,’ but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.” 47 more words


Richard Cory - Edwin Arlington Robinson

You can never really know what turmoil takes place in someone’s heart, in someone’s mind. You can never really know the suffering that goes on behind closed doors when all you ever see is the mask of a smile, of warmth. 330 more words

“Two kinds of gratitude:
the sudden kind we feel
for what we take;
the larger kind we feel
for what we give.”
Edwin Arlington Robinson

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Muses Stirring at Dawn

Then came the sound of a musical instrument, from behind it seemed, very sweet and very short as if it were one plucking of a string or one note of a bell, and after it a full, clear voice-and it sounded so high and strange that he thought it was very far away, further than a star. 431 more words

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Selected Poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson is a major American Twentieth Century poet. I get the impression—perhaps, wrong—that he isn’t read very often anymore. Back in his day, Robinson was actually very popular, even being reviewed by Theodore Roosevelt. 1,042 more words

Week 152: How Annandale Went Out, by Edwin Arlington Robinson

A poem first published more than a century ago, in 1910, but still topical given the ongoing debate on assisted dying, and the recent decision of our MPs that cats and dogs may be put out of their misery but human beings must, like Shakespeare’s Gloucester, be tied to the stake and stand the course. 122 more words


The Dark Hills

The Dark Hills

Dark hills at evening in the west,

Where sunset hovers like a sound

Of golden horns that sang to rest

Old bones of warriors under ground, 35 more words

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