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5 Poetic Failures Part 1

What is a poet? There are the laureates recognized by the crown. The few who gather a community or a following around them. Or at least those who have been published. 1,409 more words



by Nona Blyth Cloud

Popular interest is a fickle thing. This year’s critically acclaimed, best-selling novel may be completely forgotten five years from now, and then re-discovered a couple of decades after that when Hollywood finally makes a movie out  of it. 2,100 more words

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I usually write my own poem for these challenges, but given this week’s “assignment,” I wanted to take the opportunity to share my all-time favorite poem- sorry it’s not more cheerful! 329 more words


Swimming In The Flood ("The Swimmer" and "Mr. Flood's Party")

“For auld lang syne.” The weary throat gave out, 

The last word wavered; and the song being done, 

He raised again the jug regretfully 

And shook his head, and was again alone. 

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on poetry

“The world is not a ‘prison-house,’ but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.” 47 more words


Richard Cory - Edwin Arlington Robinson

You can never really know what turmoil takes place in someone’s heart, in someone’s mind. You can never really know the suffering that goes on behind closed doors when all you ever see is the mask of a smile, of warmth. 330 more words

“Two kinds of gratitude:
the sudden kind we feel
for what we take;
the larger kind we feel
for what we give.”
Edwin Arlington Robinson

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