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Episode 018 - Creatures From the Tar Swamp

In which Skeletor takes some dinosaurs to lunch at the Palace.

At the Palace, Adam’s haughty cousin Edwina arrives for a visit. One of Edwina’s first lines carries more than a whiff of incest, giving the impression if the camera wasn’t on her, she’d be jumping Adam’s bones right there in the courtyard. 853 more words


The Rajiv Dixit Comedy Show: Partition of British India (1947)

I was feeling bored and was desperately in need of a material which could cheer me up and inspire. One fine morning  ‘Yellow and Orange’ 456 more words

Humour & Satire

Patterns of growth

As is common these days, Edwina and I met up last week outside my office. She pulled up in her car and I climbed in to chat for a bit between classes. 214 more words


Dreaming Disarray

A bus packed with people and nowhere to sit.

A house filled with toppled furniture, fragments of food and spilled glasses of wine covering the floor, overturned plants. 187 more words


Another mission, another chance

We’ve been receiving a number of phone calls from Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The caller holds on until the time period for leaving a message ends before hanging up. 306 more words




Despite new medical technologies and increasing knowledge about prevention of a host of diseases, the poor live shorter lives than the wealthy. That’s the upshot of an article in today’s… 228 more words