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Raising Arizona (1987)

This movie raised a ton of laughter from me. Raising Arizona is about a couple who decides to steal a baby from a rich couple who have more kids than they can handle. 117 more words


Return to Princeton

I received a text message from Edwina yesterday that seemed more urgent than usual.

“Call me, Miss Rayan. It’s real important.”

I returned her phone call and found Edwina, once again, in Princeton Hospital–the facility she goes to when she’s experiencing an emergency and for more routine visits now that Cooper Green is in a constant state of uncertainty. 486 more words


Limbo and beyond

You’d think that given how much of our lives are spent in limbo–never quite knowing what awaits us–we’d get used to it. Not so.

Lots of things in my life are in limbo at the moment. 279 more words


Fightin' like a girl

Edwina and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. She found an outfit at Walmart and then we headed over to Shoe Carnival for boots.

“I told Tyrone and Joe-Joe I was gettin’ some boots like Miss Rayan’s for Christmas,” she said as she tried on one pair after another. 207 more words



Edwina joined Bruce, the girls and me at UAB’s homecoming game this year. While Edwina had attended a football game many, many years ago, she’d never seen a college team play or tailgated. 140 more words


Mountain Brook to West End

It’s been a day of extremes.

I met a good friend who is nearing the end of radiation treatments for breast cancer for lunch in a quaint Italian restaurant located in Crestline Village in the suburb of Mountain Brook. 483 more words


Geranium Lake Properties, a recipe for incarnate sugar bites

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