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Praise God! Good news!

On Wednesday March 25th I saw my neurologist Dr.P. The recent “episodes” that I have had were indeed big seizures and he does (like my family doctor) believe they were caused by the overload of medication I have been on, prescribed by a Nurse Practitioner that I saw referred by the ER after a visit back in February. 535 more words

My Journey

Non Invasive vs Invasive BCI

BCI’s may have started with an EEG to read  brain activity but technology has advanced to where BCIs are know being physically embedding into the grey matter of a person brain. 47 more words

Current BCI


When I was younger I used to stay with my grandma a lot. It was whilst staying with her that I had my first epileptic seizure (I must have been about 10). 708 more words

Science Behind The Image

dwP class today


Really looking forward to class and testing today!

This is one of the few days (Tuesday) when I wake up 1hour before I need to… 61 more words


more tests needed...

So, a huge wait and a short appointment later, it has been determined that I function pretty well between episodes (duh!). Because the vertigo at the moment it so mild, and the cognitive impairments are brief and so far between that he can’t think of anything it might be. 232 more words