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Back in 'My Spot' 

Sheldon Cooper is a man after my own heart sometimes. Every time I’m in hospital I’m in the same ward and the same bed. It’s my bed. 61 more words


Tests and More Tests

So apparently ‘abnormal brain waves’ is a fancy term for “we see something that could lead to seizures but they aren’t actual seizures.” I also found out at that appointment that they had seen my heart (they did an EKG at the same time as an EEG) doing some funny pauses. 827 more words


Stranger Things: Into the Upside Down

Things have gotten a little strange.  Topsy turvy, upside down, through the looking glass, into the upside down—strange.

Health issues for me are relatively stable.  Another round of testing and diagnostics at the end of 2016 revealed nothing.  1,049 more words

The Waiting Game

I’ve learned a lot about doctor’s appointments in the last nine months. First off, did you know that many doctors (at least all the ones I saw) don’t actually check your height anymore?? 607 more words


Neuromarketing and the Importance of Plesure Centers

Why did I choose this topic?

Previous Prejudices to Marketing

This is a marketing blog and I know nothing about marketing except all the theories that teachers made me memorize and I’ve forgotten right after the exam. 1,048 more words

EEG and Oxygenation in Acute Brain Injury

Really interesting article in the latest issue of JAMA Neurology: Specific EEG changes, known as periodic discharges (PDs), seem to be of value in predicting brain tissue hypoxia in vulnerable patients with acute brain injury. 107 more words


‘SleepCycles’ more visitor comments

I went to see the show at the weekend and thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I thought all the pieces were of very high quality. 54 more words

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