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OCD and Me


Until recently, scientists thought mental disorders were solely caused by environmental factors. However, modern neural-imaging technology suggests that mental illnesses are “disorders of brain circuits.” The advent of enhanced imaging techniques allows neurologists to specialize studies specifically on neural circuits and their connectivity, or the lack thereof, rather than more broadly on environmental influences. 2,125 more words

Issue 3 (Spring 2015)

Paraplegic man walks with his own legs again

Thanks to a Brain-computer interface!

A 26-year old man who was paralysed from waist down due to a spinal cord injury has started walking again after scientists re-routed the signals from his brain to electrodes on his knees, bypassing his spinal cord entirely. 322 more words


The Torture Continues...

soul sucking
life stealing
relentless pain.

When will it stop?!?!?!?!?

I’m scared.

I’m in medication purgatory… cutting down on Prednisone but upping pain meds (Norco, in my case, because literally NOTHING else is touching the pain). 25 more words


I still haven’t heard the results from the EEG test.  I know I should call.  I will.  I assume that no news means that there is no news.  1,093 more words

Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late, RA Lates Saturday 24 October 2015

Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late, Saturday 24 October 2015, 6.30 — 10pm
Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House,Piccadilly,London, W1J 0BD

Think online activism, robotics, wearable tech, dating apps, smart cities, the Internet of Things plus street food, cocktails and a silent disco until late. 45 more words


Things to Think With

As a late addition to the program, the Duke S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab will be participating in “Conversations in the Digital Humanities” this coming Friday, October 2, 2015, at the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke. 265 more words


School of Friends Use Thought Control on a Shark

owns (at least) two gadgets: one of those remote control helium-filled flying shark (an Air Swimmer), and an OpenBCI EEG system that can read brain waves and feed the data to a PC. 168 more words

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