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Beyond EEGs…Diagnostic Tools for Epilepsy

How many of us have heard: “Your EEG is normal. You’re fine..”(“It’s all in your head?”)

I know of people who have had 5 EEGs, only to be properly diagnosed when they finally had Video EEG Monitoring.  1,392 more words


The only way an algorithm can tell if you really like a song is by scanning your brain

A team of Greek scientists has discovered how to tell how much you like a particular song by literally reading your mind. And they want to fit it into Spotify, Apple Music, and other similar online music streaming services. 785 more words

iBand+: Headband that helps you sleep

The device, iBand+, is simply a solution to your bedtime difficulties. Most of us experience sleeping problems at one time or another. This is normal and can be caused by stress or other outside factors. 261 more words


Concatenate epochs across subjects in Python-MNE

I switched to open source science in my case done by open source Python module MNE. Python-MNE has also module for MATLAB (for reading MNE dedicated FIF files containing everything) and C (for source localization and channel corregistration toolbox, which I believe only works on Linux and macOS). 253 more words


Entopticals, the art we all make

Working with PandoraStar light entrainment device and making audio from analogue AutoHarps with digital Modular Synths in Ableton to enhance the journey, where consciousness dissolves, judgement fades and within closed eyes, beyond Psychedelic ‘entoptictals’, the antipodes of consciousness allow more of oneself to be revealed. 44 more words

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Today is the day. Today Little Bear goes to the hospital to have his MRI and EEG done and in a week and a half we will have our follow-up to see if he gets the full diagnosis or something completely different. 749 more words


How the brain consolidates memories during sleep.

Researchers in the group of Prof Dr Nikolai Axmacher at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have studied which brain processes consolidate memories during sleep. They found clear parallels to findings from experimental animal studies. 140 more words