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My First Social Network Of Dream Sharing

I often experience hearing a voice call my name when I am about to wake up.    When I wake up a young woman’s voice in my mind calls my name.   117 more words

Dream Teleportation

Screensavers of the Brain: The Science of Dreaming

Each night, you place your head on your pillow, close your eyes, and, barring insomnia, you lose consciousness of the world around you, drifting into blissful oblivion.   640 more words

Did You Know?

Subliminal Behavior Modification Using TV, Computer Monitor Described in US Patents

I’m just passing this on so you know this is real.  You can click the links and read the actual patent in full. I don’t know what to make of the matrix we live in, but it cannot stop it’s desire to control and dominate others. 1,038 more words

This lower-limb exoskeleton is controlled by staring at flickering LEDs

Scientists have developed a brain-computer interface for controlling a lower limb exoskeleton.

As recent experiments have shown, exoskeletons hold great promise in assisting those who have lost the use of their legs to walk again. 435 more words

Makers Movement

Senior Capstone: EEG Classification

For my Senior capstone I had chosen to partner up with my classmate and friend Eric. I have included picture of us below: I am on the left and Eric is on the right. 318 more words

Giving Neurofeedback Another Go for Chronic Headache, Anxiety and Migraine

In “Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal,” Donna Jackson Nakazawa describes different methods one can utilize to rehabilitate after suffering trauma (for example, abandonment, neglect, living with an alcoholic and their enabler, witnessing physical abuse or being ridiculed or invalidated by a parent, etc). 395 more words



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Designer: jaeyong LEE

Categories: GadgetsTechnologyProduct Design

Year: Present-2020






Overview: The next wearable design concept Emotion, headphone’s built in Color E-ink display, Action cam with EEG technology.

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