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Research using sheep leads to a new device to record and stimulate the brain

A group of Australian and American researchers have used sheep to develop and test a new device (original paper) – the stentrode – for recording electrical signals from inside the brain. 1,178 more words


More Clusters, ineffective hospitals, irritable mum!

Just a short and sweet little post, before I forget to journal this weeks events – for myself as much as anything else!

If you have been following the blog, you will know Luke’s sister had an EEG done just to rule out any epileptic activity and I am delighted to report that the EEG was all normal and as was my gut feeling I think the past 5 months have been quite difficult for my little princess and this manifested itself in some quirky movements/twitches. 570 more words


18 Holes or 40 Winks?

Watching paint dry is more mentally stimulating than watching a match of golf, according to a report released by Neufchatel Research Insititute.

Candidates were given various interactive tasks, such as playing games or reading books, while others were given passive tasks such as watching television or, in some cases, watching paint dry. 202 more words

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ASCII to EDF format converter

The Approach

The main goal of this post is to explain how to convert OpenBCI datasets in EDF format files in a simple, easy and straightforward way. 1,997 more words


Health Vocabulary: EKG, ECG, EEG...EEK!

Don’t let the title scare you – these  are some of the easiest, least intimidating diagnostic tests you can have. They’re commonly used because they’re noninvasive (no poking or prodding needed!) and they can give a lot of information about the heart or the brain. 367 more words

Summer Happenings

As the Summer semester draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our intern Rohan Tripathi. Rohan, a local high school student, spent the summer working with us on a variety of projects and presented findings at the Banner Sun Research Institute Intern poster session. 22 more words

EEG development - using OpenBCI

OpenBCI modules and Electrodes Signal Test

First week of Final Year Project of Mechanical Engineering course, my groupmate and I were assigned to sort out the basic setup of OpenBCI that was done after our predecessor group of students. 80 more words

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