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It Blew Our Caps Off

If love’s a force of nature our sexual tension’s fossil fuel

We’re straight out of the ground; salt of the earth and black bright

All the wind farms in the world can’t rival the way you blow me away… 184 more words

Strong Reaction To Eeg. Has Anyone Had One?

So I was just prescribed Gabapentin to treat my anxiety, but being the nerd that I am I looked this up and it looks like this is primarily used to treat bi-polar disorder…wtf….shouldn t somebody tell me if I am bi-polar? 31 more words

Strong Reaction To Eeg. Has Anyone Had One?

I had to get an eeg due to an episode I had a while back with a seizure or flashback or combination of the two. I was anxious about it because this medical evaluation process has been so long and confusing but didn t think I had much to worry about with the actual procedure. 61 more words

July '15 seizures

Two weeks ago today, we were at OT when she asked when the extra right eye blinking started. I watched closer and then started noticing it myself. 1,018 more words


When the Doctor Can't Diagnose a Seizure, but You Know You Had One

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve probably done just the same amount of research as any regular MD out there on seizures… or more.  A common myth of a seizure is that you can’t be asleep during it.  361 more words

Doctor Couldn't Find Seizure

Hacklet 56 - Brain Hacks

The brain is the most powerful – and least understood computer known to man. For these very reasons, working with the mind has long been an attraction for hackers, makers, and engineers. 557 more words

Hackaday Columns

[ARTICLE] Brain-controlled functional electrical stimulation therapy for gait rehabilitation after stroke: a safety study - Full Text HTML



Many stroke survivors have significant long-term gait impairment, often involving foot drop.Current physiotherapies provide limited recovery. Orthoses substitute for ankle strength, but they provide no lasting therapeutic effect. 329 more words

Gait/Drop Foot