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“Frustration” is the watchword of those at sea with computers. Cumbersome fingers swiping across overly sensitive tablet screens shut down the mail app before the message is finished, windows appear or disappear as if at random, and there are all those irrelevant pop-up messages, obtuse instructions and uninvited features. 517 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: Biopotential Signal Library

With prosthetics, EEG, and all the other builds focused on the body and medicine for this year’s Hackaday Prize, it might be a good idea to take a look at what it takes to measure the tiny electrical signals that come from the human body. 195 more words

The Hackaday Prize

The Spirit of Prayer


It was before starting  Medical School. I was working in the area of Cognitive Remediation for a facility in Texas. I was trained on administering various Neurocognitive Assessment tools and using cognitive remediation equipment to address clients challenged by brain injuries and various cognition deficits. 4,765 more words

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Good Night, Sleep Tight. All Right?

Last night, crabby me; lucky me, maybe, because it was for a good cause, but I did not enjoy the sleep study. I was getting tested for… 465 more words



Yesterday, Sam and I checked in for his video EEG. It was rough during the part where they put the leads on. After that is was pretty easy. 36 more words


Killing your sleep to stay connected

You might benefit from changing your screen’s color temperature after sundown. Make it like twilight when it actually is twilight out. There. That’s the bottom line here.  1,682 more words

Serious Posts On Brain Injury

Our Attention Span Is Shorter Than A Goldfish's

According to BetaNews –

The results of a recently conducted study have shown that our attention span is… oh wait, I lost you. That’s right. Our attention span has dropped from 12 seconds back in 2000, to an alarming eight seconds today. 36 more words