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2009- A moment in the city

The great glorious year of 2009- two thousand and nine. I had to abandon the car now that I’ve reached the heart of the city. I was driving myself crazy driving the streets, ant colonies of people and tunnelled confusion. 54 more words


The Neuroscience of Reading - Part 1

I currently have the privilege of attending a Learning and the Brain summer institute on the Neuroscience of Reading with Dr. John Gabrieli and Dr. Joanna Christodoulou on the MIT campus in Cambridge.  1,496 more words


E is for Epilepsy: Good News, Less Good News, and Adjustments

A few weeks ago, we saw Jake’s neurologist for test results from his latest EEG.  Because I didn’t post about the EEG and since Jake is super cute, I’ll walk you through the EEG first. 1,158 more words

Adventures In Medicine

Seizures, IQ Tests, ADHD...oh my!

It started off with a bang. I experienced a grand mal seizure on my bathroom floor. This kick-started a large number of visits to CHOP, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 409 more words

Mental Health

Oh yeah. THAT'S appealing.

I had the flu last week. I can’t believe they plated what I coughed up, garnished it, and served it.

Vintage Food

How Religion Can Move Us to Do Terrible Things

Anyone who has ever played on a team knows the thrill of rooting for your own side’s success while rejoicing at your opponents’ losses. Now ratchet up that gratifying feeling with two other ingredients: an unwavering belief in a vengeful God, and a sense of injury stemming from feeling like a reviled, hard-done-by outsider, and you have some of the precursors of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. 919 more words

Green eggs and... garlic.

Looking to get some more greens in your diet? Well, you should be. They’re super good for you, and anywhere you can sneak some in, you should do that. 374 more words

Meatless Monday