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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 6)

November 3rd, 2015

Hey there!
How’s it going? Here’s day 6!! I really hope that I’ll be able to make it to the end of Nanowrimo, even though I’m working on this at the same time!! 171 more words


Eeveelutions Part 3/Final: Leafeon Glaceon Slyveon

Hurrah part part is here meaning I’ve drawing all of the eeveeiutions as females so I hope you all enjoy all 9 of them!!! This was really fun to do and I may color them all on a later date but it may that some time I don’t have black pens but when I do get them I will most likely ink and color them.


Eeveelutions Part 2: Vaporeon Espeon Umbreon

OK, here’s part 2 of the Eeveelutions and I hope you all like them! Sorry for taking so long, I kinda got lazy and didn’t scan it until now but I’ll try my best upload the final part no less than a week later.


"Emerging Powers" - Emerging Decks in the XY-AOR Format

Hey guys!

There has been a lot of talk about Beeveelutions, Mega Manectric, and a lot of other Tiered decks, but what about the lesser known decks of the XY-AOR format? 1,882 more words

Standard XY-On

"Flight of the Beeveelutions" - A look at Vespiquen in the XY-AOR Format

Hey guys!

Despite all of the hype centralized around the Expanded format, I’d like to talk about some decks that stand out to me in the XY-AOR format, starting with Vespiquen. 1,463 more words

Standard XY-On

Eeveelutions Part 1: Eevee Flareon Jolteon

Hello again! I’m so sorry about not posting for the past week, I was really busy and didn’t have the time to draw sadly. T.T However, to make it up I’ve drawn 3 of the 9 eeveelutions for you all and my apologies if you cannot see parts of them I was drawing lightly for the most part since I was thinking of coloring them which means I would have to outline them with ink. 33 more words


Competitive Pokemon That Aren't Very Good In-Game: Jolteon

Ah, Jolteon. A cool-looking Eeveelution with very good stats, and one that remained in the OU competitive tier up to gen six, where its flaws caught up with it some, dropping it to RU. 561 more words