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Myst hap e 166

“Athena! How is it coming?”

“Wonderfully. According to this data, the Corsola population has increased by 11% in the last 20 years. Furthermore, we did a count of how many trainers still have Corsola as well, so their overall population is much higher than we originally thought. 481 more words


M s e y hap er 127

“I am Lord Trepidation! Master of all fear! You will never defeat me!”

“Maybe… But I can try!”

I smiled and started to turn off my computer. 398 more words


My t ry C ap er 146

“Hey, Luna! Where are you going?”

I turned around to see Latios standing behind me, right outside my door.

“I just came back from visiting Ho-Oh. 328 more words


ys ry C ap r 167

“Attention passengers, please exit at this time. We have docked in Slateport City. Enjoy your trip, and thank you for sailing with the Big Dipper.” 497 more words


M st y C a er 101

I smelled coffee.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a small pink bed. In front of me was a tall, wooden chair. Sitting on it was the one and only Looker. 402 more words


Pokemon Episode 40 Analysis: The Battling Eevee Brothers

CotD(s): Mikey – The youngest of the Eevee brothers, Mikey is constantly being pressured by his brothers to evolve his Eevee. He wants his Eevee to stay as it is, but doesn’t have the courage to tell his brothers since they’re so adamant about it being necessary for Pokemon to evolve. 4,266 more words


M st r C apt r 143

The sound of typing filled my ears. It suddenly stopped. I was out of ideas.

“Argh… That’s it! I can’t take it! This story is garbage!” 242 more words