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Mini Eeveelutions

Today I finally made all of the eeveelutions as I have crocheted mini key ring figures


Marsden March 2017

On Sunday 19th March, I did a sponsored 5 mile walk for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. My team (Team Eevee) raised over £530. We are called Team Eevee because we all carried an eeveelution crocheted by me.


Bee Movie 2 - The Buzz on Vespiquen in Standard

Hello readers! I am Darin O’Meara and welcome to my very first article! Today I will be talking about a deck very near and dear to my heart, Vespiquen. 6,423 more words


My Nerdy/Geeky Clothes and Accessories

There wasn’t really much that happened last week that I could write about, so I decided to show of my pop culture, nerdy, geeky clothes and jewelry! 416 more words

Pokemon Theme: Eeveelutions...

So I took a while to get round to painting these guys because I was kind of dreading it. I didn’t quite know how to link them all and I firstly thought about their evolution stones as backgrounds but then Eevee would be the odd one out. 40 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Making some progress, having the right tools has made all the difference. I’m able to move much faster now!

The “bar” piece won’t be there it was just to show the gap on bottom. 11 more words


It starts...

So we have finally made some progress tonight. We started cutting out our props for our Eeveelutions group. We started on my staff first as it for some reason seems to be the funnest to work on at the moment. 99 more words