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It starts...

So we have finally made some progress tonight. We started cutting out our props for our Eeveelutions group. We started on my staff first as it for some reason seems to be the funnest to work on at the moment. 99 more words


Eeveelutions 3

I have now made Leafeon and only have Jolteon and Espeon to make until I complete the set.


Top 10 Eeveelutions that we would want

Hi again!!!!!! I know that we all want other eeveelutions, right? Sorry to break your hopes and dreams, but I don’t think Nintendo will make more. 35 more words

30 day Digimon Challenge (Day 1)

November 15th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
So I was thinking, and since I found the Pokemon Challenge, I would probably do the Digimon challenge, since, I’ve openly admitted here (I did, right?) that I was always more into… 341 more words


Eeveelutions 2

Today I made my fifth eeveelution, Glaceon! I have spent two days on it and I am proud of the final result.



I have now made many eeveelutions for people and have 4 of the set made already.


Making My Sylveon Cosplay

Sylveon is by far my most ambitious cosplay project I’ve taken on. At first I thought it would be because of just how much of my body I’d be exposing, but it turns out there was a lot of hand stitching that required lots of patience on my part. 2,342 more words