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Top 10 Eeveelutions that we would want

Hi again!!!!!! I know that we all want other eeveelutions, right? Sorry to break your hopes and dreams, but I don’t think Nintendo will make more. 35 more words

30 day Digimon Challenge (Day 1)

November 15th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
So I was thinking, and since I found the Pokemon Challenge, I would probably do the Digimon challenge, since, I’ve openly admitted here (I did, right?) that I was always more into… 341 more words


Eeveelutions 2

Today I made my fifth eeveelution, Glaceon! I have spent two days on it and I am proud of the final result.



I have now made many eeveelutions for people and have 4 of the set made already.


Making My Sylveon Cosplay

Sylveon is by far my most ambitious cosplay project I’ve taken on. At first I thought it would be because of just how much of my body I’d be exposing, but it turns out there was a lot of hand stitching that required lots of patience on my part. 2,342 more words



¿Que pokemon queréis que haga siguiente?  Ponedlo en los comentarios 

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Be Kawaii 2016

Sorry for the absence!

It’s been a very busy summer, both at work and at home. In June, I was gone for a week and a half while I visited London and Paris with my mom and dad. 372 more words

Life Updates