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Piglet for president?

#eeoyre is on team #piglet in this election. Who do you have as your candidate?


Rainy Day Blues

Rainy, dark, and chilly. Yes, it is finally autumn – hooray! But this dark weather is making me want to go home and curl up with a nice comfy blanket, some hot chocolate, and binge-watch Disney movies! 15 more words

Daily Disney


Stand-up comedians like to say that the ability to deal with heckling outweighs the best material. If you can’t talk back at the speed of light, you’re lost. 221 more words


T5W: Characters I WOULDN'T Want to Trade Places With

I am writing this tired on a Tuesday evening, The good kind of tired though. I’ve had a super productive day. I’ve been to work, driven to my Emma’s to pick her stuff (and her) up, packed and then unpacked the car, and helped sort some of the stuff now as she is officially a resident of Liverpool. 291 more words


I am Eeyore.

There is that one character that you see as a child and instantly you can see yourself in them. For me this character was Eeyore. I didn’t know why. 646 more words


The End

Current status: listening to angry breakup music. It has been four days since we started our break so that he could work through his feelings after the abortion. 277 more words