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Joy Juice?

Somebody on the intertoobz said, “the Holy Spirit is not joy juice.” It kind of ticked me off. Who sez He isn’t? “God didn’t put you here to be happy,” 431 more words

Disney Animated Canon: 'Winnie The Pooh'

2009’s The Princess and the Frog was Disney’s last major attempt at a traditionally animated film, but 2011 saw the release of a smaller title with much more classic Disney sensibilities and story telling, and that film was… 731 more words



Thursday 5th November 2017

I had the most amazing day on Tuesday hanging out with Master 4. We built and played with a fire station (complete with a pole for the firemen to slide down); we made a car wash and washed all the construction vehicles that live in the sandpit; we collected spiders (including two red backs) while washing said trucks; we went into K-town to run a few errands and played police rescue when we returned home. 380 more words


Halloween, 2017

Happy Halloween!!! It’s been a couple of days since my last post. Overall, today has been a good day despite a few set backs. Set backs I hope to talk to my therapist about tomorrow. 286 more words

Boo Blog: My daughter's Halloween evolution

My daughter, now 12, was born a month before Halloween. Her costume that year was easy, we dressed her like a pumpkin. A year later she was a rabbit and the year after that Eeyore. 234 more words

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Ramblings Revisited

Friday 27th October 2017

Years ago I started writing a blog because I had so many words going crazy in my head. I read back through some of those during the week and I can now easily identify which ones were written while I had Tigger by my side and others where Eeyore was my companion. 486 more words