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How to Champion Validation in Your Organization.

You know it the minute you walk into the doors of an organization. You feel the camaraderie. People are connected. They respect and trust each other. 866 more words

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A Photo an Hour: 26 September 2015

I finally remembered to take part in photo an hour again! Sadly it turned out to be the most boring day ever, with Jan away for a practice weekend with a choir he’s joined and me being ill. 449 more words


Pollyanna and Eeyore Walk into a Bar . . .

If Pollyanna and Eeyore define the extremes of an optimistic and pessimistic outlook, I would place myself closer to Eeyore than Pollyanna. Eeyore, of course, is the moody donkey in the Winnie the Pooh books and movies, while Pollyanna is a character in a 1913 American novel, who seems to always find the good in every experience, no matter how terrible. 942 more words

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Quote for Thought: Weeds are Flowers, too

My inner child is very much alive and strong. So is my love for plushies. And for Eeyore. This little donkey may be the most pessimistic character of children’s literature, but I find him adorable. 46 more words


Assuming leads to trouble!

“No one really cares whether or not I’m here” is a thought that comes to mind every now and then. My husband is always swift to point out that I’m lying to myself by saying that, but it’s very easy to become an Eeyore with a personality like mine. 714 more words

On Being a Widow vs. a Divorcée

The concept of “playing the cards you are dealt” (vs. griping about the cards you got dealt) is something I was taught early on in life from… 275 more words


The Christian "Eeyore"

Getting overwhelmed is easy to do, especially if you’re Christian.
You can look out into the world and see how far our culture has drifted from God, you can see that many would rather live a life of self indulgence than lift a finger for someone else. 880 more words

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