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Try reading when there's 1000 words bouncing in that head....

7 Reading Tips for People with ADD/ADHD

This article was nice–and I can personally vouch for many of these strategies to help me be able to read.  

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Highly Distractible People Have More Creative Success | Big Think

Creativity is more than finding new solutions to abstract problems presented in laboratory settings, and a new study out of Northwestern University is one of the first to measure what qualities correlate with creative achievement in the real world. 93 more words

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MINDMAPS, online and off....

In exploring the Popplet website I see that it is available as an app for the iPad. Is there a webpage version available for those in school who don’t have access to iPads? 466 more words




“Your comment about Aphasia causing difficulties with “express emotions or self advocat was very intriguing. Are there any resources to help students who have difficulty with word retrieval to express emotions? 1,559 more words


Weekly Round Up - Friday 1/4/16

This week has been short but busy. My highlight was recording the first episode of my new radio show; Volunteer Stories. I was rather nervous but the show went well. 146 more words


I made dis...

Music is from Gustav Holst’s’ Planets symphony….the not-me lady taking is Adele Diamond,  a foremost researcher on cognitive developmental neurology–which is to say, the study of the developing, learning mind.   129 more words


Saturday Podcast! ADHD, females, internal restlessness, etc.


In this installation, I explain some of the challenges of identifying ADHD in girls, what some adult manifestations are like, share some music from pre-diagnosis-tortured-soul stage and hopefully help illuminate some of the things going through the mind of folks like me…. 8 more words

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