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The Social Media Effect

Social media, a place where we share and posts our opinions and ideas. In our generation social media plays a big role in our life especially to us the millennials. 266 more words

Shining Light

In order to get this effect, I did was fill a 600ml soft drink bottle with water and placing on a torch while its light is on and place the lens of the camera on top and took this photo.


Begin To Reduce Instant Noodle Consumption, Know the Effects on the Body

The price is affordable, how to cook is easy and delicious taste makes instant noodles become favorite foods in many countries. Although very popular, dried noodles packaged with flavoring powders and spice oils are often criticized as non-nutritious foods. 336 more words


Horoskop, Shio, Feng Shui, Golongan Darah dan yang lainnya.<3

      Kalau kamu beri kesempatan, saya akan melakukan sedikit asesmen personalitas diri anda. Secara umum anda tipe orang yang periang, memiliki kehidupan teratur antara sedih dan senang, ada waktu di mana anda ingin berkumpul dengan teman-teman anda dan juga sebaliknya ada waktu di aman anda ingin sendiri, anda juga memiliki ketertarikan yang cukup banyak pada berbagai hal yang membuat anda menarik. 264 more words