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Eternity of Life - Cause & Effect

Everything we’ve done until this moment adds up to who we are. This is the law of Cause and Effect.

For every cause there must be an effect. 331 more words


Aesthetic- Usability Effect

Aesthetics- Usability Effect

Q1: Aesthetic influences our senses and our responses to certain object (If something is aesthetically pleasing to you, it is ‘pleasurable’ and you like it (Jordan, P.W., Green, W.S., 2001). 1,208 more words


The CDR Creep and Its Effect on the Game

With the “Midseason Magic” patch, cooldown reduction is at an all-time high. Nearly every champion in any given game (barring ADCs and most junglers) will hit the 40% cap without even trying. 491 more words

Alberta's on fire and we should be, too | National Observer

There are no bystanders

“This is not a time for blame”— So reads a collective comment on the Fort McMurray fires from the executive directors of some of Canada’s leading environmental non-governmental groups – organizations like Greenpeace, the David Suzuki Foundation, LeadNow, and the Sierra Club. 206 more words


Spur Them To Love

What do we do to spur others on toward love and good deeds? Are our words full of truth that brings them toward God or turns them away? 540 more words

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