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The Gnawing

I don’t know when it began,

this gnawing at the back of my mouth, bloodying my tongue

with words that spoke only

of how my body, the vessel of everything that is me, 153 more words


The Pebble

A pebble tossed in the pond
breaks through the serene surface
causing ripples to impact everything
caught in the radius of the little waves—
such is the power that resides… 9 more words


Evaluation of my Animation Soundtrack

When creating my animation soundtrack, I wanted to make sure that it suited the theme of the animation and help to tell its story. I made sure to record sound effects which would accurately depict what was going on during the scene and the action taking place so that when refined, the sound effects would help set the scene and immerse the viewer into the animation more. 957 more words

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Senate Votes to Halt the Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules

Senate Democrats and three Republicans have voted to halt the repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules.

On Wednesday, in a 52-47 vote, 49 Democrats and Republicans Sen. 181 more words


Senate to Vote on Net Neutrality's Fate Today

The battle over net neutrality is expected to come to a head today, as Senate Democrats force a vote on a proposal to restore the FCC’s open Internet rules. 504 more words


Senate Vote on Net Neutrality Coming Wednesday

Net neutrality could be about to make its final stand.

Democrats say they’ll force a Senate vote Wednesday on a proposal to restore the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) open Internet rules. 195 more words