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The 'Perfect Agreement Synergy' Effect

Ever experience the feeling of ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’? Norm agreements  are just for the sake of knowing, opinion stereotypes, typical opinions or just the agreement is not strong enough to reach the extend of the feeling mentioned just now. 748 more words


Thadus Characters

 Ral’Sima vas Xaewan nar Rayya

  • Race: Quarian
  • Class: Engineer
  • Age: 18

Having been chased off their homeworld Rannoch 300 years ago, the quarians have been nomadic space wanderers. 1,030 more words


2015 (Twenty Fifteen)

Hi 2016? How have you been?

How far have you been through with me? Not far, I guess. Ok, let’s make a deal with it. 1,386 more words


Here's How Facebook Can Avoid Playing the Part of the Colonialist

Marc Andreessen’s deeply offensive tweet about India and colonialism may have earned him a slapdown from Mark Zuckerberg, but it highlighted a very real problem with Facebook’s “Free Basics” scheme. 1,182 more words


Mass Effect: Thadus

This fan fiction is based off the amazing game trilogy taking place between the third and the upcoming fourth game, Andromeda. Join Ral-Sima vas Zaewan as she and five others as they fight against the Reapers. 70 more words


Abused Drugs

There are many drugs out in the world some are good and some are bad, but the good drugs can be abused to make them look bad. 320 more words