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Affect vs. Effect | Grammarly Blog

Take the quiz and let us know how well you did! Do YOU know the difference between affect and effect? <3

Affect and effect are easy to mix up. 23 more words

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//1// Photoshop CS6 | Smoke Effect

First photo edit on my learning project. Have always wanted to try out this smoke effect on photoshop and finally got down to it. I went to Youtube some tutorials on how to create a smoke effect and simply followed exactly what was shown. 59 more words


An arduous journey into statistical significance

All we know about the world teaches us that the effects of A and B are always different—in some decimal place—for any A and B. Thus asking “are the effects different?” is foolish.

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From Grammarly: How well do you know your grammar? Affect vs. Effect

All writers know that grammar is important. And the company Grammarly likes to put a fun spin on learning grammar. How big of a grammar nerd are you? 35 more words



​As the proverb goes,

“Coming events cast a shadow before them.”

The significance of anything momentous is seen budding even while it’s still way into the future. 359 more words


You set your pen on paper and let your soul out through the ink of the pen and wonder if there is a difference between the two. 307 more words