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Think About This

Without the construct of time,
cause and effect makes no sense.
Did the painkillers cause the wreck
or did the wreck cause the painkillers?
Can’t tell. 20 more words


basiQ - Kuassa

Simple 3-Band EQ.

Official Page

Bands are not specified – just high, mid ,low.
For very basic musical adjustments.

Or “quick” corrections.

GUI: 8/10

Nice knobs. 28 more words

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Research: Moral Appeals Can Help Reduce Tax Evasion

(Source: hbr.org)

The classic approach to reducing tax evasion is to increase the probability of being detected and to increase penalties. However, in a new study, we show that moral motivation is important for tax compliance, and that a moral appeal in a letter from the tax authorities substantially reduces tax evasion. 765 more words

Money Matters

Brexit's effect on UK 'will be profound and unpredictable', lawmakers say

LONDON (Reuters) – Brexit poses a fundamental challenge to the future of the United Kingdom by removing the European Union law that has helped to bind it together, a committee of lawmakers from the British parliament’s upper house said on Wednesday.

Drive Stomp - Fretted Synth

Drive pedal.

The official page is down, but rekkerd offers many of their plugins as a download.

Versatile virtual “stomp box”.

A guitarist can give you a more accurate description but basically this device can pre-distort your signal (most likely a guitar). 69 more words

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What caffeine does to your body and brain

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Many of us can’t start our day without a jolt of caffeine.

Various caffeinated drinks affect your health in different ways — a new study shows coffee… 1,365 more words


Merasa Semua Membencimu Hanya Karena Kesalahan Sepele (The Spotlight Effect)

        Padahal hanya melakukan kesalahan kecil, tetapi rasanya banyak yang membahas dan juga banyak memperhatikan tetapi mereka pura-pura tidak tahu demi menjaga perasaanmu. Kamu merasa seperti itu dan merasa tidak perlu dengan kebaikan mereka? 396 more words