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Adopt 25-minute meetings to speed up your execution pace

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Shorter meetings play a key role in increasing your execution speed. Where a work schedule of 16 half hours replace 8-hour days. 555 more words

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Monsters in Meetings - Part 7, Personal Attacks

You remember these people for the wrong reasons.

They are the monsters who hurt others with insults, ridicule, and sarcasm. They bully. They threaten. They attack. 546 more words


Monsters in Meetings - Part 6, Deadlocked Discussions

This one creeps up on you.

And if you let it continue, it will ruin your meeting.

At first it seems that the participants are working toward an agreement. 437 more words


Monsters in Meetings - Part 5, Dominant Participants

Most meetings are attended by a giant.

These are the people who dominate a meeting with big ideas and big voices and big talk.

While dominant participants contribute significantly to the success of a meeting, they can also overwhelm, intimidate, and exclude others. 516 more words


Monsters in Meetings - Part 4, Quiet Participants

Sometimes you have people who appear to be spectators in a meeting.

There are many reasons why someone would decline to participate. For example, the person may feel reluctant to speak out, may disagree with the approach endorsed by others in the meeting, or may be tired. 210 more words


Monsters in Meetings - Part 3, Drifting From the Topic

We welcome new ideas, sort of.

True, new ideas lead to creative solutions. But, they can be a challenge when they interrupt or distract the work on an issue. 347 more words


Monsters in Meetings - Part 2, Multiple Conversations

Side conversations ruin meetings by destroying focus and fragmenting participation.

Here’s how to bring your meeting back on track when a side conversation starts.

Approach 1: Ask for cooperation… 303 more words