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Tate Modern and the Art of Listening

A great idea for a break out session on a leadership development day – an hour at the Tate Modern with an art expert!

Picture this – a small group of senior executives gathered at the Tate Modern, waiting, with some trepidation, for the curator to take them around an exhibition of 20th Century portraits. 531 more words


How to build effective Startup Boards

Do you dread walking into your board meeting? Do you feel that you are going to be chewed up for not meeting your plan or how you are going to be challenged on your last decision? 802 more words


Meetings Without Complaints - Process

We looked at the high cost of meetings in an earlier blog; a poorly run meeting wastes money while simultaneously frustrating and irritating motivated and (otherwise) effective team members. 284 more words

Graphic Facilitation 2015 - Skills, Innovation and Fun!

I am very excited to be co-hosting the 6th Annual Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, BC July 13-14th, 2015.

Have you noticed how companies and organizations are using visuals more and more in the way they communicate with customers, employees and communities? 295 more words


Break Your Addiction to Meetings

Story provided by Harvard Business Review – 

Manager, noun.

Textbook Definition: An individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. 976 more words


Preparing for Your First Big Meeting 

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Meetings make most of us want to crawl under a rock and hide. It was easy for you to get away with skipping or zoning out in meetings while you were in college, but now it’s time for the real thing! 707 more words

Job Advice

Part 2 on herding cats: diving into using Six Hat thinking


Most brainstorming sessions I have participated in frustrate me because it seems that people are so inclined to jump into the part where you solve the problem before you have enough data or information. 539 more words