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The Law of Triviality

~ Why do we focus on the unimportant ~

As the meeting started (late) we began to go over deep dive topics that were meant to bring attention to different positive and negative project trends within the group.   889 more words

Effective Meetings

Announcing two workshops for September 2016

Sept 16-17, 2016

Sept 19-20, 2016

This year I am very excited to host two workshops focused on the use of visuals in our facilitation practice. 234 more words

Meetings around the world

I came across this article today and was blown away by how the Swedes and Finns conduct their meetings. I seem to like that best. Despite having a warm and bubbly outward personality, I am secretly a massive introvert. 319 more words

Sparkling New

Five Essentials of Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes seeing something done poorly makes me better appreciate why things should be done a certain way. This was the case when I witnessed a recent meeting facilitation. 901 more words


Are your meetings effective? Really?

My experience with attending meetings has always been dreadful in the past. I have either caught myself sleeping with my eyes open or constantly checking my watch as if the time has paused. 419 more words


Key Questions For Delivering A Presentation

Key Questions For Delivering A Presentation

Whatever the occasion or circumstance consider the following pointers when planning your next presentation.

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. What is the purpose?
  3. 60 more words

My Mom, the Not Face and Consensus

Most of us have seen “the face.” It’s that face that says a lot without saying a word. It turns out that face is universal and researchers from Ohio State have name it the not face.” “The face” as I call it, is an expression that indicates displeasure, disagreement, even you’re about to be in trouble. 297 more words