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Preparing for Your First Big Meeting 

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Meetings make most of us want to crawl under a rock and hide. It was easy for you to get away with skipping or zoning out in meetings while you were in college, but now it’s time for the real thing! 707 more words

Job Advice

Part 2 on herding cats: diving into using Six Hat thinking


Most brainstorming sessions I have participated in frustrate me because it seems that people are so inclined to jump into the part where you solve the problem before you have enough data or information. 539 more words

What would a family friendly community meeting look like (besides noisy)?

Recently, I attended a public meeting held at the local community hall to share the latest findings from a city budget engagement process. While it would have been easier to go on my own, my husband was out of town and the only way I could attend (and show my support for our new council) was if I brought my children (a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby). 793 more words


Successful vs. Good

We’ve all been there, or maybe still are – another dang meeting to keep you from doing what it is you really need to be doing. 334 more words

Leadership Wisdom

Why Discussions Are An Important Management Tool

Why Discussions Are An Important Management Tool

Discussions when run badly are a free-wheeling storm of pointlessness that go nowhere and eat up time and resources. 301 more words


Quick Tips for Effective Emails & Meetings

I can cover a lot of territory in 10 minutes. Ask Shalom Klein. He’s the host of a weekly radio show on AM560 in Chicago called… 54 more words

Effective Business Communication

"Who's Missing from this Meeting?"

Most business strategy and operations meetings are packed, standing room only, mainly because everyone wants to represent their function, protect their departmental budgets, and push for their ideas on strategy and products.   453 more words