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Enable Multi-channel communication in your next meeting!

All have been in one of those meetings. The one where only a couple of voices speak, and we never get a chance to add to the conversation. 418 more words


How to Run a Meeting

My fundamental meeting philosophy:

Any meeting worth having is a meeting worth planning, recording, and sharing.

There are several ways to organize and run meetings but I find the following two items critical:

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Basic Business Advice

Reflections from the ICA:UK Facilitation Course

With so much advice and information available on effective meetings it might seem strange that people still complain that meetings are a waste of time. One explanation might be that most meetings lack a facilitator – someone with no agenda of their own, whose role is to ensure that the group’s objectives are met and who will  help with the flow of the meeting. 284 more words

How to Lead Effective Meetings

Meetings are an integral part of any team effort, they are pivotal to the success of a project. That being said, it has long been a concern as to how to get the best out of team meetings and make them more effective. 559 more words


There is no meeting without a purpose

Many of us have attended a meeting and at the conclusion of that meeting admitted to ourselves that we were not sure what the meeting accomplished. 419 more words


Six Ways to be More Effective at Meetings

Meetings are the worst part of everyone’s workday. People hate them because they waste time and very little gets done during those periods. Most people usually feel like meetings obstruct them from doing the quality work that they are paid to do. 535 more words

Getting Ahead

The Law of Triviality

~ Why do we focus on the unimportant ~

As the meeting started (late) we began to go over deep dive topics that were meant to bring attention to different positive and negative project trends within the group.   889 more words

Effective Meetings