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Get a Life !

Let’s get something sorted up front and that is; life is for living !

While I aim to develop people in their professional career, the real reward is surely to achieve the lifestyle you aspire to? 126 more words

3 effective home remedies to lift your “BREAST” in a natural way - YouTube

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3 Steps to More Effective Interview Preparation

Hiring is the single most important managerial activity a church leader engages in. And hiring decisions are often based on the interview process, so improving the one necessarily improves the other. 304 more words

Effective Summary Judgment Practice Series - Early Preparation

Summary Judgment, which is permitted in California by Code of Civil Procedure 437c,  is a very effective tool to dispose of a case.  In my practice, I have learned that early preparation and understanding of the keys facts and elements of the causes of action at the outset of the case is key to a successful summary judgment.     585 more words

5 Characteristics of a good leader

Being an effective leader is no easy task. While most people will blame a leader during bad times, a leader’s qualities or lack thereof will usually determine the final outcome of a situation. 56 more words

What Are the 3 Most Effective Ways to Get People to Sign Up for Online Incentive Programs?

Globally recognized brands don’t seem to have much trouble with getting people to sign up for online incentive programs. Sadly, the same isn’t necessarily true for small businesses trying to get their loyalty programs off the ground. 43 more words

My 2 Sentence, 8 word, Executive Pastor Job Description

  1. Make the church safe
  2. Make the church effective

There’s more, of course, but if you’re struggling to define what it is that you actually do, I’d start here. 418 more words