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Being efficient vs Being effective

According to Anthony Robbins, in his audio programme “Get the edge”, being efficient means doing things right whilst being effective means doing the right things. I cannot agree more with him and I believe that both are vital skills required to be excellent in one’s field. 90 more words

The Five Most Unexpectedly Effective Reward and Recognition Ideas

Companies are always in search of reward and recognition ideas for their employee incentive programs. Smart companies seek out effective reward and recognition ideas that improve some aspect of their company in a measurable way. 44 more words

How Effective Is Your Resume?

Hunting for a new job or changing direction in your career is one of the biggest challenges to deal with. So when we talk about job hunt, making sure you are equipped with that killer resume and nailing the interview goes hand in hand. 481 more words



SEO Tampa is one of the most effective ways to target customers in the Tampa Bay area. For more info visit https://scottkeeverseo.com/seo-tampa So what is Lo… 6 more words

Effective Market Strategies Blog #6

Everyone has certain products and services they find appealing to each individuals personal preference. This is not all coincidence, marketers try and figure out their target consumer and then brand the company around what its potential consumers will purchase. 487 more words