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5 Steps to Effective Mobile App Development

Your business needs to have its own mobile app development and to approach this process great care and strategy are needed to secure the best results.

6 effective marketing tactics to borrow from big businesses

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Established businesses have one obvious advantage over their younger counterparts: Deep pockets.

Fortunately, what today’s small business lacks in budget can be made up for with strategy and a few carefully chosen tools. 949 more words


Could Classical Music be the Answer to Testing Struggles

Music is listened by many people everyday, and some students have expressed that they desire to test with music to help them focus. So, is music helping test scores or hindering them? 323 more words

EDU 6989 Session 2: Religion in School

Religion and family values will always be a controversial topic.  The range of religious and cultural backgrounds students come from is huge.  They are personal morals that affect the way families carry out their lives.  241 more words

5 Learning Environment


What do you do to motivate yourself when you lack inspiration?

For me, there’s no “one hack fits all” approach to this. I currently have a business case to complete and it is driving me nuts. 95 more words

Daily Rants

Can't Lead From the Weeds

There are those in positions of power who get lost in their own egos and need to be in the center of things.  These people wind up leading with techniques like micro-managing, helicopter-managing or incessantly dabbling in the workings of their particular organizations and even the work of other organizations.  445 more words

Valued Vision