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On Dissatisfaction

On Dissatisfaction.

Hence, we see again how Dissatisfaction is the greatest affect from Desire. It is what every individual unconsciously wants, in order to refuel the endless cycle of desiring. 6 more words

2020 January


TAL-Flanger is a free VST stereo flanger effect with its own special sound and some asymmetric analog like components in the feedback corner…

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Effects on Wednesday.

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Getting Authentic Piano Sound from Sampled Pianos and Piano Plugins

I started out playing the piano, and I have come back to it often. I like the actual sound of a piano as the hammers hit the strings and it resonates through the wood and structure. 10,376 more words


Synth Basics (Everything You Need to Know

learn all the basics of synths at a beginner level. By the end of this lesson you’ll feel way more confident working with any synth you get your hands on! 33 more words



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