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The “Coinbase Effect” is a theory within the cryptocurrency community that postulates that if a token/coin, usually one relatively less well-known, gets added to the Coinbase exchange, its price will increase substantially. 720 more words


Day 37 - Smoke

Belated update from yesterday – I only had half an hour before popping out to an industry event.

I made a smoke sprite for the train smoke, as the Unity default one looked a bit odd, and faded to grey at the edges. 33 more words

Daily Update

Processing ... processing

From time to time I mention “post-processing”. This would more accurately be called “post shooting processing” because it is done after the picture is shot. For me it is only a ‘sometimes’ thing; often no more than turning the contrast up to compensate for a cloudy day, for example. 615 more words

Cyberpunk 2077’s Dynamic Weather Effects Include Acid Rain

As an expansive, living world, the futuristic city known as Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 will not be the same day-to-day. One such way in which the world will differ on any given day is the weather. 24 more words


Youth are now appearing more in the list of death rate. Really a pathetic circumstance!

Today the world is crossing in a very dangerous way. Actually, life is unpredictable for each individual. We are not sure of tomorrow. That is out of luck. 606 more words

Day 34 - Further A4

Today I finished the A4 loco by adding wheels and grab rail details, and got it in-game. Once visible, I realised there was an issue with the model’s normals – most of them were inverted, probably a result of using splines to cut geometry. 382 more words

Daily Update