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So maybe we're getting somewhere

It’s not a secret that after effects is something I struggle with regularly. Not to knock the program, it just seems like the processes that come with the creation and usage of effects feels like a maze of menus and options that is so easy to get lost in. 214 more words


Overview: a-PVP

So what is a-PVP?

a-PVP (Flakka, Gravel), or alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone is a stimulant of the cathinone family that was created in the 1960’s though it was not well known until its appearance as a designer drug in the 2010s where it gained a lot of negative media stigma. 464 more words


Diving into the unthinkable cold truths of a nuclear war

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Last¬†Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump issued a few statements (guess where) about America’s military, with this statement as a kicker: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its sense regarding nukes.” Though much remains to be seen about how Trump’s tweets will actually translate into policy, it seems likely¬†that nuclear war will be… 1,279 more words


Gig Report: TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how my beloved Hardwire RV-7 Reverb had finally gone on the fritz, and I was going to try out the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, which I’ve had now for a few years, but hadn’t put on my pedal board. 507 more words


Design ideas

I will be working on both the logo ident and the subtitles design.

My ideas are based on some motion graphic videos that I have come across. 372 more words


Photos Along the Way

The camera lens on my phone cracked just before we left on our trip. This resulted in every picture taken having little dots show up on the image…not lending to decent photos. 151 more words


Winter Effects

pine cones hang like sloths-
heavy from growth and constant
rain-ready to fall