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REVIEW: Avengers: Age of Ultron - Technical Review

We asked WILL DRIVER to review the animation in Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

So 23rd April was a big day. The sequel to the third biggest film of all time (and out of the three, most entertaining, sorry James Cameron), Marvel’s… 881 more words


10 Tips for Lighting & Photographing your Haunt By Rania Peet

A great article about lighting your haunt and photographing it by Rania Peet from hauntnationmag.com. Rania has some amazing lighting and photography skills, and in fact the image at the top of this site is her’s. 497 more words



Hello readers!
This little piece of flash fiction is dedicated to the widely misunderstood mental health disorder, Schizophrenia. Many believe it to cause multiple personalities, but that is not the case.
240 more words

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Graphical effects in gaming... That must be killed

Effects are good, but excessive usage is bad.  If  you’ve figured out how to do something technically complicated, that doesn’t mean it has any artistic merit. 1,050 more words


The Sneezefest Chronicles (a poem)

I have been sneezing A LOT since yesterday. Naturally, I had to write about it. This is actually several short poems combined—and, yes, I spelled it… 164 more words


jQuery Effects POST 1

A list of cool and useful jQuery and JavaScript effects and animations for multiple purposes.

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Humans' heartbreaking effects on our beautiful planet

Our home planet is under extreme stress. It’s sad that phrases like this have become cliche, because the stakes now are higher than ever.
Humans are harming this beautiful planet in more ways than we know. 14 more words