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Excursion! (Tri 4, Week 5)

On our search for a space to record ambience for our film project, we ended up on an outing to an RSL. Our goal was to capture both room tone with a Zoom recorder, and Nick had the idea of trying to record our own Impulse Response to use with a Convolution Reverb ( 283 more words


The Differences Between Dilaudid And Morphine

Dilaudid and Morphine are two drugs known for their pain relieving capabilities. However, there is a basic difference between the two and that difference lies in the source where they come from. 338 more words


Here's Why CGI Effects Suck Now, and Why They Peaked in the 90's

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

Over the past decade, Hollywood has relied increasingly on fancy CGI and special effect techniques to bring  worlds of fantasy to life. 124 more words


Lupus and Relationship Intimacy

The Lupus Foundation of America reported that 1/3 of people with lupus had a decreased desire for sexual intimacy. This research also found that about half of the women in the study avoided sex because of lupus-related flares and 40% of them felt their relationships were negatively affected by the disease. 465 more words

The Cause Thursday

Chapter 10 – Apply Guided Edits

The Guided mode gives step-by-step instructions for fixing photos and adding special effects. The mode uses tools and commands available in the other modes but presents these in a structured way that can help create professional edits. 457 more words

Photo Editing