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"Effeminate" men in Georgette Heyer: reading against authorial disapproval.

Warning: contains spoilers and feminism.


I have read, and enjoyed, Georgette Heyer since my early teens. I felt a certain amount of shame about it- after all, romance novels still haven’t achieved the level of respectability of SFF or crime fiction (the more “male” areas of popular fiction), and in my formative feminist years I felt shame at reading something so heteronormative and patriarchal. 724 more words


There was an elegant sissy, from New York City
Or maybe Rome or New Orleans.
He was a spectacular fag, but didn’t do drag at all; 616 more words

Brent Kincaid

Expel effeminate men from your homes.

Al-Bukhari, may Allaah have mercy on him, narrated in his Saheeh, in a chapter on expelling men who imitate women from homes, the Hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, who said: 655 more words

Knowledge (iLm)

Shaping Sexuality: Why are effeminate men ridiculed in the LBGT community?

We live in a subculture that is shackled in the chains of gender expectation. The media blitz’s us with images that are an astronomically unrealistic of what it is to be male or female. 589 more words