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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a little girl sissy faggot queer

JEFFREY ROSSMAN exposed  sissy faggot

This is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut who is really a sissy queer and who enjoys dressing as a little girl in lace and ruffles. 51 more words

Effeminate Gays DON'T Deserve the Hate

I like guys. And when I come out, I usually tell people some variation of the following phrase.

“You don’t have to be a woman to love a man.”

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Men: On the verge of Extinction

I see it on the news, on my favorite TV programs, and I even read about it in books…men crying over a relationship breakup, bawling over an internet ad showing caged & abused cats, and even weeping over Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. 408 more words

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Sparkle ( Passions Book 2) by Jerry Cole

Title: Sparkle Word Count: 226 pgs

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Sparkle Jones is a rising star, with a cult following, and a closet full of great shoes. 1,222 more words

Gay Romance


Meaning: Exhibiting behaviors that are considered feminine, a man having or showing characteristics of a woman; unmanly.

Synonyms: womanish, foppish, unmanly, feminine.

In Hindi: नारी जैसा, स्त्रैण 12 more words

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Straight Acting

In Straight Acting, Angelo Pezzote (AskAngelo.com) encourages readers to go beyond limiting ideas of how “real” men should behave, and leave behind out-dated ways of being that create stumbling blocks to deeper intimacy. 121 more words


Women, does this picture make you feel effeminated?

The term “emasculate” is plum strange. It’s often used in the context of a woman outmanning the man in question. Like if Danielle pays for Daniel’s Chipotle, Daniel may feel emasculated. 266 more words

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