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Plain Gold Ring  (Bridge)

“When nighttime comes a’ callin’ on me”

I am never cold at night because my brown curtains are always drawn and the thinnest land breeze can’t swim through the slim paths of the corners of the glass windows without being questioned for some ID. 954 more words


Plain Gold Ring (Verse)

“Plain gold ring had a story to tell.”

I smiled, chuckled, more accurate. When my eyelids finally stopped kissing each other, my eyes opened and it felt like the forbidden fruit was hanging on my lashes. 1,252 more words


Plain Gold Ring

“​Plain Gold Ring on his finger he wore”

He touched my thigh! He never touches anywhere. Not that I had set boundaries. He was just too proper and felt he needed permission even to graze his index through my curvy black fuller eyebrow. 537 more words


Discrimination in the name of preference

So, being androgynous, I’m less of a man for the world. I’m effeminate because I’m not masculine enough and I often come across people who would say, “no offence but I don’t like effeminate guys”. 720 more words


Inside the Mind of a Gender Creative Boy

I hear from a lot of adults raising gender expansive four and five year olds. The adults are typically stressed, confused, lonely and scared. I get it. 953 more words

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Effeminate Gays DON'T Deserve the Hate

I like guys. And when I come out, I usually tell people some variation of the following phrase.

“You don’t have to be a woman to love a man.”

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Men: On the verge of Extinction

I see it on the news, on my favorite TV programs, and I even read about it in books…men crying over a relationship breakup, bawling over an internet ad showing caged & abused cats, and even weeping over Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. 408 more words

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