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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT being exposed as a sissy faggot

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman. I live in Connecticut. My online IDs include sissyleah43 and sissyleahrossman and I am admitting that I am a sissy faggot. 154 more words

The "Effeminate" 14-year old 

It’s been a long time since I had my hair cut. My mother once told me that she has always liked the styles of young boys during the Middle Ages, including the hair. 416 more words

Life Story

Edgy-Op: Why is Putin so Popular in the West? (HINT: BECAUSE HE'S AWESOME!)

by Dick Hoover

The West has an obsession with Putin. The Western mainstream media hates him, as do the lying, imperialist neocon politicians. But on the internet it’s a different story. 1,299 more words


JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT admitting he is a sissy faggot queer and that he loves men

I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut and I am being made to admit I am a sissy faggot and that my online IDs include sissyleah43 and sissyleahrossman.  182 more words

Effeminate spirit 190714

Effeminate spirit 190714
Text: 1Corinthians 6:9, genesis 19, 2 timothy 3:1-7,13
Effeminate spirit is a ravaging spirit that is misleading and destroying mankind today.
The effeminate spirit is when humans behave or transgender to the opposite gender or sex. 362 more words



The terms Androgynous and Effeminate have their literal meaning and their “9ja” meaning. Let me explain both meanings. According to the dictionary, Androgyny is defined as being neither masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance while Effeminacy is defined as having traits, tastes and habits traditionally considered feminine. 526 more words