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Women, does this picture make you feel effeminated?

The term “emasculate” is plum strange. It’s often used in the context of a woman outmanning the man in question. Like if Danielle pays for Daniel’s Chipotle, Daniel may feel emasculated. 266 more words

About Nothing.

Bible and Current World : Gender

Gender Fluidity.

Gender is Over.

These are some of the gender related ideas that the media and the current world is floating. What are we teaching your children ? 283 more words

Current World

My Experience|| Effeminophobia 

It’s no secret that I think the Glee Series is one of the best thing since the creation of Cell Phones. And I consider Season Three to be my favorite, and one of the key moments in Season Three has got to be Kurt Hummel’s performance of ‘I Am Greatest Star’. 527 more words


In a porn cinema the dividing line between gay and straight blurs and it is very dark in there as well

In a porn cinema the dividing line between gay and straight blurs, and it is very dark in there as well; this is something “normal” people don’t understand. 98 more words

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT wants people to see him as a sissy faggot in a bra and panty

Jeffrey Rossman wants people he knows in Connecticut where he lives to find out he is really a panty wearing sissy faggot who shaves his legs, has noticeable breasts with nipples that get hard, has even gotten rid of his pubic hair, and loves to shop for bras, panties, pantyhose, even feminine hygiene products. 109 more words


Betty said her 6-year-old boy started showing signs of wanting to be like his sister when he came to the breakfast table dressed in her tutu. 255 more words