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Getting Ahead in School: Effort in Education

Who doesn’t struggle in school?

Okay, if you raised your hand when you read that line. GET OUT OF HERE.

Still here?


So here’s the secret for you to effortlessly put more effort into your education… 54 more words

The walk of reflection - that took a tangent

I’ve successfully kept up with this blog for 8 days (9 including today). I know I said I was going to add a new habit after 7 days, but that didn’t go too well thanks to essays, exams and my poorly scaly baby Gizmo. 902 more words


Dear Reader, you are precious.

Blood from the body tissues is returned to the heart through the Inferior and Superior Vena Cava. The blood is then collected in the Right Atrium. 288 more words

Two Things I Gotta Do

Hopefully I’m learning and growing at at every turn in life and this morning provides another take on that.  While agonizing that my weekly blog post is supposed to be done and published every Tuesday, I agonize that it’s not done…it’s not perfect.  602 more words

Human Behavior

Your Goals are Team Effort

All great individuals have teams behind them. In fact when it comes to this, there are no great individuals at all, they are all part of the team. 139 more words


Do your best

“The House Rules reveal that you can control your efforts, not outcomes. Do your best, let God handle the rest.”-The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Why do we settle?

Why do we settle for less than what we want? Is it because we have been taught to, or that we are lazy, or is it that we don’t think we are good enough or deserving of what we truly want? 138 more words

Daily Thoughts