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The effortless beauty.

Of life. Of nature. Of the world.  It’s evident everywhere you look. From the grand sunset paintings to the beauty of a persons smile. There’s so much to be grateful for <3.


Effortless friendships 

You know the saying people come and go, that’s been happening a lot lately. and instead of accepting that it’s a natural thing in life- I’m denying it. 121 more words


The day drips with praise

The day drips with praise
the heart crumbles with longing

© Meisaan Chan


The secret of a happy life

The secret of a happy life is a quiet mind.

When the mind is quiet, things fulfill themselves.

We work, marry, raise children and so on, but we don’t huff and puff.

From The Counsellor

Have you thought about (HYTA) your blind spots?

          In a single quick glance, most of us can confidently conclude that the tables above are of different shapes and sizes. Tilt your head from side to side, or if you must, incline it at an unnatural angle, and your conclusion will not be any different. 768 more words


"Day of the dead "

I arrived in Guatemala on the day of the dead, Nomverber 1st. I was curious about this holiday, so I went to the cemetery to see what was happening. 390 more words