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Interesting times.

I am working like h..l again, but at least I can get motivated about it. I have two project applications to make in two weeks and it makes me excited only because I am almost done with one of them, and another one is nearly 50% done. 119 more words


Conservation Isn't as Selfless as You may Think

Shifting Baselines, Refugees and Conservation

With recent events on the news, we’ve heard the term ‘refugee’ a lot lately, but what exactly is a ‘refugee species’? 463 more words

BSX 3141 Bioenterprise And Employability

Daily Prompt Rush|Following Rush Habit!

Rush! We often hear this word, infect we can see ourselves following this word in our daily routine. In morning we are getting late, we are time bound so we drive in rush! 294 more words



I don’t have the exact words to express how I feel

If happiness can go beyond everything and then come back

Maybe then it will be a little closer to my feelings… 203 more words


A Great Mistake

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. – Edmund Burke

It's all about a little effort...

Taking people for granted is something that comes to us humans very naturally. In the times of our parents or our ancestors, people would care about others’ feelings, while today’s generation is more focused on keeping themselves happy. 844 more words


Your passions deserve your time

There are only so many hours in the day and we all have obligations that we have to fulfill in those few 24 hours. With that being said, after working, school, family and household things have been handled, our passions should get a piece of our time and attention. 316 more words