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Delivering my efforts into Self-Improvement.

Today marks the end of week two of self-improvement of my own body and mind. This week consists more of writing my first movie review with Wonder Woman,  jogging, and door dashing. 288 more words

Ability and Efforts

Yesterday I went to a concert of Tatsuro Yamashita. He has a genius for music but he doesn’t like to sing in big concert halls. He told he’d like to work with his expectations realistic. 76 more words


Efforts to rein in debt pay off

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The number of people with sizeable unsecured debts has dropped sharply in the past two years, thanks to concerted efforts by the Government and financial institutions. 287 more words

Current Affairs


उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः ।
न हि सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखं मृगाः ॥

Pronunciation :

Udyamen hee sidhyanti karyani na manorathaiah.

na hee suptasya sinhasya pravishyanti mukham mrugaha. 91 more words

Two Line Subhashitas

Back Yard Haiku Number 130

I despise feeling

speed’s demands and efforts while

not moving at all.

© 2017 John Christian Hager

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Hidden to be discovered - by you

… most of the illusion which you inhabit does not appear to contain much of that quality which you call love. And this is not by accident, my friends, it is by design. 133 more words