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New Ebola death in Sierra Leone sets back efforts to beat epidemic

FREETOWN: A woman who died last week in northern Sierra Leone tested positive for Ebola, the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) said Monday, in a setback for the country’s bid to gain Ebola-free status. 306 more words

Daily News

Another tough day!

Sun poured its heat on her face from the window of her room. Her eyes ached when she rubbed them. She cried like retards last night, the pillow she was scooping in her arms was containing the stains of her black tears.Maybe she could have used water proof mascara.   111 more words


Hard Work From Every Angle

For this week’s challenge, photograph a person, or a piece of fruit, or a toy — any stationary object — and experiment by photographing it… 149 more words

The Daily Post

random thoughts

The summer is slipping out of our hands; I have been wearing jackets in the last few days. I sure will miss the sunshine :) Well…. 392 more words


Math & God

Life in God is just like an hour in math class.

When a certain problem, equation, or expression is given, you still have to identify what to do first or what formula should be used. 487 more words


Strength and Positivity

As we all are Humanbeings, and God has inculcated multiple feelings in us .We are quite vulnerable to grief and pain. Grief kills us at times, pain transforms us at times,But we need to keep one thing in mind that no one else would gather the shattered pieces of our soul so,we ourselves have to struggle to get rid of pain and hardships.Stay strong and be positive.