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Those Things Called "Routines"

Why are routines made?

To me, I like to think of it as a way of keeping (me) sane. It’s not that I’ll go insane without it, but routines help keep ME balanced. 294 more words



Some people really don’t deserve good treatment from me. Sometimes, I get freaking frustrated at how this screw-up society works and the sucky attitude people cultivates. 169 more words

Overview of Content Management Systems (CMS) and its Influence on SEO Efforts

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Dear Diary

Beneath many dusty paper

Blue cover show beeper

Flashing memories of awful life

Love, hate, sacrifice in deeper

Blank pages remain white

When life was in fight… 36 more words


“The only reason why people give up is because they focus on how far they have to go instead of how far they have come.”

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Ways to Ramp Up Your Weight Loss Efforts

The best techniques to Ramp Up Your Weight Loss Efforts View Orginal Blog Post Here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/ways-to-ramp-up-your-weight-loss-efforts-2 You have to believe artistically if you are looking to consist of a degree of additional get up to your weight loss efforts. 134 more words

No Easy Tasks

 When people inquire about Blogging they may assume it is something that is can be easily done without much effort.

But here’s the straight info; constructing quality content is… 166 more words