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efforts needed

put it all into

and what it leaved around

and how it longs

and when it was the tax

and when it was the composed… 46 more words


A Fair Day’s Work

When the start of the day that
Felt like the end of days
Passes into the recesses of
Recent memory, and the shift
From hell finally goes there… 306 more words

Daily Tips : Focus Your Thoughts

Today is Tamil New Year celebrated by Tamil and Kerala people. So on this happy day you can have a personal tip. Follow this tip for the whole year and make it your life …. 31 more words


Lead the Way

I know where to go

I know what to do

But I just need one thing

A little help from you.

You don’t have to do much… 92 more words


Wake Up!!!!

I know it’s hard, but WAKE UP! It’s the morning! It’s Monday. Lets have a good start to the week.

It was really hard for me to wake up, but I actually woke up on time today. 144 more words


Efforts gone a waste

My efforts are useless. How much ever I try forgetting about him, the more he is remembered. Don’t you think it’s better to memorise something that will be useful in my tenth grade? 332 more words

Against Bullying

Stop pointing fingers and
Laughing at anyone slightly
Fat by your standards
Bullying is a crime!

Don’t teach your kids to
Push away anybody who… 83 more words

Scattered Words