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Googlers and Google.org donated $260 million to nonprofits in 2017

(Source: 9to5google.com)

In light of hurricanes, attacks, and other disasters this year, Google has provided aid through donations and employee matching initiatives. In 2017, employees and the Google.org philanthropic arm gave $260 million to nonprofits. 195 more words


Venezuela's Ramirez attacks efforts to link him to corruption

HOUSTON (Reuters) – Venezuela’s former oil czar Rafael Ramirez said on Wednesday the government would make one of its “worst political moves” if investigators target him in an anti-corruption purge, which is gaining traction ahead of the country’s 2018 presidential election.

Apple hires yet another veteran TV programming exec for its original content efforts

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

As part of its growing original content efforts, Apple has hired programming veteran Michelle Lee to join its worldwide video department, as reported by… 305 more words


Efforts wasted

I made all my efforts to get close. It was hard because first of, I wasn’t the type they usually like. I’m far from being that someone whom they want for their family. 190 more words



He: I want you.

She: I’ve learned to live without you!


Make Your Hobby a Career

How many possibilities are out there to improve our health and wellbeing? How many forms of choices that are our desires and dreams that we have hidden deep in the ocean of our souls, yearning to be released? 711 more words

A Balanced Voice

Respect for ALL

Give and get is what comes to one’s mind the minute this word is uttered! In the process of raising socially and emotionally balanced children, we start our explanations, reasonings, sometimes longest tirades with kids at an appropriate jage..in this , respect is one value which mostly is inculcated as an obvious but sometimes somewhere this needs to be reinforced..examples- 295 more words