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Love is sometimes having to say you are sorry

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Ok.. As soon as you read the title, you might think what this female is upto. Being the post where I am going to again talk about “sorries and blah”, let me just make it clear that this one is of a different context. 490 more words


Uber says it is not behind mysterious efforts to dig up 'intimate' info about the ex-engineer who accused it of sexism

Uber said it is not involved in efforts to collect personal, and potentially unflattering, information about Susan Fowler, the former engineer that published a tell-all blog post about sexism at the company. 53 more words

Oculus affirms its commitment to open VR standards

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Oculus defends its efforts to secure VR exclusives for the RiftLAS VEGAS—With everybody and their brother seemingly working on their own mutually exclusive virtual reality platform these days, it would be nice if everybody could somehow agree on some standards that allow VR games, hardware, and accessories to be easily interoperable with each other. 597 more words


Endless possibilities.. 

Where efforts and faith are limitless.. Possibilities are endless.. (c) Bijal Mehta

Today may not be the day your life changes, but make everyday an opportunity for it to happen.

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Supporting Runners & Refugees

In the October 2016 issue of Women’s Running magazine, I can across an article on Rahaf Khatib.

Rahaf is a devoted runner in Michigan with a desire to inspire others. 163 more words


Words Hurt, Lack of It Does as Well

Sometimes, even the coldest heart of them all need to be appreciated. I don’t ask for anything in return when I give. I don’t ask for gifts. 235 more words