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Employer Filing Season 2016

Two week postponement

SARS announced that the filing season for Employee Tax Reconciliations for the 2015/2016 tax year will not start on 01 April 2016 as expected. 425 more words

Industry Information

Pelaporan SPT Tahunan OP Melalui Efiling Diperpanjang

Bagaimana prosedur menggunakan efiling ?

Bagaimana cara pengisian SPT Tahunan menggunakan efiling ?


eFiling in Criminal Cases

This is Part 7 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 6 here.

As eFiling has taken root and come of age over the past several years, my sense has been that the majority of deployments start in, and sometimes never go beyond, the  non-criminal case types (civil, family law, probate, juvenile, and so on). 622 more words

ECM In Courts

Orang Bijak

Ada satu kegiatan rutin tahunan tiap Maret yang konon bisa menjadi indikator seberapa bijak suatu individu warga negara Indonesia. Kegiatan itu adalah mengisi SPT Tahunan untuk melaporkan pajak penghasilan yang telah dibayarkan selama setahun yang telah lewat. 930 more words

Jika Saya Tidak/Terlambat Melaporkan SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi

MUNGKIN kita sering bertanya-tanya, kenapa sih kita harus lapor SPT? Istri saya sendiri pun masih menanyakan hal sejenis: jika kita sudah dipotong pajak sama pemberi kerja, mengapa harus lapor lagi? 447 more words

Bangga Bayar Pajak

Workflow - The Life of a Document After Review

This is Part 5 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 4.

An image I use to describe eFiling without automated workflow is Fred Flintstone’s car: it looks automated; but somehow the driver is still doing all the work. 658 more words

Electronic Documents

Electronic Filing and Public Access to get upgrades early next year


E-filing has made a lot of practices easier and more efficient in the District Court. Processes are about to improve even more with some highly anticipated upgrades coming early next year. 252 more words

Eighth Judicial District Court