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Saudi stories: It's About Time

Standing in front of the classroom, I was aware of two things: One, the practice IELTS exam for my class was running slightly behind – by a factor of 5 minutes. 501 more words

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Saudi Travel Stories: At a Loss for Words

At a Loss for Words

One difficulty with living in a non-English environment is that you lose some words. Sometimes, it’s obvious when this happens. You find yourself stopping mid-sentence, floundering about for the desired term before finally picking a similar one. 171 more words

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Singapore stories: The Moment

In Singapore, I was employed as a preschool teacher to the children of Japanese expats. Though the setting is in Singapore, references to Japanese culture and language predominate for that reason. 701 more words
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China stories: I'll Name You When the Sun Comes Out

English Names

English names.  In China, every student wants one or already has one. They show up on test papers, official documents, and even passports. 160 more words

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Singapore Stories: Toilet Training

Entering the restroom, my face was averted to protect my student’s privacy. I approached the sink that way, bucket in hands, ready for filling, face still titled away from the toilets. 739 more words

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So this week has been a colossal bag of dicks. 608 more words

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Oh Captain! My Captain! Weird Stuff I've Started Doing Since I Graduated CELTA

Getting ESL brainache: One of my buddies said “Aloha” the other day and I just held up my hand and said “please don’t do this to me” because now I hear a word in a foreign language, or a slightly incorrect or even just a bit of an unnatural word order and my brain starts up this military process of  WE HAVE A HAWAIIAN IN THE HOUSE !WHAT LEARNER LEVEL IS THIS? 466 more words

How Do I Reach These Kids?