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3 Surefire Resources That Will Make You Pronounce English Better and Faster

American English is one of the most popular and sought-after dialects among ESL learners. Many students who start learning English in high school or college usually sing the blues because they can’t pronounce English properly.  264 more words


Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please? Why the NYC Metro is a good source for ESL learners living in New York.

Many students do not realize the fact that they can learn English while they are riding the NYC train. There are a lot of interesting materials on the ride that can help them improve their language. 367 more words


Authentic Listening in the Classroom: Lesson Idea

The majority of the listening that we play in the classroom is as inauthentic as possible, despite the fact that many coursebooks these days are using various authentic material such as radio interviews, podcasts or music.   567 more words

Lesson Plan

#PBL Zone - The 1to1

It’s been quite a ride these last three months – didn’t do much on the blog, or nothing more like, decided instead to focus on 1) the students and our combined efforts to take learning forward and 2) a lot on myself (but that’s a different story and post altogether). 474 more words


Missions Possible; From typing to handwriting

Thoughts and experiments within my 1-to-1 course with Nick, 15, preparing for a C2 examination.

I find handwriting quite liberating and sometimes it feels like the words know exactly where to fall, almost like my brain has nothing to do with it. 717 more words


Leading to #independence; From students to #Lifelong learners

”Students keep asking me, how do I do this? But I’ve just explained it, for like the third time.”

”They get excited when I show something on the whiteboard, but it’s only for about as long as the class lasts. 731 more words


Surviving The Summer School

You have completed your CELTA course and you are now on a mission to start teaching.  In all likeliness, most trainees from the CELTA will start their career as a young learner teacher – whether in the UK or abroad.   1,503 more words