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23 Great Websites for WebQuests

WebQuests are a fun way for learners to develop their reading skills (skimming, scanning, reading for gist and detail) and become more digitally literate. With the explosion of mobile technology, learners are already doing a large percentage of their reading online, whether in their mother tongue or English. 381 more words


Using Cuisenaire Rods in ELT:  Colorful blocks of awesomeness

For this blog post I am going to move away from my usual theme – the use of tech in ELT – and look at one of my favourite teaching tools: Cuisenaire rods. 1,023 more words


A digital graded reader

If you are an online teacher interested in using grader readers with their learners or bricks-and-mortar teacher looking to promote extensive reading, I have recently self-published a digital graded reader. 66 more words


Saudi stories: It's About Time

Standing in front of the classroom, I was aware of two things: One, the practice IELTS exam for my class was running slightly behind – by a factor of 5 minutes. 501 more words


Saudi Travel Stories: At a Loss for Words

At a Loss for Words

One difficulty with living in a non-English environment is that you lose some words. Sometimes, it’s obvious when this happens. You find yourself stopping mid-sentence, floundering about for the desired term before finally picking a similar one. 171 more words


Singapore stories: The Moment

In Singapore, I was employed as a preschool teacher to the children of Japanese expats. Though the setting is in Singapore, references to Japanese culture and language predominate for that reason. 701 more words

China stories: I'll Name You When the Sun Comes Out

English Names

English names.  In China, every student wants one or already has one. They show up on test papers, official documents, and even passports. 160 more words