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Peterborough United Home Concept

The Posh. I like that nickname so I’m making a home shirt for Peterborough United, who look like that may be getting promoted to the Championship next season if all goes to plan and playoffs are kind. 161 more words


The 'disillusionment' stage (of first year of teaching)

It’s Saturday, just after 12pm, my body aches, I’m still sleepy and exhausted but I’m slowly getting ready for my mini break. My body is struggling, it could do with a few days of rest but my mind desperately needs this break. 601 more words


Task, activity and role: how much do we expect from students and teachers?

My first time teaching English as a Foreign Language was 12 years ago. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Netflix, no 50 second class to choose from while scrolling through your favorite app; I was lucky to have access to cable TV, and while my dad was retiring for sickness, I was watching The Apprentice on Sony (I’m not joking). 1,966 more words


Project-Based Learning For All Ages

One of the challenges in teaching English as a second language is to make learning as effortless as possible. By making learning easy and fun, the instructor can ensure that the material imparted is received, understood and retained. 517 more words


I'M IN KOREA (day 2)

Before I start: don’t expect this frequency of posting to be a regular thing. As I mentioned yesterday, things are moving quickly and I’m desperate to get things down before they change again – once I’m settled into working life, I don’t imagine daily posts about the cold that I can’t shake and the broken printer at work will have the same allure as these first few days in Korea. 1,154 more words


"I'm lovin' it!", or: Why English teachers hate McDonalds.

I remember exactly when McDonalds adopted “I’m loving it!” as their slogan. I was working in Cologne. It must have been in 2001 or 2002. I was just coming home after a long day of teaching stative verbs, you know, the ones you… 525 more words

Learning English

The 51Talk Experience

51Talk is the largest and leading online English education platform in China. Teachers at 51Talk have to go through trainings and workshops before beginning to teach young learners in China. 267 more words