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Writing skills: Punctuation

So if you’ve read many of our other blog posts, you’ve probably come across one or the other of us banging on about how writing skills don’t necessarily translate from a student’s L1. 805 more words


Lesson idea: using sports commentaries in class

Have you ever heard of the ‘instantaneous present simple’? I hadn’t until a recent diploma module. Apparently it’s used to describe events or occurrences with some level of immediacy. 955 more words

Lesson Ideas

blast from the past: dictogloss

Dictation might seem like an activity from the 1950s, but it’s made a comeback in recent years in EFL and is a surprisingly effective teaching activity. 256 more words


DysTEFL – EFL teachers’ competence to teach learners with dyslexia and teachers’ professional training needs on EFL and dyslexia

You are invited to take part in this research study.

The study investigates perceived competence of pre-service and in-service teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) to accommodate the learning needs of students with dyslexia as well as teachers’ professional training needs with regard to EFL and dyslexia. 171 more words


Seeing Eye 2 Eye Prototype - Walkthrough - Feedback Welcome!!

This video is a walkthrough of the Seeing Eye 2 Eye prototype – a mobile application to help English language learners understand American idioms. Made with Balsamiq and paper prototypes, this is obviously a work in progress. 41 more words


Choosing your Delta pathway

Doing Delta is always going to be a challenge, whatever way you do it, whoever you are (I don’t believe anyone who claims it’s a breeze- it’s not, and not should it be). 511 more words


Long briefs, short briefs: What's your favourite?

Writing a brief

The Oxford online dictionary defines brief as being

“concise in expression;using few words”

(http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/brief). I interpret this, in relation to writing briefs, as meaning that the brief should contain the relevant information for a project, or writing assignment and not much else.

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