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That time I worked for a religious sect

Of all the language schools I’ve worked for over the last 18 years, only one has gone on to help organise a military coup. The school in question (in North London) was part of a global network belonging to Fetullah Gülen, the Muslim sect leader accused of orchestrating the anti-Erdogan coup attempt in in Turkey July 2016. 1,668 more words


Shrimpers end our season

In quite possibly the most Walsall way possible any final flicker of hope for the season dies as the Saddlers throw away a 2 goal lead in the final 30 minutes at Southend to come away empty handed. 332 more words

Things I Miss About Home

Six and a half months into my stay in Spain and even though the weather is beginning to transform from chilly (by Spanish standards) to the sunny paradise that I remember from last year, I can’t help but feel homesick for New York. 1,007 more words


EFL worksheet: Russell Brand's new podcast

The British standup comedian and political gobbermouth Russell Brand has gone back to school (well, university) (well, SOAS) to learn more about politics, and he’s sharing his new knowledge in the form of an excellent new… 851 more words


What do you need help with the most?

What do you need help with the most in your English language studies? Is it reading? Reading comprehension? Spelling? Speaking? Listening and understanding? Writing? Please leave us a message and let us know! 55 more words


Assistant Assistance #4: 8 (Relatively) Low-Effort But Successful ESL Activities

Part of being a language assistant is running lessons and activities. But since you’re not a full teacher and you probably aren’t in the same classes regularly, it is good to have some lessons up for sleeve that you can use, and re-use.  855 more words

Run, Run, Run!

I teach very young learners. I love the energy that these students bring to my class!  The question is how to harness that energy productively.  This chant from Magic Time One 2nd edition (OUP) is perfect for very young learners. 301 more words