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Epinephrine Shot - Crank (2006)

Stupid action glory.  So this is about a hitman who is at the end of his rope (Jason Statham).  He has been injected with a synthetic Chinese drug that is affecting his heart rate.  521 more words


25 Favorite Films: Crank (2006)

People seem to have this weird notion that I hate fun. Mostly because, as a man who has probably watched too many movies, I tend over analyze them. 595 more words

You know this Boogie is for Real

To leave my job, the stable and persistent nature thereof, right now would not be prudent, especially as staff are to due return, so I decided last week to not attend a career fair, despite the recommendation of two, true friends. 57 more words


Movie-A-Day:Crank (2006)

The movie that makes meth sound like a great idea

Cast: Jason Statham as Chev Chelios, Amy Smart as Eve Lydon, Efren Ramirez as Kaylo… 884 more words

Constantine Recap and Review: 'The Saint of Last Resorts - Part 2'

The midseason break that viewers had to go through until they got another episode of Constantine felt a lot longer than it needed to be. Maybe in the end it was worth it, because the special effects in this particular episode are one of the many highlights of this series. 1,457 more words


11-19-2014 | Dream | Playing Sports And Getting Attacked And Pedro Removes My Ear Fungi And A Young Woman Gets Trapped In A Dream Within A Dream

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was somewhat long, but unfortunately I forgot most of the dream; and so it will not make much sense without the many missing parts of the dream. 807 more words

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