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I want to be a Victoria's Secret model...

I basically googled how to, and then this tumblr blog popped up (thanks google) and then I read through it as you do. And then it said that its 30% based on luck, to which I thought okaaaay, and then it said its also 43452340% based on looks, and then I thought urrrrghhhmygggg and then I thought that the whole world revolves around looks, and then I thought, I don’t care about how people look, and then I thought I want zac efron to be my bae; which kinda means I do care.   374 more words


The Lucky One

A marine finds a picture of a woman on the battlefield and survives a series of near-death experiences. Upon returning home he decides to try to find her to thank her. 126 more words

Don't Do It!

Fuck Man Buns, Front Ponytails are What's Hot Right Now

Yup, you heard it here first. Fuck man buns, fuck headbands, fuck regular pony tails. If you aren’t rocking a front tail, then you might as well be a communist. 45 more words


Zac Efron Hairstyles

Zac Efron has taken all of us by his amazing acting talent, not just that but also by his shinny and spectacular looks. Since his appearance till now, Zac has managed himself to appear in very stylish, modern, glamorous and elegant looks whether on the red carpets, in the movies or in any other…

Neighbors - A Review

Well that was refreshing. After three decent, well made, well acted, well written movies in a row, it is so, so pleasant to a curmudgeon like me to waste a few bucks on a rental.  281 more words

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