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Repressed emotions may manifest as illness.

Emotions are to be channeled or expressed. Every emotion in our body has a meaning, there aren’t bad or good emotions, every one has a reason to exist. 381 more words


Helping someone with anxiety about the future

Bud Manalo (not his real name), contacted me through our Facebook page, Philippine EFT Healing Practitioners Group. Bud has extreme anxiety, and it was an opportunity for me to be helping someone with anxiety about the future. 348 more words


Pinoy Fat Buster! Stop Stress and Emotions Then Lose Weight

Thanks to Pinoy Fat Buster! Stop stress and emotions then lose weight in a fast and natural way, without ever going through a diet.

Now-a-days, it is but common that weight loss programs are dealing largely on the types of food to eat combined with exercise. 376 more words


Pinoy Smoking Buster! Stop Smoking Now

Thanks to “Pinoy Smoking Buster! Stop Smoking Now”, the program that deals with the root cause of smoking addiction.

So many have been into the process of quitting cigarette smoking, trying the most common ways, or even the classic will-power method and yet ending up into feeling frustrated, just like when quitting other addictions of different substance. 350 more words


Stress as a serious condition that can be managed

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://goo.gl/nf6Mx) of the United States, heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death. 775 more words


Evidences that meridian tapping works

Following is the trailer of the documentary movie “The Tapping Solution”.

The independent documentary “The Tapping Solution” (formerly known as “Try It On Everything”) produced by Nick Ortner, and its companion book “Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping” written by Dr. 387 more words


One Simple Solution Addresses 6 Different Types of Anxiety Disorder

An alarming 40 million Americans are suffering with some kind of anxiety disorder. This is believed to be a conservative estimate as many people who have mild or moderate anxiety may not report their symptoms to doctors. 1,088 more words