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Judaism's Gifts to the West

The Jews started it all,” wrote Thomas Cahill in The Gift of the Jews.  By “it,” Cahill states he is referring to modern sensibilities and dispositions.  2,414 more words


Lite om genus och systemfel

Terminen började med ett seminarium i genus. Känns superaktuellt med tanke på vad som dominerar alla nyhetssändningar.

Det jag tog med mig som viktigt var att för att förstå ett område måste man se på det objektivt, se på sin egen situation objektivt. 684 more words

Introduktion - GU

Male Suicide Rates and Feminist Denial

Whenever male suicide statistics are brought up there is invariably some feminist will have to remind you that even though there is a high percentage of death from male suicide, more women ATTEMPT it so that’s the BIGGER problem. 797 more words


Revival: Leave Laodicea Now!

One of the main motivations that I feel in this divinely inspired drive towards vintage reconciliation is my deep desire to help correct what I view as fundamental flaws in the churchian system and to provide genuine alternatives for those who feel trapped inside of it. 2,606 more words


Debunking Feminist Myths

Here are some of the most common things I see feminists say, and some great sources as well as reasoning as to why these statements equate to nothing but propaganda: 1,150 more words


Male Feminists Are Pathetic

Even with as much as I hate feminists, I cannot stand the men who identify as feminists as well. There are plenty of them too, they are sometimes referred to as white knights. 588 more words


STOP with the FICTIONAL Sexualities!

Straight girls on the internet have an annoying problem with inventing sexual orientations so they can feel more oppressed than they actually are. Because what it comes down to is most of them are some sort of boring, everyday sexuality (usually hetero) they have to tack on other words to define themselves and confuse people into thinking they are oppressed. 673 more words