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A (Sort of) Book Review: Man Enough

Nate Pyle. Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015.*

Social media can be a very effective and helpful thing. It has its dark side of course, but it has also been at times a real blessing by allowing me to stay connected to friends and family who are geographically scattered. 976 more words


Celebrating 'The Trio' - Mildred, Eva and Francesca - Of China

From Etzingol to Turpan, from Spring of Wine to Chuguchak, we … spent long years in following trade-routes, tracing faint caravan tracks, searching out innumerable by-paths and exploring the most hidden oases.

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Christian Women

The three types of person

Of course, the actual number of types of person is closer to seven billion- the number of people on the Earth, but in this post I want to focus on three archetypal categories, one of which we all fall into at any given point during our interactions with other people- the egoist, the altruist and the egalitarian. 662 more words


If Dads Are Pastors Of Their Families, What Does That Make Moms?

Here’s an interesting (and by interesting I mean odd) meme on husbands:

If the husband is the Pastor, what does that make the wife? Well, if they have kids maybe she can be the Children’s Ministry Director. 322 more words

My New Zealand: A Conversation About Our Nation

Image: Michael Joseph Savage, NZs first Labour PM. Elected in 1935, the Savage government set about a series of revolutionary economic and social reforms that transformed the nation and positively inluenced the rest of the world. 1,281 more words

New Zealand

Oh no! What's a Feminist Fundamentalist to Do?

This post is part of our on-going series about Male Feminist Theology.

Yesterday I wrote about my fears of hypocrisy when it comes to Church and Theology in relation to Women and their experience in the world. 1,001 more words


Muh "equality"

Yes, Rand¬† Paul had a terrific moment, from a strictly political point of view, when it during last GOP presidential debate reminded how “inequality” in the USA reach its highest levels in states and cities run by the left. 271 more words