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Women's Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day, the only day of the year that women actually have equality.

Nah, I’m kidding. Women have come along way since they were treated as property or not allowed to own property, or vote, or drive, or show their ankles, or not show their ankles if they happen to live in France. 216 more words



“Why delve into this murky waters, why not let it be than try to ………?” That was my ‘ChinekeD’ mind speaking to me dissuasively. Trying to dissuade me from this much discussed issue of EQUALITY, GENDER EQUALITY, that has split opinions. 1,372 more words

Before You Vote, Consider These Pro-Woman Issues

Erin Zoutentam is a fellow Hillsdale College alumna and an intelligent voice on women’s issues. Today, she brings to attention some crucial issues we Christian feminists need to know.  882 more words

More than an Egalitarian Denomination

I finally figured out that in the area of the country where I live, it takes more than just an egalitarian denomination, it also takes an egalitarian congregation. 531 more words


A Simple Way to Empower Christian Women

I don’t know how it worked in your churches and family, but it seemed to me that whoever had the most “authority” or “spiritual clout” blessed the meals during church potlucks and private hospitality. 481 more words

A Comic About Why You Need Feminism

This Comic Sums up Why All Women Need Feminism for a Different Reason, boasts an article on attn.

Immediately I’m happy to point out that Feminism is apparently so dynamic that everyone is affected differently by it. 1,103 more words

Gender Issues

Trump: Hillary is the 'real bigot'?

Where have we heard this line of rhetoric before?

I realize Trump is not perfect, and this may not turn me against him, because the alternative is much, much worse. 393 more words

Cultural Marxism