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Misandry Vs. Feminism

I promise this is not some super duper rant about equality or anything. (That my come later) ;)

This is more like I am just so very sick of people misunderstanding the difference between Feminism, Egalitarianism, Misandry, and Misogyny. 122 more words

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How Sexist Men Change

I read an article sharing an experience with a male internet bully who called the author a “c***” for being liberal. Her sister jumped to her defense, calling out the irony of this man, a recent father of a daughter, calling another woman such a degrading term. 753 more words

Worth it?

The Anti-Gnostic posted a piece on the recent disturbing story about a teen-aged Hispanic girl who, having recently fallen into the company of MS-13 gang members, was murdered. 381 more words

Cultural Marxism

Do winners have to apologize?

Steve Sailer asks, in discussing the recent Grammy awards, ‘Do all white award-winners have to apologize to black losers from now on?’

The short answer: yes. 233 more words


the concept of ‘crony middleism’

crony capitalism is a much deliberated and researched subject. with the rise of democracy, capitalism has lost its past authoritative hold on the world economy or on economy of individual nations. 358 more words


Paulus & Moore On Recipient-Dependent Sharing Behavior and Expectations

This study aimed at investigating developmental changes in 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children’s sharing behavior and their expectations of others’ sharing. Children were administered two tasks. 388 more words

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