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The Big, Hairy, Cat-Lady Feminist

One thing I find myself doing a lot is concealing my belief in feminism, and avoiding that topic to spare some of my more sensitive male friends from it. 786 more words


Bikini mail how I hate thee...

… let me count the ways.  Growing up with fantasy and Sci-fi I was conditioned on images of women in various types of alternative dress.  Red Sonja, Princess Leia the list goes on.  762 more words


Short critique of egalitarianism

One of the core tenets of Postmodernism (as I have analyzed and defined it) is egalitarianism, the belief that people are equal and that they should thus have equal rights. 2,570 more words


Poking Holes in Complementarian Arguments

I said this in Understanding Complementarian Women:

If you try advancing an egalitarian argument, no matter how solid or convincing, it will most likely fall on deaf ears.

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The "religion of peace"

There is so much misinformation about Islam circulating in the noosphere that I am compelled to write the shortest possible proof that Islam is not the religion of peace, but rather on the contrary a religion of hate, subjugation and war: 832 more words


Ignorance and apathy

Ignorance and apathy are surely two of the biggest threats to us in our day.

Few people seem to know the truth — they are ignorant — and even fewer care about the truth, being apathetic towards it. 952 more words



An acquaintance of mine, bless her heart, was irate when hearing the BLM slogan repeated for the millionth time — that is, ‘black lives matter… 594 more words

Cultural Marxism