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Equal but Separate

Take a good, long, hard look at the “modern man”. What do you see? Do you see his skinny jeans? His fancy laptop? His scarf? His expensive coffee? 1,786 more words


Larry Arnhart At Darwinian Conservatism: 'Good Inequality'

Full piece here.

For what it’s worth, in my travels, I often find people who believe ‘inequality’ to be a social or moral harm, to also find ‘equality’ to be a social and moral good, and I’m curious as to how they arrived at such a position. 761 more words

Public Debate

A Christian Feminist’s Guide to Biblical and Church History

  • Patriarchal Period
    • Antediluvian Patriarchy (except Eve had a good idea)
    • Postdiluvian Patriarchy
    • Patriarchal Patriarchy
    • Egyptian Patriarchy
    • Wilderness Patriarchy
    • Conquest Patriarchy
    • Judges Patriarchy (except Deborah)
    • United Patriarchy…
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The Normative Value of Equality

Political philosopher Samuel Scheffler offers a magnificent summary of the normative value of equality.

“When the relationship among a society’s members are structured by rigid hierarchical distinctions, . 

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Wealth & Poverty

My Year of Eating Crow

It’s funny how a year has its way of sneaking up on you. About a year ago I announced that I had made the decision to quit my job to become a stay at home parent. 633 more words


Isabel Hardman Is Right To Criticise The Labour Party's Toxic Brand Of Feminism

Isabel Hardman has a great piece in The Spectator in which she rightly castigates Harriet Harman and the Labour Party for their narrow, possessive and parochial attitude towards feminism and gender equality. 712 more words

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