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A Real Man

By Rayden S.

Real men have large biceps and chiseled abs. And mounds of facial hair and chest hair. Real men also have none of these things. 195 more words


The Tyranny of Diversity

Culture, by its very nature, discriminates. It sets a people who give it a life apart from those not embraced by it. A culture, like… 1,007 more words

Thinking Critically About Complementarianism

Recently, I’ve finished a 12-part blog series offering, largely, a thoughtful critique on complementarianism. Having been raised as an egalitarian, I had no thought that my inherent disposition toward my role in marriage was ungodly or unbiblical. 264 more words

Reformed Baptist

Should Women Wear Head-Coverings in Church?

Quick – tell me where you will find this inscription: RHK.DTK 5/30/92 Song of Songs 8:6 – 7

Here’s a hint – “14k” follows all of this. 738 more words

The Psychology Of White People: Egalitarian Individualism And Moral Universalism

“The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession” by Dr. Kevin Macdonald is required viewing for all AryanSkynet agents. Macdonald outlines the evolution of white people and our specific psychological traits; namely, egalitarian individualism, and ingroups and outgroups defined by the universalist morality we developed that make it possible for individualist whites to work collectively. 44 more words

Is Spouse Selection a Science?

At some point in most of our lives, we have all heard, “When are you going to settle down and start a family?” and we all think, “When I find the right husband or wife!”. 815 more words

Rant Against Communism

“It’s a good idea in theory.” No, if an idea is good in theory it should at least be plausible. Communism is a good fantasy in theory. 405 more words