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Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel Don't Take Refugees

h/t Lew Rockwell

This was an interesting assessment of immigration around the world.  I liked what Hoppe said that no one can despise personal immigration.  It is a position advocated by libertarians and freedom-minded folks all the time.   781 more words

Lew Rockwell

Feminism Defined From Egalitarianism and Humanism

“The movement was given the name ‘feminism’ because it focuses on the gender inequality issues that impact women.  Just like any other civil rights category, feminism is a term used to show that one supports women’s equality and wants to address the serious amount of gender discrepancies they face daily. 20 more words

One (European) world

After reading yet another plea for White ‘internationalism’, in other words, White multiculturalism, I find myself compelled to reiterate why I believe this idea is wrong-headed and moreover, unlikely to be workable. 1,203 more words


Is Feminism A Misnomer For The Cause It Stands For?

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Owing to malevolent societal paradigms and practices like patriarchy and others, the female sex had been and is still somewhat oppressed when compared to their counterpart sex. 1,194 more words


#1 - Feminism vs Egalitarianism

Over the next few months, I will be diving into the ideological war on gender. Look forward to a mini-essay a week. This one is approx. 1,679 more words



What Got This Post Started?

Your Biblical Belief is 42 years old … by Jamie Carter illustrates why I consider debating the Bible worthwhile. This is actually a form of Christian fellowship. 1,974 more words


A glimpse into the millennial mind

As seen on Tumblr:

For those not up on lefty millennial jargon, ‘terf’ is an acronym for ‘Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist’, in plain English, a ‘radical feminist’ (is there any other  kind these days?) who does not accept ‘trans women’ as women. 123 more words

Cultural Marxism