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Anthony's Navel: Chauncy Gardiner on The Fountainhead

This past spring I hosted a guest blog series called Anthony’s Navel, featuring stories about favorite books, films and music by friends and fellow writers. 646 more words


"Wives, submit to your husbands."

Wives, submit to your husbands. (Ephesians 5:22)

That is a misquote of Paul.

“What?!? That’s exactly what Paul says! Here it is from the King James Version—

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The Bible Re-Viewed

Red Pill Logic: Blue Pill Axioms

I recently had a conversation with Rollo of The Rational Male. Rollo is somewhat unique in that he is one of the few manosphere authors who have actually touched on the topic of unstated axioms and their consequences when applied to the interpretation of the sexual market place. 2,446 more words

Red Pill Philosopy And Logic

The Bible and Women in Ministry

Through my life as a Christian and my activities as a minister, I have found myself in many churches whose views were far more conservative than my own. 1,914 more words

Bible Study/Commentary

Unearthed: Words you never meant to say

This week’s femail is a bit unique because it was never intended to be sent. Sometimes, there are things that you need to say that you can’t or shouldn’t, but that need to be released from your brain anyway. 524 more words