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What Does Feminism Stand For?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, feminism is simply the belief in equality between men and women. That no one gender is superior to another. But today, some people have twisted this term to mean that women are better than men. 177 more words


Karl Marx's Cruel Joke

“Marx dismissed the various socialisms current in his day as ‘utopian’, contrasting ‘utopian socialism’ with his own ‘scientific socialism’ that promised ‘full communism’ as its predictable outcome. 411 more words


Intersex and the Imago Dei: Christian Feminist Essentialism beyond the Bedroom and the Kitchen

“…when God created אָדָ֔ם, God made them in the likeness of God. Male and female God created them, and blessed them and named them“ 3,053 more words


Emily Awing Onyango - Journey Into Priesthood

For the last few weeks we have focused on the contributions to society made by black women. Bessie Coleman, early stunt flyer and first black woman with an international pilot’s license (post April 4, 2017), Mary McLeod Bethune, educator and leader (April 11); Mae Jemison – first female black astronaut (April 18); Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson – achievements in the space industry and instrumental in getting the first Americans in space and on the moon (April 25); (May 2) Madame C. 950 more words

Historical Women

Income Tax - The Original Inequality Equalizer

Did you have a good time compiling and filing your taxes last month? As much fun as I did, I’m sure. Most Americans agree (link to… 1,654 more words


Why Don't More People Hate Feminism?

To paraphrase Rowan Atkinson: What is wrong with encouraging intense dislike of an idea? Why shouldn’t you do that, if the beliefs of that idea or the activities perpetrated in its name deserve to be intensely disliked? 17 more words