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Why I'm Not A Feminist

So, if you hadn’t gathered by the title of both this blog and this post, I am not a feminist. If you are reading this, I am assuming your first thought is one of five things: 393 more words

Anti Feminism

Egalitarianism - it is not about being like men

I just encountered an absurd new definition of egalitarianism. I do not know what group teaches it, but I do know members of that group will read my blog and completely misunderstand it. 1,018 more words


Miss-reading the Bible

We sometimes think that Christians are better than the general population – we don’t swear, watch porn, abuse our loved ones or have affairs.

Sadly the data and research shows that people who identify as Christians are just as likely to indulge in all those things… 1,218 more words

My Deepest Insecurity as an Educated, Talented Woman

I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Christian studies. I worked hard for that degree. Both the working and the courses forever changed how I approached life and Christianity. 1,493 more words

Against equality: Michael Huemer's 'Pareto Argument'

Those arguing in favor of inequality face an imposing burden. This is because they have chosen to defend a pathological state of power in which one group rules over another. 1,331 more words


Why aren't you furious?

This is the year 2017. We have advanced technology so far that with the click of a button, most anything can arrive at our doorstep, “we” being humanity as a whole. 338 more words

The Good Fight

Ireland's Protestant Patriots

Irish people who have followed Protestant churches have contributed massively to the cause of Irish self-determination, a historical fact which is all too often dismissed by many nationalists and republicans. 1,229 more words

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