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Revised and Updated: Should Women Be Pastors?

We have all passed through that stage. We didn’t understand why our parents wouldn’t let us sleep over at a friend’s house, or why we had to brush our teeth, or eat our vegetables and make our beds. 1,420 more words

Doctrine Matters

The Need for Prominent Women

In a rather hostile, one-sided “conversation” about feminism and female priests, a priest noted that confession is one reason why female priests would be unhelpful: men would be more comfortable confessing sexual sin to a male priest. 792 more words

#Lentspiration for March 17

Today’s prayer:

Pray for acceptance of the equality and full personhood of women in society and church. Pray against the oppression of women in general and in restrictive nations specifically. 97 more words



We use labels all the time whether it is to define ourselves or others. A few are crucial for your power position within the society. In my course about gender, some of these labels were mentioned: 258 more words


Female supremacism

After seeing so many ‘International Women’s Day’ stories and memes, I’ve decided that I will refer to ‘feminists’ as female supremacists from now on. For decades, ever since this ‘Women’s Day’ thing has been happening, feminists have becoming ever more strident about their attitude of ‘female superiority.’ So if people who are pro-White, or who believe in nations for White people, are ‘White supremacists’ as the anti-Whites say, then surely the ‘supremacist’ label applies to feminists. 330 more words


I accidentally a video

Quick link as I’m starting to do these things now. This one is based of an earlier piece as I don’t have the confidence to use new material until I know it’s worth the extra time.


The 'preppy' totalitarians

The story about Charles Murray and his speech at Middlebury College in Vermont is being discussed around the Internet. The fact that a (typically leftist) professor at that college was also assaulted by the ‘student’ thugs adds a twist to it. 467 more words

Cultural Marxism