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"Buddhist ethics": a Tantric critique

“Buddhist ethics,” as I’ve pointed out in recent posts, has nothing to do with traditional Buddhist morality. Instead, it’s indistinguishable from mainstream leftish middle-class American secular morality. 4,060 more words


Tonality… The musical equivalent of a hierarchical society

Tonality, or music that employs key signatures to derive the pitched and harmonic material in a given work, represents a society that gives greater importance to the ruling class than those who are under its control. 46 more words


Exploring the Greek Word Kephale Translated “Head” Part 2

In part one of the study on kephale, the Greek word for head, we learned that kephale means physical head or when used figuratively; originator, competitor, source of life or simply source and should not be translated authority over. 1,260 more words



Recently, I was sent a link to an article in The Atlantic (Google American is Still a Patriarchy to find it) about how American society is patriarchal. 254 more words


Identity vs. Personality

At the core of rightist thought lies the assumption that social harmony can only exist between people with a common identity, i.e. people with a similar ethnic and/or cultural background. 955 more words


Jesus 2016 - Social Egalitarian Party

The Donald leads, but is not a lock, on the Republican side of the presidential primaries. Hillary boasts similar standing on the Democratic side. What if Jesus were running for highest office in the free world? 994 more words


Quote of the Week: Keith Preston, "Aristokratia" (Vol. 3, 2015)

The guiding principles of contemporary liberal democracies are an all-pervasive consumerism and loudly proclaiming one’s own status as an official victim of historic or cosmic injustices, whether real or imaginary. 152 more words