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Women in Leadership II: A Mentee's Perspective

Last month, I received a reply to my earlier post on Women in Leadership.

Among many important points she raised, this blogger identified that a core problem for professional female ministers… 800 more words

Are All Complementarian Women Oppressed?

My friend asks a question every egalitarian woman should know how to answer:

How can you, as an egalitarian, affirm the personhood of a woman who embraces complementarianism?

860 more words

Complementarianism, a conversation Baptists want to have?

On the ‘Baptist Union of Victoria’s’ Facebook page this week, a series of articles have been posted on the topic of women in leadership. These articles are not written by Victorian Baptists, nor do they, I believe, reflect the formal Baptist position on women in leadership. 1,112 more words


Harry Frankfurt, "Equality as a Moral Ideal"

In this post, I review Harry Frankfurt’s classic and influential polemic against equality, “Equality as a Moral Ideal”. I will mostly focus on presenting, rather than evaluating, Frankfurt’s arguments. 1,950 more words

Our Sociopathic Culture

Our government is run now by and for the corporations and financial institutions. Its pro-corporate, anti-democratic culture has become increasingly obvious. As political philosopher and professor emeritus Sheldon Wolin wrote over a decade ago, 320 more words

"From the beginning it was not so."

“Patriarchy is the backdrop of the Bible, not the message of the Bible.” — Carolyn Custis James

One of the common counter-arguments to the egalitarian view is that God would never pander to culture or let it influence His word. 694 more words

Can I call myself a feminist?

Would I call myself a feminist or an equalist? Often while having one of those deep conversations at 3 am, I have ended up questioning myself if I truly knew what feminism meant and how it differed from egalitarianism (equalism). 953 more words