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The 5 stages of food allergy grief: a child's emotional reaction

DR was originally diagnosed with an egg allergy at 18 months old, at which time it was easier to limit his exposure as he only ate what we gave him.  879 more words

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What? A dairy-free Croissant?

That’s what everyone asks when I tell them about these dairy-free croissants I discovered at Edible Flours. I’ve been slowly working my way through the many allergy safe treats that this vegan bakery has to offer.   641 more words

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Hindsight is not always 20/20: DR's story

With most life threatening issues and mistakes in life, when we look back on them we can clearly see the cause and how it could have been avoided.  263 more words

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I can’t believe it’s not chocolate! Allergen free chocolate

Easter is a tough time of year for those who have allergies to dairy products. From my experience living in Far North Queensland, it is very difficult to source dairy free chocolate. 413 more words



As a mom I have, at times, striven for perfection.  Especially in today’s society where our lives are broadcast on social media, and judgement abounds around every mishap.  532 more words

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But how do you know?

DR has been officially diagnosed with a food allergy for about 18 months.  I still remember the appointment that day in October.  He skin was lashing out for an unknown reason, and we were excited that we might discover the reason why, hoping it was something easy and simple like changing laundry detergents.  436 more words

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The 5 Stages of Food Allergy Grief

Just as with any major change or loss in life, we all go through the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  The development and discovery of food allergies can be a big blow to any lifestyle and diet.  851 more words

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