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Reuse, Recycle: Old Egg Cartons

With all the eggs you consume on a daily basis, you should have a ton of cartons to get rid of, especially near Easter. Why not use them creatively instead of dropping them off at a recycling center? 217 more words


Pom Pom Colour Sort

Pom Pom Colour Sort.

Miss Dot loves sorting things into colours and this pom pom sorting egg carton is one of her favorite activities.

The great thing about this activity is that it is small affordable and compact. 157 more words



I Don’t think I ever posted what we did the last time we three stooges were together besides dyeing my hair purple.

I like always having some kind of artsy-fartsy project for us to do or Mother makes us play “Farkle” for countless hours and then proceeds to tell us the rules every twenty minutes. ¬† 669 more words

Egg Carton Convos with God

It was this week, May 18th, one year ago when the Lord woke me up at 3am, and in a matter of moments, life would never be the same. 1,055 more words

Surrendering My Story

Eggs Out

“I was going to make you a cake, but I had no eggs,” she cried and then crumpled to the floor. No consoling her. She was crushed, fragile as the empty space where the egg carton used to be–a shadow of a former delicate, susceptible embryo container. 91 more words