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How have I broken eggs? Let me count the ways.

Really need to invest in an idiot proof egg transportation device. It’s not something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about but it now occurs to me how amazing the egg industry is. 217 more words

Poultry without the poultry show

Poultry shows in Nebraska were banned in 2015 due to Avian Influenza. But the youth at our county show did a great job with other poultry projects/contests… 88 more words


How to make egg carton beads for threading

Here is another fun way to use up all those egg cartons rather than putting them in the recycling. Make a necklace or hanging!


Cut off the tips and the cups of the egg cartons. 146 more words

Montessori Inspired Activities For Children

Planting time

I started seeds indoors this year and Jim started veggie seeds indoor too.

I start mine in egg containers,with dirt in the cups and seeds.Then I moistened the dirt and put the whole container in a clear plastic bag,the type you get when you buy produce.You breathe into it, and your breath provides the gas to turn the sealed up bag into a green house for the plants.Jim used a commercial seed starting kit, which comes with a clear plastic top to it.The veggies he has in there are ready to go in the ground. 48 more words


Cortunix Quail

Check out my new article on Community Chickens! And here’s a nice photo of Guapo and a couple of the girls enjoying the outside once the storms were done: 11 more words


Storage Wars

I have not really followed Storage Wars on A&E for a few years, since the guy named Barry left and they tried to give him his own show. 176 more words


Save Those Egg Cartons!

I bet I know what you’re doing this week, early childhood
professionals! You’re coloring eggs! Since I’m a music 305 more words
Preschool Music