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Product Review -Period Tracker App

Whether you’re looking to become pregnant, become a surrogate mom or just don’t want to be
caught off guard by the arrival of your period, it’s important to keep track of your menstrual cycle. 465 more words

Dawn Marmorstein

Level Ground

So, we had our first official appointment with the fertility doctor about doing an egg donor instead of IVF.

We were told to bring pictures of myself so they could match us with someone that looked like me.   387 more words

Egg Donor

Late Babies

So, I am 43, soon to be 44 and my husband is 40.  It is Late in our lives to be starting a family but it is what it is. 476 more words

Egg Donor

just relax


Just because you know ONE person in all your 60 years of life that had a baby past the age of 40, doesn’t mean that everyone can do it and that my mood is the only thing that is preventing us from getting pregnant! 93 more words

Egg Donor

Test Post

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Egg Donor

How do you like my eggs in the morning?

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming an egg donor. Apparently there is a severe lack of eggs floating about. So many women are unable to have children of their own, due to a number of different reasons, some of which can be helped using an egg donor. 371 more words


The Daily Mail and donor sperm. It's all just clickbait. BUT...

Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t become the second biggest selling newspaper in England and the most-read news site in the world by publishing stuff that everyone agrees with. 518 more words