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Paying Surrogates & Donors: Against Canadian Values

Francoise Baylis and Alana Cattapan object to a politician’s private member’s bill that seeks to remove the current prohibition on compensating surrogates and donors. 751 more words

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Women Not Aware Of Possible Hidden Risks Of Being An Egg Donor

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Young women see the ads on their Facebook feeds, in a college newspaper, even posted on Craig’s List.

They read: “Donate your eggs,” Help a family” and “Make some money.” 965 more words


Our Hard, Hellish Journey through the Place Where Miracles Mature, the NICU

We got pregnant four years ago via IVF. We used donor eggs, fresh and locally sourced. I guess our pregnancy mirrored the current foodie trend, although it wasn’t quite farm to table. 1,551 more words

Are or Were You an Egg Donor? Get a Colonoscopy and Mammogram.

Egg donors. They’re a lot different than sperm donors. First, using the term egg donor and sperm donor is more subtle coercive language practice. Say to a person “you were created by an egg donor/a sperm donor” and that person, when they reach maturity is more likely to think “I have a biological mother/father out there.” We live in western societies that find it perfectly acceptable to create children for monetary gain. 1,633 more words


Pregnancy & Donor Eggs!

Go contemplate next to a mountain, a beach, a park, or anywhere you want! Welcome and welcome our dear readers and friends to our small world; especially the US, the UK, Nigeria, and Vietnam ;) 396 more words