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Thoughts of an Egg Receiver Father

My girlfriend and I went to Barcelona in 2006 for an IVF through an anonymous egg donation. 483 more words

Egg Donation

Anonymous Egg Donor Talks With Receiving Parents

I came across Leah Campbell’s blog post and decided to write an answer to it even though we are not her receiving parents. 660 more words

Egg Donation

The Myth of Altruistic Egg Donor

One of the most persistent lies of the IVF industry in Spain is the claim that egg donors perform their donations on an altruistic basis with the pure intention to help others.This is a scandalous myth. 348 more words

Egg Donation

Help Me Find My Donor Mom

“I was conceived in a test tube in the IVI lab (Barcelona) on a summer day in 2006.  498 more words

Egg Donation

Genetic beginnings

My mother was adopted paperless in 60’s South Africa, and my father lost his family to the war in Europe as a child. There has never been much heritage and bloodline, genetically speaking, for me to relate to. 1,093 more words

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Battle Over Paid Surrogacy Opens New Front

In many states, hiring a woman to carry and give birth to a child for you is illegal. But democratic New York Senator Brad Hoylman is fighting to change that in his home state. 608 more words

What is a mother?

Our lovely daughter Zannah is 28 and has been living in New York for the past two years.  During that time she has trained as a Chinese medicine based massage therapist, a high level qualification that has given her a wonderful foundation to take into the world of work as a complementary therapist.   503 more words