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The idea if a fresh egg in pasta isn’t a new thing but this fresh egg was mouth-watering. We took some of our filling, aged Gruyere cheese, potato, sautéed leeks and fresh garlic and landed the egg into the center. 35 more words


Kung Pao unrushed

A leisurely lunch can’t be beat
A time to savor, to rest, and to eat
With minutes to burn
And a good chance to learn…
679 more words

Being A Doctor

Nervous about all the changes… 30. July 2015

 Egg drop soup

 Boiled wieners with ketchup cause I needed comfort food

 A banana

 Vegetable stew (with chicken?) with sour cream

 Cocoa pudding and coffee


Burning all the paper… 29. July 2015

 A banana

 Egg drop soup

 French fries with some mayonnaise

 Grilled meat, boiled potatoes and salad


My boyfriend is a genius! I discovered I had a couple of weeks worth of photos missing from my camera D: I have no idea how that happened, but he managed to restore them all from the memory card! I was so happy! :D


Egg Drop Soup

This is one of favorite things to get when eating out, but now I can make it whenever I want.


4C Chicken Broth (please use the quality stuff) 87 more words

Gluten Free

Egg drops… 28. July 2015

 Porridge with red currant jam

 Cheese and ham pastry

 Egg drop soup

 Caramel kissel with red currant jam


Chow's Chinese Restaurant, a love story...

A breeze carries Chow’s Chinese Restaurant up the block depositing the entire menu through the windows of our second floor walk-up on the odd chance I have forgotten you. 130 more words