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egg drop soup. and fried cauliflower rice.

It was cool and rainy Monday. And so foggy.

The boys came home from preschool tired and crabby with runny noses. So we changed into our comfy clothes right after lunch and took it easy the rest of the day. 531 more words

Egg Drop Ramen Veggie Soup

So this meal has a very long name, but I promise it took almost no time and barely any effort to make. And it was incredible! 247 more words

Tuesday Soup

The name means absolutely nothing because I made this soup on a Friday night. I sat back and asked my boyfriend and housemate what in the world I should call this. 374 more words


Simple Egg-Drop Soup and Creamy Alfredo

Our first lesson in the art of Noodleology contains two simple yet amazing recipes that can each be made in under half an hour but will feed you for days. 435 more words


Egg Drop |Not Soup|- videos

The idea if a fresh egg in pasta isn’t a new thing but this fresh egg was mouth-watering. We took some of our filling, aged Gruyere cheese, potato, sautéed leeks and fresh garlic and landed the egg into the center. 35 more words

Curious About It?

Kung Pao unrushed

A leisurely lunch can’t be beat
A time to savor, to rest, and to eat
With minutes to burn
And a good chance to learn…
679 more words

Being A Doctor

Nervous about all the changes… 30. July 2015

 Egg drop soup

 Boiled wieners with ketchup cause I needed comfort food

 A banana

 Vegetable stew (with chicken?) with sour cream

 Cocoa pudding and coffee