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Chicken, vegetable and quinoa meatloaf (aka 'Chicken cake')

I’m not sure what is happening at the moment in our house, but lately dinner times have been hard … as in, sometimes I-want-to-scream-or-give-up hard. 454 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Hot Cross Buns

These are a more traditional version of those yummy Easter treats. They are a little quicker and less complicated than the ones I posted 2 years ago but they aren’tĀ gluten free because of the spelt (You can find the other version… 387 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Salted caramel shake

Such a delicious breakfast treat for a hot morning!

It packs quite a few calories (351 per serve) but it will keep you full for the whole morning because of the protein and fibre. 136 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Banana Oat biscuits

I love these delicious, moist biscuits – They are very easy and quick to knock up as they are made from ingredients that I always have on hand. 211 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Yoghurt dough - for pizzas and scrolls

Once a fortnight on a Sunday morning my husband plays with all the kids and I have a massive baking session to prepare for the lunchboxes in the weeks to come. 245 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Savoury Damper Rolls

This recipe was my attempt at replicating something like the doughy bread rolls you can buy from major supermarkets and bakeries that have the cheese and bacon baked on top. 208 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Cherry Pie - and sweet shortcrust pastry

My baby turns one this week. Unbelievable.

It really does seem like just yesterday that we bought him home from hospital as a tiny bundle who was thrust into the middle of the very noisy, messy and fun life that is 4 kids under 5 and a half!! 514 more words

Dairy Free Recipe