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Spiced plum cake

Such a speedy, light and tasty afternoon tea cake.

My kids absolutely demolished it!

  • 225g stewed/tinned plums (drained from their juices)
  • 50g Nuttelex/vegan butter/tasteless coconut oil, melted…
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Dairy Free Recipe

Pear Surprise Muffins

I love these muffins – sweet and fluffy, without being loaded with refined sugars – and the gooey, surprise middle makes my kids happy every time :) 264 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Honey and Banana pancakes

I have discovered (through many an unpleasant experience) that my kids come out of school  ‘hangry’ (hungry which makes you angry!) in the afternoons.

I need to have food prepared for them to shovel in quickly …. 184 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Lemon Blueberry Tea Cake

Mmmm, warm tea cake! Such a perfect afternoon tea.

We enjoyed ours on a sunny winter’s day down by the lake with a picnic cuppa for Mother’s day …. 302 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Hazelnut Pear Tart

This delicious dessert was inspired by Manu Feidel’s Tarte Tatin.

We enjoyed it on a cold rainy night for an early Mother’s Day Treat. So good! 546 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Date Oat and Ginger Biscuits

My mum loves her cuppa. If we’re out at a cafe she mostly she resists sweet treats (serious will power!) but she does have a soft spot for a date and oat biscuit, so these ones are for her for Mother’s day. 278 more words

Dairy Free Recipe