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Mango Ginger Lamb Curry

There are days when my Slow Cooker really saves my skin …. today was one of those days!!! Prepared in 10 minutes before the kids were up, and it meant that dinner time was easy and nutritious. 285 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Salt and Pepper Calamari

A little victory at our place tonight.

Little miss looked at new food and voluntarily said ‘I’ll try it’

… and she did AND she enjoyed it!!! 367 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Anzac muffins

Obviously these aren’t the baked goods that were sent to troops far off during the first world war! But they are based on the ingredients and flavours of the traditional… 166 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Spanish Rice

Even though it was the inspiration for this dish, I daren’t call it ‘paella’ because I know that this one is not authentic and there are a lot of paella purists who would be very unimpressed! 303 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Sticky BBQ Pulled Pork

I loved pulled roasts. So tasty and so easy in the slow cooker. And importantly they also hide my terrible carving skills ;)

Dairy Free Recipe

Chicken Stroganoff

…. I’m not sure that there is anything very authentic about this recipe. But my Beef Stroganoff is very well received, so I thought I’d have a go at a chicken version. 222 more words

Dairy Free Recipe

Pear Gingerbread Cake

This delicious, moist cake is perfect for afternoon tea (…. or any time cake is required really!).

It is inspired by this cake from the Recipe Community. 215 more words

Dairy Free Recipe