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Chocolate decadence cake - Dad's cake

It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday and we had a family dinner to celebrate. Mum asked me to make a chocolate cake that everyone would be able to eat. 584 more words

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My biggest boy, William, is about to turn 7 and has recently become quite interested in ‘creations’ in the kitchen.

A couple of weeks ago, he made this smoothie which has now become known as a Will-kshake in our house and he was very keen for me to share it with you! 81 more words

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Thick custard (vanilla, chocolate or salted caramel)

I’ve made allergy friendly custards before, like this one, but I’ve been looking for a plain custard to use with cakes and puddings for desserts. 377 more words

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Orange and White Chocolate 'Cheesecake'

In the school holidays just gone we had friends over for lunch and Julie, my Godmother, brought a fabulous cheesecake. It reminded me just how much I enjoy it but haven’t been able to have it in our house for so long. 232 more words

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Don't Waste It Pasta Sauce

I have been working consciously to reduce the amount of food waste in our house. I try to make sure I have cleared out the fridge before I buy new fruit and veg. 300 more words

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Lemon Thyme Salted Shortbread

If you are a shortbread purist you might not want to read any further!

I was watching MasterChef Australia the other night when I saw one of the contestants made a lemon and thyme biscuit and I thought it’d make a delicious shortbread flavour. 279 more words

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Spicy Veggie soup

The cold weather is  making itself known in Perth (hooray!) and that means soup is back on our menu.

Veggie soups are pretty flexible, so when there was an error with my online grocery order a while back and I wound up with 10 sweet potatoes (double the weight I’d ordered!) I decided that sweet potato soup would be dinner. 272 more words

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