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Smoked Sausages with Herb Egg Noodles [RECIPE]

Long, busy days don’t always make it easy to get dinner on the table. Sometimes you simply want to do something fast and easy to feed your family. 265 more words


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The boss was on your back. The kids forgot their homework. And the dog decided to eat your sofa. We've all had those days when we get home and simply don't want to cook. But before you pop yet another frozen pizza in the oven or call for takeout, put this easy dinner of smoked sausages and herb egg noodles on the table. It is so simple, it practically cooks itself. Then, after dinner, have the kids clean up while you go soak in the tub. You deserve it!

Old Fashioned Noodles

I (Dan) originally learned this recipe from my grandmother, who used to make chicken and noodles for Sunday dinners and special occasions.  When we grandchildren were grown she used to make the noodles, dry them, package them, and give them to us as part of our Christmas presents.   390 more words

Egg Noodles

Leftover turkey one-dish recipe

To avoid waste and deflect whiners who say they hope they never see turkey again, I buy ingredients to conjure up tasty meals with Thanksgiving leftovers at the same time I buy food for the Thanksgiving feast. 111 more words


Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Well, it SHOULD have been good.

My day having been turned crossways by the need to go fetch the sick grandchild, I didn’t get around to thinking about dinner until late. 401 more words


Sweet N’ Spicy Garlic Pork with Crisp Green Beans Over Egg Noodles

Tonight’s dinner is Danny’s favorite (that I make).  It’s not the healthiest, but it is delicious!  I make several adjustments to the original recipe and kind of “wing it” each time I make it.   367 more words


Creamy Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

I’ve made some a couple of different “chicken” noodle soups recently, but this one is different because it is creamy. This one was okay. I think I am getting tired of egg noodles! 277 more words



RECIPE #286, DAY #484

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Hungarian Goulash on Rye Toasts,” from Mill’s and Ross’s Desperation Dinners*

TIMING: 20 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing special… 258 more words