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Egg Shells, They are not TRASH

To most people when they are cooking, baking, and even peeling a hard boiled egg the shell is waste and they think nothing of throwing them in the trash. 460 more words

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Eggs are Strong

Eggs are Strong

Next time someone’s cooking with eggs around your house, save the eggshells so that you could astound your friends with this incredible stunt. 228 more words

Experiments And Studies

Egg Shell utilization

The group performed field visits to various places to understand the use of egg shells, if any. Innovative methods to utilize egg shells instead of just throwing them away were suggested. 8 more words

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Eggshells, Yellow Squash and Blossom End Rot

I wrote about the rather disappointing discovery that my yellow squash plant was suffering from Blossom End Rot or BER. I was so confused because I knew I had great soil directly out of my long-established compost pile and all of my other plants were flourishing. 312 more words

Raised Bed Gardens

Update on Egg Shells for the Raised Bed Garden

A quick update on preparing egg shells in for use as pest control in the garden! I wrote before about crushing egg shells with a rolling pin in a baggie. 198 more words

Raised Bed Gardens

Updated roses page

I opened a ‘page’ a few days ago to share my roses, and just completed posting some more photos.

I will most certainly be updating their progress, growth, any new pots I select for them and of course any new roses I choose! 240 more words


Egg Shells for the Raised Bed Garden

I wrote a while back about the first harvest of our spicy mustard greens from our raised bed garden. The story featured a few surprise guests in the kitchen! 601 more words

Raised Bed Gardens