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Supplementing Egg Shells

When you walk down the chicken keeping aisle at your local feed store, you will notice “Oyster Shells” as an added supplement. While we do have some on hand just in case, one bag lasts us a while because we decided to supplement crushed egg shells as our source of calcium for our girls. 293 more words

Chicken Keeping

Manifesto-the Paper Party

We in the Paper party can always see both sides. Indeed, whilst we are fully prepared to form an alliance with the Scissors Party we will remain true to our core principals which are, and always will be, a blank canvas.We will ensure that when the Scissors cut services we will paper over the cracks. 114 more words

Egg Shells

Lizard Egg Shells

I found two lizard eggs today, they were already cracked and opened. This means we have yet another pair of croaking lizards (geckos) in our house. 66 more words

My Day

We in the Scissors Party take your welfare very seriously. In fact, that’s what we intend to do. Take it. In these shared times of Austerity we believe that the only way forward is through Cuts to Welfare.Our policy is to cut anything and everything that comes our way and everyone will benefit. 159 more words

Egg Shells

Six uses for egg shell membrane

Since we have eight chickens and just added a rooster today this might be helpful to know.

Thanks to Jocelyn for 6 Tips Using Egg Shell Membrane… 368 more words


By the way, in case you’re wondering what was in the letter from Doll Splinter to Egg O, you know, the one is refused to read out of spite because Spud was so interested, well, he did read it eventually and it is the reason he is so cantankerous now. 100 more words

Egg Shells