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Ninja- Me

on sure footing
but sometimes I miss those egg-shells
They trained me in stealth
making me a ninja in 6-inch-heels
tap-dancing through flames
waltzing to the melody of chaos…

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DIY Calcium Supplement for Dogs

There are plenty of resources for preparing egg shells, but this is how I prep mine. I use them as a calcium source for both my bird and my dogs. 445 more words


Chocolate eggs

It’s very easy and lots of fun to make egg chocolates at home with lots of beautiful ideas for different fillings.



Inexpressible Notions

Without egg shells
marching towards my destiny
without egg shells
no longer careful with my feet
a new sense of liberation
my path unimpeded and free…

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How to peel a boiled egg. HINT: You don't need baking soda or lemons!

If you just want the instructions scroll to the bottom… It’s been a little while, and quite a bit has happened; I went through some depression, got into a huge 2 day fight with my hubby, watched as the house became a disaster, and now we’re dealing with a hyperactive puppy (dog) who is on bed rest for who knows how long coupled with hubby constantly asking how long she has to be this way. 330 more words



A few years ago, my parents and I were in Minneapolis following a family wedding. I went out on a morning run and my dad met me at the end of it to head back to our hotel. 809 more words

PhD Season

Homemade fertilisers for plants

Did you know? Tea contains nitrogen, which plants need as a nutrient. Its leaves can also improve soil texture and structure to provide better aeration to roots.

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