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She comes home to find her couch missing and egg shells scattered on the carpet.


Tomato Issue: Simple, Inexpensive Solutions

We grow tomato plants in pots. Halfway through production this year, fruits began appearing with large brown spots on the bottom. My husband, who is a nurseryman, said it was “Blossom End Rot.” This is due to a calcium deficiency and is easily corrected by adding calcium to the soil around the plant. 85 more words


The last egg in the fridge (a photography exercise)

Today’s photo exercise was a lot like yesterday’s except today I chose an ordinary object. ¬†Juniper the owl is cute and all but today an egg had to do. ¬† 285 more words


An Unseasonal Egg Hunt

It’s been three days since we last saw the eggshells.

Three days since I made a large pan of scrambled egg for tea and discarded the shells on the kitchen worktop. 210 more words


Understanding Your Garden Soil Cycle

Everyone who has ever tried to grow anything knows that it all starts with the soil. Most people never really think about the soil cycle… 280 more words

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The Amazing Egg

People often equate eggs to mankind using the example the egg shell represents the body, the egg white the spirit and the yolk the soul. But did you know the egg really has 6 parts not 3? 566 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body


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