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Still Life | Sunny side up.

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Sunny side up is an American expression when an egg is fried with the yolk facing upwards, when turned over they call it “over easy” I came across this expression in one of their books many many moons ago whilst teaching airforce cadets at the Iranian Royal airforce They were taught the American version of the English language.

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It is Day Two of Juice Therapy and Egg O is sitting in the sunshine sipping the juice of twenty red berries and forty green leaves through a straw. 233 more words

Egg Shells


And so Egg O found himself standing outside the prison walls, free at last. Cars went whizzing by reminding him of the little mishap that had led to his conviction, but he had more important things on his mind. 178 more words

Egg Shells

Breaking Out of the Box with Texture and Color...Guest Blogger - Margaret Folsom

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Calendula Exhibition

Level 3 has helped me tremendously to break out of the box I have been in for years.  194 more words

Art And Design

Large Weeds and Many Volumes

The persistent weed Looms Large in a corner. No matter how many times it has been cut down, chopped down, hacked and attacked, it always returns with a vengeance. 386 more words

Egg Shells

Plant food straight from your larder

Before you throw away your banana peel, you can use it to make a fertiliser for your plants. Bananas are rich in potassium plus have other nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. 175 more words