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All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket!

All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket

Easter Week should
EGG you on toward
Radical obedience to
The living, resurrected
Jesus Christ!

Easter Week reminds me… 42 more words

Jesus Christ


With Easter coming closer day by day I was fiddling around this morning trying to create a photo to go on an Easter card for a friend. 167 more words

Late garden prep

3 days until spring! I’m so excited!
It is starting to get late in the season but I’m still working on planting seeds! I spent the week planting marigolds and sunflowers. 217 more words

DIY Old kettle Pot with Eggshells

I really like the way the artist have reused the old kettle but unfortunately the description is in a foreign language but those who are interested here’s the website, try to translate it using google! 73 more words


Manifesto-The Clip Party

We in the Clip party have brought together an assortment of random ideas to form our ever changing manifesto. We think you’ll like it. We have no high ideals, no visions, no forward projections.Instead we listen to you and we change with the wind because let’s face it, that wind may dry your washing today but tomorrow it may blow rubbish into your back yard. 119 more words

Egg Shells

Recycling Egg Shells

have I told you how much I enjoy my chickens lately? Egg production is starting to come back since the sun has been out and the temp is rising to melt all the snow! 275 more words


Manifesto- The Rock Party


We in the Rock Party have a solid record. We will not let you down. As a country we are in a hard place right now. 182 more words

Egg Shells