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Now i have been getting inters ed in the different ways we do our composting yes were we can source things for free all the more better as we all say but DIET i never thought about making the items we put into our bins smaller the fact that their will decompose down more quicker giving you a quicker yield to put on your beds as mulch or as a growing medium… 239 more words

What's Happened In The Compost?

Every morning after the automatic timer clicks off on the coffee pot, I have forty minutes of free time for the children to play , read, or argue. 303 more words


Not Doing Any Favours

If you have met a little emperor or anyone with narcissistic traits, in all likelihood you will have ended up walking on eggshells around them. Fearful of a barrage of anger or wary of a sulky tantrum, most people keep quiet. 251 more words

Self Discovery

foot landing

Sometimes after landing on your feet, you’re still walking on egg shells.



It is Day Two of Juice Therapy and Egg O is sitting in the sunshine sipping the juice of twenty red berries and forty green leaves through a straw. 233 more words

Egg Shells


And so Egg O found himself standing outside the prison walls, free at last. Cars went whizzing by reminding him of the little mishap that had led to his conviction, but he had more important things on his mind. 178 more words

Egg Shells

Breaking Out of the Box with Texture and Color...Guest Blogger - Margaret Folsom

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Calendula Exhibition

Level 3 has helped me tremendously to break out of the box I have been in for years.  194 more words

Art And Design