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one egg a day

“My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.”
– William James, American psychologist

Lara tells me her hens lay one egg a day.

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hand and arm, palmer view - an homage

My hands hurt. Clearer yet, my fingers ache. It’s not the joints though.

I began this life-size hand and arm last week. I set it from the ground up – bones, muscles, tendons, veins, nerves – studying each layer as it goes over another. 116 more words


Thirty-six Views of Mount kalugumalai – 22

Egg Tempera on Canvas – Dimensions: 7.25 X 1.62 feet

ஒரே நீள கேன்வாசில் வரைந்த ஓவியமென்பதால், தெளிவிற்காக இதன் மூன்று பகுதிகள் கீழே:


Egg tempera II - transferring the picture

So I’ve ended up with four nice shiny clean flat panels, ready to go. The thing about tempera is that you have to lay down exactly what you are doing first, then render in the shadows in ink, before under painting. 371 more words