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TNCS Primary Students Have Something to Crow About!

The New Century School‘s primary Montessori program is truly special, inspiring children to be self-directed and independent yet truly community-minded individuals through hands-on engagement with their world. 859 more words

The New Century School

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner. Except You Should. Your Baby is Scaring Me.

To me, most babies look just like bald, sunburned, little midgets that you’re apparently supposed to hold when you are handed one.  The point being, all babies pretty much look alike  – just like Lego people.  436 more words

Common Loon Chick Meal Delivery

For the first few days of a loon chick’s life, both of its parents are ever-present, catching and delivering small fish, crayfish and invertebrates for their one or two chicks. 242 more words


Can We "Enjoy" Pain?

I’m hard pressed to find too many people that can honestly say they “enjoy” working out.

I’m not talking about enjoying the “effects” or “results” of working out long-term… that goes without saying. 1,188 more words


Chrysemys picta bellii, Western Painted Turtle in the Shuswap.

Hello, nice to see you here in the Shuswap. It’s still too early this spring for swimming or boating in the Shuswap Lake, unless you’re a fisherman. 1,339 more words

Lesson 409 - A hen's tooth

When chicks are born they have an extra bit of calcium on the end of their beak. It’s called the egg tooth and has the consistency of a hard nail, much like a tiny, tiny sharp horn. 401 more words

Wendy Thomas