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We're getting TWO babies... and not the furry kind this time

I can’t believe the last time I wrote an entry was our transfer day! That seems like forever ago. Here I am a little over 9 weeks carrying two babies who have NO idea how much they already mean to me. 555 more words

Tomorrow is FET DAY! :-)

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited! I am praying and hoping for a great thaw, successful transfer, ,healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and a healthy baby! 102 more words

One More Day

Finally arrived at our hotel for the night, after a long ady.

Thought I’d be very tired after not sleeping well last night (still waking up warm during the night and restless with the knowledge that the test is almost here) and a big day today, but I’m surprisingly still quite alert. 309 more words


Booked For Transfer

It’s been a full day of driving from Meteroa to Athens, via sightseeing in Delphi. ¬†Feeling very tired so really is time to get some sleep. 132 more words


Good Omens

Today was our TRANSFER DAY!!! The day that once seemed so far away. I was so excited to get our “Report card” and see the two “Chosen Ones.” We weren’t given any information about them the past 5 days so I just kept praying they were okay. 550 more words

Starting to break...

So we are now 8 days into the two week wait, and I was doing so well up until yesterday. It all just hit me, the thought of taking the test, the outcomes of that test, how we are going to feel, what are the next steps…. 417 more words


Jolly Follys

When we went in for the retrieval, we thought we had 9 follicles, turns out they were able to get to 16 eggs and we knew by the next day that 13 of them were mature and that 11 of them had fertilized. 772 more words