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1 more day until transfer!!!!

We’ve had a lovely day, relaxing by the pool BUT in the shade!! It was mighty warm again today!

Coming off the antibiotics has certainly stopped the nausea and i was able to have breakfast today…😂😂 342 more words

Egg Transfer - 1 or 2?

After the egg retrieval, I thought the worst was over. My biggest worry was that my eggs would not be able to grow and now, I managed to get 4 eggs. 1,420 more words


There's an embryo inside me.

Now there’s a weird sentence to type.

We got 1. 1 out of 12 retrieved eggs made it to day 5. It’s beautiful, according to both the RE and the embryologist – they both said it was a textbook perfect blastocyst. 554 more words


Without Further Ado!!

S&I have been able to contact family and friends today about our news.

& decided since prayers are needed more than ever now than ever, we decided to share this portion of our journey as well…for now. 181 more words

18th July 2015: Egg Collection

I was admitted to the Northshore Specialist day hospital at 6am on Friday morning, everything happened pretty quickly and the anesthetist was awesome at explaining everything and then putting the needle in my hand was probably the easiest hand needle I’ve ever had. 63 more words

Hope - What is it good for?

I woke up thinking about hope. If I’m entirely honest I’ve not slept very well for the last few days and I always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something really deep to either scare the frigging day light out of me so that I can’t go back to sleep. 461 more words

Ok, I take some of it back....

Made it back to London in one piece with husband carrying ALL the luggage (including 4 bottle of Rioja, a large bottle of olive oil and assorted Spanish knickknacks). 201 more words