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Hope - What is it good for?

I woke up thinking about hope. If I’m entirely honest I’ve not slept very well for the last few days and I always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something really deep to either scare the frigging day light out of me so that I can’t go back to sleep. 461 more words

Ok, I take some of it back....

Made it back to London in one piece with husband carrying ALL the luggage (including 4 bottle of Rioja, a large bottle of olive oil and assorted Spanish knickknacks). 201 more words


Feeling irrationally annoyed and a bit disappointed

Sorry in advance for the mini-vent.

We had our egg transfer this morning – everything went fine, they transferred 2 embryos – 1 x 5BB and 1 x 5AC. 303 more words


Big Scary IVF - The Frozen Embryo Transfer

I’m not sure if it’s the idea that we might actually be pregnant or if it was the valium I took prior to the procedure, but I feel like the embryo transfer was one of the most wonderfully surreal experiences of my life. 316 more words


Boy or Girl?

So, the bizarre thing about doing IVF with PGS is that you know whether your embryos are male or female, and you can choose. You can choose whether to implant that special boy or girl back into your uterus (or any combination of the above), and it’s weird. 107 more words


Transfer DONE

I had 2 embryos put in. My ONLY 2. RE said they were good quality and had 6-8 cells (?) in them. Now the wait begins. 42 more words

Egg Retrieval & 3 Day Egg Transfer

I had my egg retrieval on Thursday. I wasn’t as nervous as my first two. It could be because it was so darn early in the morning and I was super sleepy or maybe I just gave in to the idea that the placement of my IV line was going to hurt regardless if I stressed or not. 345 more words