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1 more day until transfer!!!!

We’ve had a lovely day, relaxing by the pool BUT in the shade!! It was mighty warm again today!

Coming off the antibiotics has certainly stopped the nausea and i was able to have breakfast today…😂😂 342 more words

Egg Transfer - 1 or 2?

After the egg retrieval, I thought the worst was over. My biggest worry was that my eggs would not be able to grow and now, I managed to get 4 eggs. 1,420 more words


There's an embryo inside me.

Now there’s a weird sentence to type.

We got 1. 1 out of 12 retrieved eggs made it to day 5. It’s beautiful, according to both the RE and the embryologist – they both said it was a textbook perfect blastocyst. 554 more words


Without Further Ado!!

S&I have been able to contact family and friends today about our news.

& decided since prayers are needed more than ever now than ever, we decided to share this portion of our journey as well…for now. 181 more words

Hope - What is it good for?

I woke up thinking about hope. If I’m entirely honest I’ve not slept very well for the last few days and I always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something really deep to either scare the frigging day light out of me so that I can’t go back to sleep. 461 more words

Ok, I take some of it back....

Made it back to London in one piece with husband carrying ALL the luggage (including 4 bottle of Rioja, a large bottle of olive oil and assorted Spanish knickknacks). 201 more words


Feeling irrationally annoyed and a bit disappointed

Sorry in advance for the mini-vent.

We had our egg transfer this morning – everything went fine, they transferred 2 embryos – 1 x 5BB and 1 x 5AC. 303 more words