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Feeling deflated...

I woke up this morning full of hope. Optimistic, happy, ready.

One, make that two phone calls later, I felt like I dropped 100ft.

At the beginning of December, after my last ‘withdrawal’ period, I was told to wait for my next cycle. 238 more words

12 Jolay 2016 : Embryon transfer

salama e!

Androny aho va afaka hanotra sy hitantara lay ET (embryon transfer) zay nataoko tamin’ny talata 12 volana jolay teo, efa ho 2 taona mahery kely no niandrasako anio an. 470 more words

We still have two

Phone call from the embryologist this morning. All is well. They are on the right track. I’ve been booked in for transfer tomorrow- just in case. 23 more words

Romance & Requiems: Laughter Through Tears

So I’m completely obsessed by the new television show, This Is Us.  It, in my estimation, perfectly blends the human state: laughter through tears.  Without completely spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it yet, one of the first tragedies of the show was the loss of one of the triplets expected by a thoroughly charming young couple.  812 more words

Gay Family

1 more day until transfer!!!!

We’ve had a lovely day, relaxing by the pool BUT in the shade!! It was mighty warm again today!

Coming off the antibiotics has certainly stopped the nausea and i was able to have breakfast today…😂😂 342 more words

Egg Transfer - 1 or 2?

After the egg retrieval, I thought the worst was over. My biggest worry was that my eggs would not be able to grow and now, I managed to get 4 eggs. 1,420 more words


There's an embryo inside me.

Now there’s a weird sentence to type.

We got 1. 1 out of 12 retrieved eggs made it to day 5. It’s beautiful, according to both the RE and the embryologist – they both said it was a textbook perfect blastocyst. 554 more words