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Egg Tarty Goodness!

Hi all,

My my my my my….if you have never tried an egg tart before, you owe it to yourself to taste the wonderful goodness it brings. 54 more words

Fried Taro Cake with Scrambled Eggs

Hello and welcome back to my cooking blog! Today, I will be cooking well-liked meal that originates from China: fried taro cake with scrambled eggs. My dad used to cook this when I was of a young age, and I thought I should share this wonderful recipe! 171 more words


Egg Idioms From Around The World

Saacha Bos wrote . . . . .

Procurar cabelo em ovo: To look for hair on an egg = to give too much importance to insignificant details. 268 more words


Look at the automated tests to diagnose the project ailments

A cornerstone of modern software development is developer testing. That means that developers are the primary authors of automated test code. In theory, that is a good thing and might look like the quality assurance department is out of work soon. 1,244 more words

Author: Daniel Lindner

Avocado & Egg Toast

After 1 year in England, I convinced myself to start my day with a salty breakfast. I have read many articles about Avocado and its healthy benefits, so I’ve decided to have a quick and easy breakfast with Avocado & Egg toast! 97 more words


Lemon Lime Meringue Pie

We got a bag of limes from a friend so Aidan wanted to make a pie and this is what we made.

Start with the filling because it needs to fully cool before you put it in the pie. 675 more words