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Extra fluffy orange cake

You might say with butter it’s too easy to make it good. Probably. Butter makes everything so good. Just remember not to eat “so good” everyday… but in the meantime, enjoy this extra fluffy orange cake. 158 more words


Hunan Stir-Fried Egg


= INGREDIENTS  |  材料 =

3 pcs hard boiled egg  |  水煮蛋3顆
30g spring onion, chopped  |  蔥段30克,切段
10g garlic, diced  |  蒜片10克,切末
20g chili, remove seeds and chop finely  |  辣椒片去籽20克,切末

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Breakfast Sausage Sandwich

If you enjoy Starbucks’ Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, this recipe tastes surprisingly almost identical to it. I never knew that with just a couple of spices, I can create restaurant-quality flavors right at home. 129 more words

Finnegans Wake: Book 1.5

This is the oddest chapter yet. The last one had murders, sex (perhaps) and drama – A bit like an Irish Game Of Thrones, but set in a pub. 804 more words

Potato Breakfast Scramble

Some mornings you want a hearty filling breakfast that hits your key needs. This isn’t a single note meal like pancakes or cereal or fried eggs. 292 more words


Burger Rolls

Just a note before I begin: When you are in the baking stage please put the rolls onto the same shelf in your oven as you do not want them to come out differently like mine did ;-). 216 more words