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Fried Deviled Egg

Chopped deviled egg coated in breading and deep fried. Red chili pepper seasoning.

The egg in the very middle was yummy, but breading and seasonings were not. 8 more words


Two Eggs

For the last three days we have been getting two eggs. One from Stripy and one from another chicken. We think it is Snowy.

The new egg is lighter in colour and much smaller. 11 more words

Barred Rock

Breakfast Cupcakes

Ready for a delicious breakfast? Like eggs, potatoes, bacon, beans, and sausage? Then this is the perfect dish for you. It’s breakfast in a cup! 97 more words


Asian-style Omelette

Eggs are one of the most frequently wasted foods in the UK. In fact, we waste over 1 million of them every day.* Many people assume that the best before date printed on the shell is the expiry date – but it’s not. 408 more words


Egg Tart

First time making egg tart. This recipe makes about 16 egg tarts using a butter cookie based tart.




Torsdag 20. oktober 2016

Åsså så trøtt!! Greit nok at energien generelt sett sjeldent er på topp når vi har kommet så langt som til torsdag, men det får da være måte på! 199 more words