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Busy Couple o' Weeks


Apologies for once again failing to deliver eggs. Here’s what’s going on:

-I got engaged

-I finished grad school

-I launched my new comic, … 51 more words

Eggs Of History

Last Two Weeks of Grad School!

My posts will get back to normal soon enough! I am in the home stretch!


Grad School

Hi Adventurers!
I’me sure you’ve noticed the lack of posts over the last few days. That is because I’m back in school. I’ll try to get some eggs up by next Monday. 7 more words

Eggs Of History

Takin' the Day Off

Hi Adventurers,
I drove for ten hours yesterday, so I am going to take today off. Stay tuned for plenty of eggs in the future, though!


Eggs Of History

Loch Ness Monster

According to the History Channel, Today in 1933, the Loch Ness Monster was spotted. But couldn’t anyone make that claim? Today in 2013, I thought I saw the Loch Ness Monster,  but then I realized that I was in San Francisco, and I was cleaning my bathroom.

Eggs Of History

Late Egg

Hi there Adventurers!
I’m up to my eyes in thesis work, so today’s egg will be a little late. I apologize to you ovo-addicts out there.


Eggs Of History

Janis Joplin

In highschool, my freshman social studies class tasked us with a report on an artist, accompanied by a presentation as the artist. One of my classmates “Maggie” reported on Janis Joplin, and for her presentation, wore some makeup (which I do not believe JJ did, but my report was on Marcel Duchamp, so what do I know). 54 more words