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Tips for Growing Plants at Home

There are lots of tips for growing plants at home. Some waste in our daily life can be fertilizer for plants. So let us recommend some useful tips for you! 175 more words


A Hard Boil

Hard boiled eggs from 7/11. Life changing? Auora? Unordinary? Ethereal? I watched 2 officers stationed in Japan indoctrinating one who wasn’t. They somehow ended up on the topic of hard boiled eggs. 306 more words


Eggshells (Update 10/17/17)

You ever feel like you have to pretend to be something you’re not? Whenever people say things like the following:

“Why don’t we hang out anymore?” 401 more words


So what’s the latest?

My son is still a hooligan apparently! I also upset an old distant friend by something I thought was quite funny, oh well. 230 more words


Treading on egg shells

I’m sat here today make up free, for those that hasn’t been trapped by a narcissist you make feel being make up free is no big deal, but it is. 567 more words


How to use eggshells: 7 exceptional ideas

Boiled, fried, scrambled – there’s no doubt Britain loves eggs. But, are we showing egg shells the same amount of appreciation? Often overlooked, eggshells are surprisingly nutritious and strong, which makes them useful for a variety of things you may never have considered. 604 more words