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Some people have major aversions to texture. For example, my aunt doesn’t like peas. She says they remind her of exploding puss balls. While I can see her perspective, peas still maintain one of the top spots on my vegetables of choice list. 196 more words


March 10, 2017

Weather: Snow Flurries, followed by snow pellets and now rain.

Has winter come at last? I mean we have had a mild winter so far and we are currently 18 inches beneath our normal snowfall. 713 more words

I Love Eating Eggs but I Hate Walking on Eggshells

I love to eat eggs. It is the simplest and most practical food that I enjoy. With approximately 13 grams of protein in each of those oval shaped goodies, I get a satisfying and nutritious meal or snack usually within minutes. 1,919 more words

Mental Health

Mood Swings: Are You a Pendulum? | Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

Growing up, I had issues with mood swings. One minute I was in high spirits and could almost raise the roof in excitement, the next minute I was very down like the weight of the whole universe was on my shoulders. 529 more words


She glued eggshells on her heart so as no one could see it was broken.

She covered her mind in eggshells so as no one could see it was cracked. 13 more words


An Interview With | Elsee

Our first interview of 2017! Elsee is a singer-songwriter from Canada and last year she released a wonderful new single out called ‘Eggshells’ which just managed to sneak onto our… 723 more words

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The Universal Wonders of Eggshells

I was cleaning out my dad’s garage last summer, and I came across a container of crushed eggshells.

Now, my dad was a borderline hoarder. He called himself a “collector” but that’s really a soft way of saying he just didn’t throw anything away. 937 more words