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A Garden Under Attack!

My garden is under attack! Just before dusk last night I noticed that my radishes and pole beans are the preferred meal for something. Little holes have been chewed into their leaves and at first I hadn’t a clue who or what the culprit was. 440 more words


Friendship that kills

I have a lump in my throat.

Not a lump that comes with tears.

More of a lump that comes from holding back words. It could be a tumor. 676 more words


Looking at eggs differently makes them much more than just tasty

Getting a paper published isn’t easy, so when you succeed it’s one of those days that you’re fulfilled being a PhD student. You hope more of those days will come. 351 more words


Who to Blame


I walk off the pier

into a lake,

is this mental instability’s fault?



For those who took my happiness,

the pier drops and rises… 142 more words


There's an Alpaca in My Dryer.

T-minus two hours ago, I completed my first ever load of laundry on the “delicate” setting.

It was pretty much a big deal.

Lord only knows what’ll happen the first time I take something to the dry cleaners. 314 more words

Egg Shells! Who would have thought?!

It’s amazing how something as simple as egg shells can have a tremendous impact on your health. If you normally toss your eggshells you might want to read this, it’ll change the way you see egg shells… Read more here… 9 more words