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Making Composting Easy for Working Mom in Virginia Suburbs

The trick to composting is to figure out how to make it work for you so it becomes easy. If it is easy, you will compost. 926 more words


See in a New Way

I wasn’t too excited about the eggs theme for The Studio Online this week and felt pretty uninspired- until I cracked eggs for my scrambled eggs breakfast yesterday.  133 more words

Still Life

The 2015 Garden!

Unfortunately with a lot of “stuff” going on, I’ve had to put this blog aside for a while.  I finally had a day off today and didn’t have any appointments scheduled. 358 more words


Rain rain go away

So this weekend the clocks sprung forward and i was all ready to hot foot it down to the allotment to do more digging. The weather had other ideas. 198 more words


Maybe I'll figure out a title later

Here is what I don’t get.  How is it that I’m the monster.  Ok, monster is strong word and I may be over dramatizing it, but how is it that I was the one that was wrong?   207 more words

Venturing Out

I take a lot of photos of wild birds, wilderness scenes and cats. But today, with over 40 years of photography experience,  I cannot imagine life without Photoshop! 37 more words



Ever walk into someone’s house when they’ve just had a family fight?

The atmosphere is charged, the kids are hiding in their rooms, the dog is whimpering in the corner and no one is making eye contact with each other. 1,313 more words

Message Series