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Tears in a Bottle

I fondly remember reading through A Tale of Two Cities in high school English class – dissecting the imagery, discussing the meaning, contemplating the French Revolution itself. 211 more words


Alternate Uses for Eggs & Eggshells

We’ve all seen the commercials by the egg producers (the people, not the chickens) but it’s not just the incredible “edible” egg. There are alternate uses for eggs you may not have tried; along with some obvious ones. 775 more words

Alternate Uses

Eggshell Tea Plant Fertilizer 

Every day that I check on my small container garden I think to myself that I should really get some fertilizer. That with the size of the container combined with the amount of vegetable plants I packed in (I honestly didn’t expect them all to survive the deer and our sudden weather changes) that it would be really helpful to my plant babies. 430 more words

Walking on Eggshells

I have been given such a key to freedom that I just HAD to share it with you! If you get something out of this, my work is done. 722 more words

On Eggshells

(Nesting series continued)

Walking on eggshells: purposely not dealing with problems or people in order to avoid stress, pain, embarrassment or torment.

I just can’t think of one person who actually benefits from walking on eggshells. 593 more words

Christian Community

Making Eggshell Supplements: A quick and easy how-to (with pictures!)

Just over a year ago, when I made the decision to get my first “livestock” on the homestead, it was a big step.  Many homesteaders joke that chickens are a gateway animal into homesteading.   503 more words

Homestead Life

Walking on Eggshells

In some video games and movies there are instances where taking a few steps in a seemingly peaceful valley can mean the explosive death of a character. 396 more words