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Caught up

It’s so easy to get caught up in your own chaos.

It’s so easy to forget that those around you also have their own chaos to live in. 91 more words


Even the cool kids

were terrified of

public speaking.

Hairstyles are enough

to stir deep hatred

within us.

Definitions are enough

for us to act on it. 11 more words


Decorate Your Walls With These Mesmerizing Prints

Emily Blincoe has that rare, natural gift for transforming the mundane and ordinary into the sublime. Whereas some photographers prefer to capture obviously beautiful subjects, Emily prefers the challenge of shooting unremarkable subjects like eggshells, vegetables, languishing flowers, and unassuming leaves. 30 more words


FrightFest 2010 Diary: Day 2

First published by Little White Lies

Diary – Day 2, Friday 27th August

Day Two is also Day Tobe, as Mr Hooper visited the UK for the first time in 18 years to grace the Festival with his presence as the inaugural Total Icon – an idea inspired by the popular (and vocal) appearance last year of horror legend John Landis. 1,673 more words

Self Portrait: Walking on Eggshells

Early morning, before the sun peeks
I rise and dress. Heavy pads to shield my soles.
I live an eggshell life.


Beginnings Part 2

So…let’s continue!

When we first started living together X would criticize little things, I just figured it was getting to know one another on a different level because neither of us lived with our significant others before this. 274 more words

A Garden Under Attack!

My garden is under attack! Just before dusk last night I noticed that my radishes and pole beans are the preferred meal for something. Little holes have been chewed into their leaves and at first I hadn’t a clue who or what the culprit was. 440 more words