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This is part 3 of my concentration as well as being my large canvas. As far as the subject matter of eggs I really had no reason for choosing them except I asked my friend Zoe what I should paint and she said eggshells. 347 more words


Part 59 - More Pleasant Days

Kert surprised me by doing a characterisation of Saadi.  I really don’t know why he did this – but it was relatively accurate.

Kert says when Saadi is pushed to do things he is feeling misused – he wants to do slow steady work.  569 more words

My Horse Journey - The Long Road To Positive Reinforcement

Warrior Rising Up

Some days are better than others.

Listen to your heart.

Listen for your voice for it’s in there waiting to be released!

Never allow anyone to put you down or cause you to doubt your own worth! 21 more words

Spring has Sprung, And So Have I

Getting use out of the eggshells I’ve saved…some irony taking place here. However, If you’re ready as I am for working in the garden, you’ll want to spread some pulverized eggshells in with the soil. 211 more words

Protest Sculpture

Artist Statement – Justina Kochansky

“When I tried to distill the meaning of “Protest” what I came up with

was coming together, disruption, and getting out of our comfort zones. 156 more words


Did this poem come to me because of the Easter weekend? Was this always brewing in the back of my mind but I didn’t know how to articulate it? 57 more words



You can spread the eggshells you walk on.

Gather them like an offering.

Words innocent from another’s mouth

Or your own;

You take them all and it’s… 642 more words