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Am I Doing The Right Thing??!!

After walking on eggshells for about 3 months and trying to avoid what he said was coming, he left. Saturday morning he woke up, showered, walked down to the basement grabbed some boxes, packed kissed our 3 year old on the top of her head and left.. 61 more words

Hairline fractures

No telling through the woods
where the tail ends may catch
the willful plays of tit for tat
turning to the stillness
the moments rushing by… 25 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Zero Waste Week 2015. Thursday Update!

I spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday working or quasi-working (on a personal project), I haven’t had much material to actually re-use.

I actually planned to give you a brief summary of ways I’ve found you can re-use food, such as peels, cores, etc, but… 214 more words

Zero Waste

In print

It was such an exciting moment seeing my name in print, even if it is alongside 103 other writers (including Sian Prior).

As my mate… 200 more words


It's my life!

I read an article in Psychology Today entitled What drives emotional abuse in relationships.  I could identify with so much of it.

Firstly, the blame.  ‘I feel bad, and it’s your fault…You push my buttons’ is the accusation the article highlights.   756 more words

Artist creates fantastic arts in eggshells

As a child you may have played painting eggshells at Easter, while dreaming of the bunny. But this Turkish artist took the idea to a new level, creating true works of art on these surfaces.  101 more words

Art & Design

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artistic work in a shell. Aha, you can take it and do it from any comfort zone you prefer


No one ever said you had to tolerate anyone else’s bullshit, lies and deceit because you love them. Walk away from anyone who abuses you, disrespects you, mistreat you and doesn’t appreciate you for who you are. 47 more words

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