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Sharing some of our basil seedlings grown in eggshells

Here’s a handy hint for anyone starting seeds but doesn’t have any wee containers. Simply save your eggshells and start your seeds in them!

I’ve started my large leaf basil, and the beautiful thing is that the whole thing can be planted, including the egg carton! 40 more words


Eggshells and Jesus

I was at the grocery store with my four-year-old the other day. As I pushed the buggy (Southern for “cart”) past the yogurt and cream cheese, I stopped to buy a dozen eggs. 490 more words


#DoughnutFriday Roundup - January

#DoughnutFriday started out as an office tradition I had with coworkers in the Sun-Times building over a year ago. Every week, someone else took it up themselves to impress the rest of us with their awesome doughnut spot that nobody had tried before. 499 more words

Michael Piff

Speckled (a micropoem)

Tread lightly.
My insides have all run out
But aren’t I still warm to the touch?
Enjoy my sanity with your breakfast.


COTD 20.01.16: Walking on eggshells...

Walking on eggshells…

Today’s COTD is the 5 of Wands

There may be a ‘white elephant’ in the room today.  Something unpleasant hanging over you.  It must be faced but you’d rather not face it right now. 69 more words


Eggshells For the Garden DIY

My kids can’t say no to this activity. When they are being little homebodies and refusing to get outside, I pull out our stash of eggshells (we keep them under the kitchen sink) and declare that it is egg crushing time! 212 more words

Kids' Stuff

Multi Purpose Survival Items

History has already tested how fragile the global economy is and it extremely wouldn’t take much to have it collapse altogether. If that should happen, life will get exponentially tougher for the majority people, therefore being… 146 more words