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Zucchini update


So my first two zucchini have been a little misshapen. The very first was small in size, and the blossom end was narrower than the stem end. 337 more words

Walking on eggshells.

Do you ever think its one thing after the next,

When do things start to look up,

Start to be positive,

I sometimes feel am the master of making bad decisions, 114 more words


First Fruits! Summer 2017

SO was pretty excited when I started to see some fruits and vegetables developing! Some of my plants had started to bloom before I left for vacation. 259 more words


Having problems with slugs and snails

Are your plants being eaten?

Are you despairing as you don’t want to use a pesticide to get rid of slugs and snails?

The answer is quite simple really as there hasn’t been any slugs or snails in the garden for the last couple of years, the reason for this is, down to eggshells and a lovely plant called Nemesia, 132 more words

17-20 Segment 2: A look inside this year’s biggest books


With summer around the corner, many of us are looking for some fresh books to read on the beach or on the porch. We talk to three authors about the themes and messages written into their latest novels. 1,824 more words

Viewpoints Podcasts

Eggshell toothpaste

I wouldn’t eat eggshells , ground or not and I think medical professionals need to weigh in on this so we get some qualified and expert input. 160 more words


Eggshells in the Garden

What do you do with your eggshells at the end of a carton?

If you’re like us, you just throw them out, or maybe compost them (more recently). 249 more words